The following are four suggestions on how to improve your communication skills and give feedback. Receiving frank assessments about ourselves from others is often not easy and can be an emotional experience.
Here’s one of the ten universal communication principles that are the cornerstone of Quixote Consulting’s How Great Teams Communicate effective  communication skills training course.
Related PostsEinstein and Joseph Campbell: Who Are Your Heroes?What’s the Most Popular Key for Music? The intent of communication is to convey one’s message clearly to other person or to a group. Companies when conducting interviews look for a candidate with strong technical and communication skill.
As said earlier verbal communication need to be improved if one needs to get success in the interview. Memorize powerful words and converse them, which then becomes a habit of using them in right places. Giving negative feedback when you are irritated will probably not produce the desired outcome.
Hopefully, the above suggestions can help to improve your communication skills and create a trusting and committed environment.
Here are a few tips on how best to prepare yourself to receive feedback, to be receptive and to leverage the value of the comments you receive from others.

Knowing your audience is a familiar phrase, but how often do we actually choose how we communicate based on that knowledge?
The information can be communicated either by means of oral communication or written communication.
If employees know that you are on their side and not just looking for an opportunity to discredit or bring them down, they will be more open to receiving feedback. If you give negative feedback out of frustration, even one time, you can create a feeling of instability for your employees.
Once you have built a solid foundation you have the opportunity to allow feedback to flow freely in a safe and open workplace. If we don’t spend time finding out how people like to be communicated to we just assume that they like to get their information the way we do, or they want the information we would want. Oral communication means expressing one’s thought or information by means of directly speaking either one-to one discussion or presentation among group of people.
Companies need candidates with proper communication because their business deals with people and employees are representatives of their company.
It is ultimate truth that practice makes man perfect and with that in mind one can definitely practice to be a perfect communicator. Even if your employee did something wrong, help the person consider what one can learn from the situation. So a company wishes their employee to be a proper communicator and that is why they emphasis on communication skills in a interview.

If you are anticipating negative responses from employees, you have not created an environment conducive for giving feedback.
Whether you are giving positive or negative feedback you should consider what your end-goal is, this will help you with your presentation.
You may have to dig deep but you will always be able to find something, even if it is just a lesson for the future. Clearly one should understand that effective communication is one of the means of getting through the interview.
Employees are more open to feedback if they feel that your intent is nor personal and that it is for the good of the organization. However, it also presents one with an opportunity to build strength of character and integrity, by responding appropriately. Get to know how, what, how much, when, how often people like to get the gift of the information you have to give.

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