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Some of the content on this website requires JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser to function as intended. Source: OECD (2011) OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011 and ABS (2012) special data request. ABS (various) Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, cat. ABS (various) Selected Characteristics of Australian Business 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, cat.
Notes: Indicators with * and in the highlighted rows of the table are the primary indicators applied to measure and monitor progress against the Australian Government’s innovation targets.
Source:ABS (2011) Research and Experimental Development, Businesses, Australia, 2009-10, cat.
Note:The total 764,000 businesses represent the population of employing businesses for industries that are within the scope of the BCS. Engineer goes back to school—How the global flood of Noah explains landforms, rocks and fossils without millions of years.
15 Questions for evolutionists—Fundamental questions about the origin of life and all living things that evolution does not answer.
Evolution is supported and endorsed by governments, the media, our major educational institutions and many big businesses.
As a previous state high school science teacher my 3 loves were (and are) science, the children and education.
The discriminatory state education policy is cruel to both teachers and children, and also the parents who have put their trust in the system. Years ago when I once discussed my concerns of teaching evolution as fact, when there were serious flaws in the whole concept, with a year 9 student (a friendly chat at the end of a term), she said to me, "We wish teachers would just teach us what they really thought, and then let us make the decisions." I agree with what she said.
When I was growing up we were taught that state funded propaganda was something that only happened in Nazi Germany and the Communist Block. One generation later my children are sitting in Qld schools being subjected to a similar form of ideological brain washing. Well written Tas, can CMI pass this on to all Education Ministers in our States and Territories, you never know it may get some of them thinking.
Science needs a solid foundation for robustness and that foundation is the real and reliable history, cosmos history. For example, evolution science which excludes the real and reliable cosmos history is off track and unable to predict and discover anything useful in biology, astronomy and other fields and dumb struck when evolution scientists find the opposite things. If the evolution science worldview is robust why should they be afraid of other worldviews, especially the Bible worldview? When the Queensland department of education goes to this extent to constraint science, it looks as if the evolution science worldview is not robust and the art of evolution interpretations on fossils and biology is an endangered art .

A great article, which I have copied and sent to the UK Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove. Perhaps CMI could facilitate some type of internet forum or a non virtual meeting where like minded people, denominations and Christian schools could organise together to develop strategies and tactics to defend the faith and advance it. You can add another item to the list of miracles claimed in the evolutionary belief systems and that is the development of sentience.
The accepted scientific answer is that consciousness "just happened" as a result of enough neurons firing. This belief that sentience "just happened" is a major example of the invocation of miracles in the mythology of evolution. I completely agree with you Tas - the contradictory nature of the policy flies in the face of scientific inquiry and a lot of what science fundamentally stands for.
As a year 6 teacher at a public school in Queensland, I find this a very challenging area of the science curriculum as I am a creationist.
Because I am unable to present creationism as a theory I do my best to get the students to engage in critical thinking by posing some of the problems evolution has.
I believe the truth of Creation is making an impact, so much so that it is now being perceived as a significant threat. I think this article is absolutely brilliant and want to use it to show a few people what governments are doing across the globe. Thanks to your creation ministry for steadfastly convicting this world culture of its sin. A supposed scientific theory that requires legistration to protect it from serious examination and debate and must be constantly revised by it's proponents is a theory that is terminally ill. Why would any government want to brainwash students into the philosophy of evolution when every single evidence for molecules-to-man evolution is based on some combination of made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, irrational statements, or outright lies?
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The effect of this single indicator on the overall index score is however very small (around 2%).
This figure differs from the estimated size of Australia’s business population found in other collections such as the Australian Taxation Office’s Australian Business Register. But look at this site and see how much can be achieved with a little effort from God's people in supporting such outreach. Also, by removing "being created in the image of God", I then had no real basis for trusting my senses and thinking, and could impart to the children no real basis for theirs either. If I was a science teacher I think I'd feel duty bound to ignore much of the policy - even for no other reason that it's so unscientific - and respond with a "fail, try again" mark.
It should be widely distributed, especially to 'those in educational authority', the media & even churches. It would be good if it came from people of Australia who are concerned about this development rather than CMI.
Otherwise science will be off track and not effective and not able to predict and discover things. I agree that one can feel helpless but if we each do what we can it is amazing what the result can be.
Great article that should be widely distributed but I was wondering if a precis of the article would be useful. I think this must be viewed as the warning from the watchtower of what is coming against those of us who are Science and Social Science high school teachers here in Australia.
The indoctrination starts at a young age and it is intensely frustrating to be in my classroom while in the adjoining classroom the teacher presents the 'facts' of evolution.

Thankfully, God has also presented me with a lot of opportunities to discuss God as children have asked for my thoughts. Australians do not want government pushing a government-approved religion down their throats. Science knowledge is contestable and is revised, refined and extended as new evidence arises".
It is therefore unlikely that any trends between the index and GERD are a result of the R&D expenditure input into the competitiveness index.
See ABS (2005) A Statistical View of Counts of Businesses in Australia, Information Paper, cat. I should have been warning the children of genetic entropy - not giving them false hopes of evolving- by chance and time. I'll distribute copies of this article as widely as I can - it's too important to be just for 'believers'.
It seems to me that politicans need to be made interested before they would make time to read and digest an article like yours. Ancient Israel would have soldiers preparing for battle when they heard the warnings sounding out from the lookouts on the walls of Jerusalem.
Perhaps it is time that the fractured voice of the Protestant Churches remnant, finds a way to speak as one? It isn't surprising to see that when ordering science resources they will often advertise a free Bill Nye DVD to supposedly sweeten the deal.
Prayer is certainly needed for educational policy change and wisdom and guidance for fellow creationist teachers in the public system. It would be a different matter to see if this could succeed in the courts because of all sorts of technicalities. Leo Tolstoy's quote "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" is I think something we would all do well to ponder. I think students should be helped to understand the mechanics of the Big Bang and how life just happened to start without a cause. It will only get put into the junk file like all the other items that don't fit the government agenda. It is time to fight (loving our enemies by proclaiming the truth) brothers, lets not lose our saltiness!
They should be shown how single-celled organisms began to grow into multi-celled creatures (oops!) that could self-replicate and how sexual differences actually appeared and strengthened the process of procreation. I want to shake people, yell at them, (in love) show them that their arguments are false and ridiculous. Let us advance this wonderful gospel of peace and salvation, in both words and deeds, in this decaying and sad world. They also need to have it explained how simple life forms became more complex and changed into other life forms, how some of them took to living in water and some learned even how to fly. The cut-off point of 3 ? years has been made on a combination of theoretical and operational grounds. They need to be told how man accidentally came on the scene and found he could uncover all this just by digging and how, without being taught, he could live peaceably with his fellows and write laws to govern their social behaviour and punish misdemeanours like inventing a transcendent being who really made it all in the first place. Just breathe.) How bad does it have to get before Christians join together on mass and protest against the lies and deceptions that our kids are being forced to swallow?

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