In Danny Collins, an aging rock star makes a donation to send his granddaughter to the best (fictional) school in New York City. Our escape didn't last long as several unexpected personal connections creeped into the storyline.
The second, more welcome connection was JiJi, the beloved penguin mascot of MIND Research Institute, the nonprofit where I work.
At its core, Danny Collins is about lost potential, missed chances, redemption, family amends, finding one's true voice and sharing it -- no matter the fear you must overcome to do so. Danny Colllins blended three core aspects of my life -- cancer, education and music -- to the point that one simple word kept repeating in my mind as I left the theater: cure. In reality, millions of students don't have the opportunities afforded to Hope, the granddaughter in the Al Pacino film Danny Collins. Early math skills are the number one predictor of later academic success, according to researcher Greg Duncan at the University of California, Irvine. WHAT IF, THE CURE FOR CANCER \S TRAPPED INSIDE THE MIND OF SOMEONE WHO CAN'T AFFORD EDUCATION? Two of the major risks-factors of breast cancer are having a poor diet and drinking alcohol. Hopefully, you will be able to take some of this information on board and use it to minimise your risk of breast cancer. It is so good to see that Mattel, the maker of the Barbie franchise,  is helping to raise awareness about Cancer. Science has made significant inroads on certain types of cancer, like CML, wherein a class of wonder drugs can exploit a particular kink in its armor. What I find particularly interesting is that putative anti-aging therapies, like rapamycin, also retard cancer development, in addition to anti-aging activities like regular aerobic exercise. In the meantime, I personally do my best to prevent my own cancer development by incorporating plenty of aerobic exercise into my weekly schedule, as well as maintaining a healthy diet, liberally using of sunscreen, and scheduling yearly physical examinations.
Both our souls, actually, as we were reeling from the death of a good friend just four days before.
The first was John Lennon, as our protagonist receives a long lost letter from the icon encouraging him to stay true to his artistry, signing it, "What do you think of that Danny Collins?" Less than 24 hours after losing our friend Jim to cancer, I recorded a slightly re-written version of Elton John's tribute to John Lennon, "Empty Garden," for his family.

I haven't even been able to share the song with Jim's family yet, so intimate and haunting. Movie etiquette went out the window as I realized students in a critical classroom scene were playing ST Math.
I started in the education field with learning-disabled youth, and eventually transitioned to helping homeless youth focus on their education while trying to secure stable housing for their families. The number of cancer deaths and diagnoses among my group of friends alone is staggering, not to mention the national statistics. In the movie, Danny Collins' granddaughter will get the educational services she needs because Grandpa makes a big, fat donation to an excellent charter school. It is a long arduous road ahead to reach that goal, but I know we are part of the solution.
Yet as early as 4th grade, only 42 percent of students are proficient in math -- and it's even lower for Hispanics (26 percent) and blacks (18 percent), a frightful disparity. A fairly significant number of the 8 million science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs expected to be created in the US by 2018 will impact the medical field: cancer researchers, chemists, biologists, medical technicians, radiologists and oncologists. Through education and awareness, people can learn how to prevent cancer and minimise the risk-factors of cancer. Preventing being diagnosed with the disease by reducing the presence of these risk factors is vital. A teenager raising awareness about cancer and cancer research.Madeleine Moore created D2C after two close family friends died of cancer within three months of each other. And, though I love my job, some work-related anxieties had landed squarely on a branch in my mind, unwilling to fly off despite my efforts to shoo them away. My date and I both sunk into our seats, looked at one another as if to say "Must it follow us everywhere, even here? I couldn't imagine feeling more passionate about any other issue -- until I found myself singing at my best friend's funeral six months after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. More than 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and more than 589,000 will not survive their diagnosis according to the American Cancer Society. We reach students at high-performing charter schools like the one in Danny Collins, where sometimes, yes, a wealthy parent helps make the program available.

Hopefully, this is where the knowledge, determination and breakthroughs will come from to finally end, or at least better manage and treat cancer. It has a devastating impact on health, affecting physical health by causing fatigue, nausea and breast swelling and also emotional health, sometimes causing depression and anxiety. We had planned to see something else, but when I arrived, he said "How about Danny Collins? I was angry, hurt and obsessed with understanding how someone so seemingly healthy could simply die in such a short time. Because I know that of the nearly 50 million kids in K-12 schools across the country, millions of them deserve a better education than what they are given. Our learning philosophy impacts children's lives beyond just math: as a kid from an underperforming school in Santa Ana who now attends Georgetown, reminds me. But close to 70 percent of the students using ST Math are from traditionally underserved backgrounds.
Basically Al Pacino as an aging rock singer?" Music, star power, popcorn and hand-holding escapism in a dark theater? It was so great to feel that excitement and pride in our work, featured unexpectedly on screen, that the crow of anxiety finally left its branch.
Within a year of her death, I found myself leading a non-profit dedicated to funding cancer research. We rely on donors and community supporters to help reach students in these impoverished neighborhoods, and are so thankful for the support we receive from some of the largest companies in the nation. Simple things like these can make a huge difference in your chance of developing breast cancer. The cloak was too heavy, but I am so proud of my old colleagues across the country who continue the work.

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