A driver’s license is considered by most teens as a stepping stone in their quest for independence as young adults. Teaching your teen how to drive can be fun and exciting, but more often than not, it is scary and terrifying! The majority of fatal accidents are caused by drunk driving and unfortunately, this is especially true for teen drivers.
Many parents simply do not have the money to send their kids to a private online drivers ed program, and yet, they still want to see their kids reach the milestone of obtaining a drivers license.
Once they have their operator’s or driving permit, they have the ability to visit friends, go out on their own, and get from A to B whenever necessary. As a driving instructor, I know what it’s like to sit in the passenger seat while a brand new driver takes control of the vehicle, and your life! More states are now approving online drivers education courses to complete the bookwork and classroom portion of teen driver training. Let’s face it, your teen getting their license is just as much about YOUR freedom as it is theirs!
In addition to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site maintains additional ongoing affiliate partnerships as well as on-site display advertisements through 3rd party services such as Google Adsense. One does not have to look very hard in the current news to find sad and sometimes gruesome stories of how teen drivers who engaged in risky behaviors behind the wheel paid the ultimate price of death.
Learning to drive is stressful and teens need help and support from their parents as they go through the complex, and at times, confusing process of learning how to drive and safely handle a car. That’s why teaching you teen to drive should start before you even get into the vehicle.

While some teens do benefit from a typical classroom environment, most tend to learn more and score higher on their permit exams by enrolling in an interactive online driving school. Others claim increasing the legal driving age by 1 to 2 years would save countless thousands of lives every single year. Sometimes, these teens take with them their friends or family members who were riding in the vehicle, and they might even injure or kill drivers or occupants in other vehicles. As a parent, you can assist your children to learn how to drive safely and responsibly, and in so doing minimize the risk of accident or injury.
With all of these well-publicized incidents, many people naturally assume that teen drivers in the United States are a big danger on the roads. This is an onerous responsibility, as statistics show that teens are three times more likely to have an accident than older drivers and they account for nearly 30 percent of the total costs of vehicle related injuries. In this article, you will learn some ways to prepare for that dreaded first driving lesson and also how to properly communicate with your teen while on the road.
In this section of the site, I will give extremely detailed reviews about the different online drivers ed programs available and even show you how to make sure you get the best possible price. Since alcohol greatly impairs judgement and reasoning abilities, teens may succumb to poor choices that lead them to getting behind the wheel.
Online education is nothing new, but many parents are unfamiliar with how these cheap online driving lessons work or even if they are safe.
While the legal driving age probably won’t go to 21 anytime soon, the push for 17 or 18 years of age has been very strong.
Such anecdotal evidence might make for good water cooler talk, but it does not prove that teens are any more of a danger than other groups of drivers.

Their inexperience with driving is then combined with the decreased motor skills from intoxication. I assure you, the cheap driving lessons you find online are not only fairly priced, they are highly effective. As a certified driving instructor, former long-haul truck driver (and trainer), and driving enthusiast, I have some pretty strong opinions about this subject. The following tips can help parents navigate this issue that simply can’t be left alone. Many teens get away with driving drunk several times and this leads to an increase in confidence. In this opinionated article, I explain why the driving age should stay exactly where it is.
Nobody on the road is more dangerous than a confident and intoxicated inexperienced teen driver. As a former driving instructor, I know what to look for in a quality online driving course so I also give you my personal recommendations.
While not all government programs are successful, the graduated drivers license system has proven to be one of the best driver safety programs in history.

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