According to Buzan and Buzan, a mind map should be drawn on blank paper that is larger than standard 8 ? by 11 inch paper. One key tenet of the mind map is that each of the branches and sub-branches should contain pictures to aid in recalling the information.
While several investigators are exploring the scientific merits of mind mapping as a tool to develop critical thinking one practical way we have begun to use mind mapping to promote student engagement in the classroom is via two different class assignments.
For students in our graduate physical therapy program the challenge always exists between balancing the volume of information they must know with the need to practice the application of their craft — the “hands on” aspect of the profession. In order to meet this challenge in our neurological course work we instituted mind mapping as a course requirement.
We have found that by requiring students to generate mind maps on pre-class reading material they are more prepared to engage in class activities. Here’s an example of mind map a student created on a chapter associated with clinical decision making regarding patient management. For our post-professional doctoral students integrating related topics that must be explored in order to fully address a research question is not so easy. In order to assist students in their learning journey, we have introduced mind mapping as a tool to help students explore diverse topical areas and develop connections and links between them.
So while many are investigating the use of mind maps as a teaching and learning tool to foster critical thinking and clinical reasoning in students, it can be utilized as a tool to promote student engagement as demonstrated in the assignments above. Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD, is an associate professor in the Department of Graduate Programs in Health Sciences at Seton Hall University’s School of Health and Medical Sciences. I teach geology to non-science majors who are poorly prepared for college and hate science. Congratulations on your effective use of Mind Mapping for student engagement, and thanks for sharing.
In my lecturing on Creativity and Innovation at Masters level in a couple of universities and several countries over more than a decade I always incorporated Mind Maps into the material.

For students writing an essay can often mean trying to piece together a patchwork of fragments: hand-outs from lectures, notes from books, a quotation here, a theory there. Essay Writer from Spark Space helps you to string those fragments together visually, mapping out your arguments and ideas so you can see how things fit together.
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My daughters favorite movies are Brave, Despicable Me, Toy Story(all 3), & Monsters Inc. These sub-branches of key words or pictures can be linked together resulting in the integration of different parts of the mind map.
All students are required to generate a mind map for all class readings covering the key concepts within the readings. This in turn enables us as instructors to spend more time helping them explore the “hands on” techniques of their craft, as well as critical reasoning and communication skills. Linking or connecting topics, theories and developing a theoretical framework often hinder students’ progression.
Each student’s research question of interest becomes the central theme of the mind map and, along with their committee members, they begin identifying the branches to be explored. The utility of the mind map as a teaching and learning tool is only limited by our ability as instructors to shape its use to meet the desired learning outcome. You can then look past those fragments and see your essay taking shape before you even begin writing it! It’s perfect on the go and less hearing are we there yet or she is touching me or he is looking at me! They are a multi award winning educational DVD program to help babies and toddlers learn fundamental communication, language, reading, maths and general information knowledge and skills faster and easier than ever before.
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These mind maps are submitted for class participation credit, but they must be handed in prior to the class meeting date for which the material will be covered.
Frequently they look to their advisor to make the connections for them and to tell them what to do. Joining mind mapping and care planning to enhance student critical thinking and achieve holistic nursing care. Most recently, mind mapping programs have also been developed for iPad and iPhone, and other handhelds, which can communicate with desktop programs.
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Holiday traveling is coming soon and what better way to keep the kiddos entertained on the way! This is done to ensure that the students, at a minimum, read and acknowledge the key areas within the readings. Applications of the mind map learning technique in chiropractic education: A pilot study and literature review.
This is especially useful for mind mappers that don’t carry a laptop with them everywhere. During the class period students are able to build out their mind maps with concepts and information acquired during the class presentation (lecture, discussion, small group activities, and laboratory experiences). This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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