Nutrition to Optimal Wellness NOW includes: Heart Health, Joint Support, Digestive Support, Glucose Support and more. What are essential oils?  They are a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.
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As world leaders calling for restoration of ecosystems prepare to convene at the United Nations Climate Summit this September 23rd in New York City, the largest people’s demonstration on climate change is also scheduled on the morning of September 21st. By visually demonstrating and comparing the processes, output, economics, and attitudes of industrial and sustainable farming, I was able to observe for myself as well as to learn from the experiences of these Americans who have devoted their lives to farming, producing and distributing food.  There is a lushness and beauty to the farms where animals and humans share information about living in harmony with nature that is so harshly lacking in the feedlots and chicken farms, where the animals appear stressed, their coats and feathers dull or literally hen-pecked. Organic farmer Joel Salatin of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia demonstrates how he pastures his herd of about 300 cows in fields in which over twenty different types of grasses and wild flowering plants flourish.
Conventional farms produce huge amounts of pollution growing grain that does not feed people, but cows (who are by nature consumers of grasses). Conventional farmers interviewed in the film complain that they have difficulty finding people to work all shifts in their plants, particularly in the processing areas, because of unhealthy conditions. As consumers, the film notes that each purchase we make is a vote, a demonstration of each of our voices in the democratic process. Industrial agriculture and feedlots are responsible for the production of more greenhouse gases than the burning of fossil fuels, to the order of at least 18% (in 2008) according to Dr. The immense push for organic goods in the early '90s stemmed from the high levels of pesticide traces in fruits and vegetables.
While short-term exposure to pesticides, such as skin irritation, can be eliminated by taking an antihistamine, studies have shown that long-term exposure can leave a devastating mark on a body.
Of course, consuming toxins seems illogical, yet we continue to do it through purchasing non-organic foods, or not properly washing our vegetables prior to consumption. Fourty-eight fruits and vegetables were analyzed, the data for which were supplied by the U.S.
According to the study, the last two on the list above contains toxins that leave the nervous system compromised—an alarming fact considering the prevalence of kale in our current diets. Similarly, a study conducted by CBC News Analysis that's supported by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency shows that, while non-organic plants may have traces around 15 times as high as organic ones, almost half of all organic fruits and vegetables still contain pesticide residues.
43% of domestically-grown and 46% of imported plants showed traces of at least one pesticide. These limits are also known as tolerances, set to save people from harmful levels of pesticides. The problem isn't necessarily that organic farms are committing fraud; rather, it's that pesticides are difficult to control. These are very sobering statistics and study results that demonstrate we all need to pay better attention and take better care of the food that we put into our bodies and into those we love. Obviously the very first step we should take prior to consuming our fruits and vegetables is wash everything thoroughly.
A study showed that after power washing a single grape, the grape still tested for 15 different types of pesticides. Visit our video tech and grow support section to get the most out of your Urban Cultivator. Urban Cultivator manufactures wholly sustainable hydroponic indoor gardening appliances for home and commercial kitchens.
The three major distinctions that matter to most bakers are the color, season, and hardness of the wheat. Any flour can be any combination of those three categories, so you could have a hard red spring wheat or a soft white winter wheat, for example. Patent Flour is the name for the white flour that’s sifted out of the straight flour.
Clear Flour is what’s left over after the patent flours have been removed from straight flour.

European flours are more likely to be categorized by ash content, while American flours are more concerned with protein content.
Italian flours are classified by the fineness of the grains and the amount of bran and germ removed.
Many bakers choose to substitute lower-gluten American flours for the relatively higher-gluten Type 00 flour used in Italy for pizza. Unfortunately for American bakers, flour labels aren’t always very forthcoming about what sort of wheat is in the bag or exactly how much protein or ash it contains. While bread and pizza-makers concern themselves with the amount and quality of gluten in flour because of the structure it provides, that protein also has another effect on dough – higher-protein flours absorb more water.
For commercial bakeries or die-hard bakers who use the same suppliers consistently, the inconsistencies among manufacturers aren’t an issue. Cookbook author and food writer for Serious Eats, Whisk Magazine, and the Left Hand Valley Courier, among others. Garbanzo beans, chickpeas, whatever you call them - what's the first thing you think of?
Once a month, my bread baking column on Serious Eats turns into Knead the Book where I bake five recipes from a bread-related book. Essential oils have been used throughout history by Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and later in Germany and France. The owner and writer at Our Knight Life, Emily loves sharing her two adorable boys and journey through motherhood. A product-soil differs from the material from which it is derived in many physical, chemical, biological, and morphological properties and characteristics.
Prior to watching this film, I did not realize that industrial farmers clip the beaks on their chickens and that pigs’ tails are trimmed. Salatin explains that sustainable farms are much more efficient and clean than industrial farms.
It is expensive to produce this grain, which requires huge amounts of water and enormous quantities of pesticides. There was increasing concern over what we were putting into our bodies, and what we were providing for our families. Higher risk of cancer, neurological impairment, developmental and reproductive effects, organ damage, and hormonal imbalances are included in the long list of negative effects pesticides can have on the human body. Regluations were introduced in 2009 that enforces organic food producers to have their products certified by an accredited third-party certification body.
Not only would the produce be organic, but the process is mess-free, and readily accessible.
Featuring automated lighting, watering, and temperature functions, users are able to grow fresh and vibrant microgreens and herbs, regardless of weather, all year long. Although some conventional grocery stores are finally carrying organic produce and natural products in limited quantities, you’ll pay a higher price for them there than at the health food store.
While some companies do a halfway decent job at defining what type of wheat is in the bag, others require a little more research. White: This refers to the color of the bran, which is the outer protective coating of the wheat kernel. The proteins in the flour create gluten, but a high-protein flour may not always create the best quality gluten. The only flour I’ve seen labeled as to the type of patent flour is Hudson Cream short patent flour. In theory, as ash goes down, protein goes up, but it also depends on the protein level that was present to begin with. Type 00 flour is the finest grind, is very powdery, and has the least bran and germ remaining. For one thing, the gluten quality in those Italian flours is not equivalent to the gluten in American hard red wheat that’s typically found in bread flour. Lower-protein Italian flours are often labeled as grano tenero, while the higher protein flours would be grano duro. Other types of American flour vary in protein content by manufacturer, but in general, cake flour has 6-8 percent protein, pastry flour has 8-10 percent, all purpose flour has 10-12 protein, white whole wheat flour has about 13 percent, bread flour has 12-14 protein, and first clear flour has about 15 percent. However, much of that information can be found at product websites or by emailing the companies.
What that means to the baker is that a 67-percent hydration dough might feel wetter or drier depending on the brand and type of flour being used.

But for casual home bakers, it’s just one more reason why the same recipe might have different results on different hands or on different days.
There is a new addition to our healthy choices at Nature’s Corner in the Calabash Plaza. The modern use has continued to grow as health scientists and medical practitioners continue to research and validate the numerous health and wellness benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils.
Just make a regular omelette with a bit of chopped spinach and kale and some salt, then take a whole branch of kale and cut off some of the stem so all that is left is the leafy part that when closed in half looks like a taco. Although I am unable to attend the NYC march, I can write, watch relevant movies, exercise, buy healthy local foods, recycle and re-use items instead of buying new, travel less…and much more! As in nature, in which cows naturally move to different areas over the course of a day or week to graze, Joel rotates the cows (and pigs) to varied pasture lands from day to day.  Bringing in chickens to the pastures where the cows have grazed, the birds earn their keep by picking the fly larvae from the cow manure deposited throughout the field, allowing the cows to soon return and avoid infection by parasites. Children, pliable and sensitive, are exceptionally susceptible to the effects of these toxins.
Harvest mere seconds prior to plating, and you'll be eating some of the freshest food you've ever had. Furthermore, the owners and management of conventional stores are often driven mainly by profits, while owners of health food stores are driven by both profits and a philosophy.
Before you start that research, though, you need to know just a little about the different types of wheat, and what they’re good for. Flour from hard wheat has a higher protein content and stronger gluten-forming proteins, making it better for yeasted products. When grain is milled, the first product is straight flour, which contains some bran and germ. Basically, when a flour sample is burned in a lab, the ash that is left is the minerals in the flour. The gluten in American bread flours is hard and springy and results in a very elastic dough, whereas the Italian gluten is firm but not as elastic, making it better for stretching or rolling pizza and pasta. It is noted by those writing about the subject that it is important to have a high quality organic essential oil and know how to use it. She also enjoys creating healthy recipes for her family and sharing family friendly product reviews. Once your omelette is done, place it in the center of the kale leaf and fold it over to have a kale taco.
Pachauri recommends a reduction in the consumption of meats as an important personal contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the global warming effect. The philosophy is that we should only use products that are healthy for us and for the environment. Flour from soft wheat has less protein, low gluten strength, and is are better for chemically-leavened products like cakes, muffins, biscuits, and cookies. Since this is all about milling and not about protein, it’s possible for 00 flour to have varying amounts of protein depending on the original amount in the grain. Check out more information about essential oils on the Web and read the information carefully for their best use. Every business must make a profit to stay in business, but not necessarily at the expense of our health or the environment! First clear is good for whole wheat and rye flours, where the darker color isn’t a problem. However, since the Type 00 flours have less bran and germ, they would have a higher percentage of protein than a Type 1 flour milled from that same grain.
The meats produced by grain-fed cows and pigs are also unhealthy because of concentrations of pesticides, antibiotics, and omega 6 fats accumulating in the meat from the high carbohydrate diet. Whatever decisions you consciously make in this direction contribute to the return to balance of man’s relationship with nature. Health food stores carry not only a wide selection of organic produce, but also carry almost all the other types of products you would find at a conventional store—only these products are more healthy for us and the environment.
Because higher mineral content in first clear flour, many people like to use it to feed sourdough starters.

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