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Since our inception following the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, AIF has been invested in relief and rehabilitation efforts in response to major national disasters in India, including rehabilitating communities in Tamil Nadu and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands following the 2004 tsunami and in Kashmir following the 2005 earthquake. The Uttarakhand Relief Fund will utilize a similar model to the rehabilitation campaign undertaken during the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, the tragic event which gave birth to AIF.
Please consider making a donation today to the Uttarakhand Relief Fund to rebuild the foundation and heal communities and their families. In the wake of the “Himalayan Tsunami”, where unprecedented floods have created a major disaster in Uttarakhand state of India, many thousand people are missing and presumed dead, towns have been obliterated, and nearly every manmade structure including significant famous pilgrimage sites have been destroyed or damaged.
While natural disasters are inherently environmental, the pace and carelessness of human development in recent decades in this isolated, hilly state magnified the worst disaster in India since the 2004 tsunami.

Capitalize on thought speed Tends to daydream Stays with the speaker, mentally summarizes the speaker, weighs evidence, and listens between the lines 2. AIF’s multi-phased approach to disaster relief begins with immediate aid, followed by reconstruction and long-term rehabilitation of communities.
Working together AIF and UMA are undertaking due diligence to identify the highest-performing NGOs with whom to provide funds and materials in a timely, efficient, effective, and transparent manner.
The volume of loss and those missing is still in a state of speculation due to the extreme havoc wreaked in this disaster. Construction of roads and hotels on fragile river banks as well as hydroelectric projects in watersheds have contributed to a higher number of landslides and flooding. Supervisor’s power Increased distortion because employees screen out information detrimental to their welfare. Resist Distractions Is easily distracted Fights distractions and concentrates on the speaker 8. To identify long-term solutions to improve the lives of people affected by disaster, AIF works closely with NGO partners and fill gaps in the efforts of government agencies and large international organizations. By some accounts, up to one million people have been directly and indirectly affected – impacting people as far away as Nepal.
While the relief efforts of India’s army and organizations are to be commended, much more is needed. Find an area of interest Tunes out dry speakers or subjects Listens for any useful information 4.

Hear what is said Shuts our or denies unfavorable information Listens to both favorable and unfavorable information 9. It takes place when the ideas from your mind are transferred to another’s and arrive intact, complete, and coherent.
AIF remains alert, responsive, and committed to providing long-term rehabilitation of communities in the unfortunate event of future emergencies. Subordinate’s aspiration for upward mobility Less accuracy because employees tend to pass along information that helps their cause. Judge content, not delivery Tunes out dry monotone speakers Assesses content by listening to entire message before making judgments 5. Challenge yourself Resists listening to presentations of difficult subject manner Treats complex presentations as exercises for the mind 10. Subordinate’s trust in the supervisor Considerable distortion because employees do not pass up all information they receive.

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