Strategic Communication in Business and the Professions 7th edition by O'Hair discusses the four essential elements of effective communication - setting goals, knowing the audience, mastering skills, and managing anxiety. Strategic Communication in Business and the Professions 7th edition provides the both framework and the necessary tools to become a successful communicator. This Seventh Edition helps the reader address the current challenges of communication within the realm of business. The updated examples provide an increased focus on the balance between technology and communication, the new forms of communication technology; in addition to the integration of new research in the area of business communication, management, interpersonal and group communication.

Reflecting today's e-inundated marketplace, this comprehensive text covers the basics for all forms of business communication, from letters to e-mail, business plans to presentations, listening skills to nonverbal messages, diversity to teamwork, visual aids to Web blogs, interpersonal communication to instant messages, and everything in between.
Communication in Nursing, 7th Edition uses a personal and empathetic approach, along with unique artistic features, to help you develop a deeper understanding of the importance of communication. Comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines teach you how to establish patient relationships, and new QSEN-specific exercises help you learn to connect more effectively with patients, co-workers, and managers for better clinical outcomes.
This practical resource addresses a wide array of topics, including being assertive, electronic communication, respect, humor, confrontation, and requesting support, with a personal touch conveyed through quotes, stories, and poetry.

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