There are many reasons as to why your face can look puffy, some more serious than others, so before trying to treat your facial puffiness with home remedies, it’s important to rule out any cause that may indicate a health problem. There are several puffy face causes, but the most common reason for facial puffiness is water retention. More serious causes of facial puffiness that need conventional medical treatment include hypothyroidism, edema and kidney disorders. If you experience any of the following red flag symptoms along with a puffy face, you should consult your medical practitioner immediately. If facial puffiness is a recurring problem for you, you may want to try some natural home remedies that will help to target the problem.
There are many natural puffy face remedies you can try at home, that will help to relieve mild facial puffiness. Breakfast cereals are a common example of this; some breakfast cereals that are considered and marketed as healthy may contain very high levels of salt. Cucumber, melons, leafy greens and tomatoes are all high in water; soups and broths made with vegetables also help to up your water intake. Exercise improves circulation and lymph flow and encourages the body to sweat, which all, in turn, help to reduce facial puffiness.
Try drinking herbal teas, such as peppermint and ginger, as these encourage a healthy digestive system.
Dilute these oils in a base oil, such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil, at a ratio of 1 drop essential oil to 1 ml base oil and apply to your face in the evenings as a part of your nighttime skin care regime.
If you’re interested in finding out more about natural puffy face remedies, the Naturally Skinsational eBook is packed full of skin care remedies that you can make easily and inexpensively at home. Discover the household ingredients that can help to reduce puffiness and reveal sleeker facial contours. Seborrheic Dermatitis can occur in many areas of the skin, but it is most prone to occur on areas such as eyebrows, eyelids, creases of the nose, lips, behind the ears, outer of the ear, and the chest. When the skin color is affected and its texture and appearance is changed then it is termed as Rashes. If you think you're experiencing a hives outbreak, be sure to browse the hives images below to look for similarities. This is a severe case of hives caused by the medication he was prescribed by his primary care physician.
As we receive additional photos, we'll upload them on this page in order to help future website visitors. Cheek pain, at times, tends to be like one of those unwanted guests who arrive without warning, suggest meekly that they’ll be staying only for a couple of days, overstay, and throughout the entire episode, cause immense trouble and discomfort.

Here are some of the possible medical conditions, complications or surgical procedures which can result in cheek pain or swelling.
Mild swelling of the cheeks, which could be due to a recent injury to the face or a recent surgery, may go away on its own and is typically not a problem.
At times, inflammation can occur and if it spreads to the surrounding areas, it can result in cheek pain or swelling.
If you find that you have a puffy face in the morning only, the reason is quite simple, and there’s no need to worry.
Once you go about your daily activities, any facial puffiness should subside as your body’s systems get to work again.
One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce puffiness is to apply cold compresses to the face or to wash the face in cool water.
Drink 6 – 8 glasses of pure water each day to flush the toxins that encourage bloating and puffiness, from your system.
Reduce salt in your diet and check all the ingredients in any food products you buy; many seemingly innocent foods have a higher salt content than you would imagine. Avoid processed foods and foods that contain additives as these can cause your body to hold on to the toxins that may cause puffiness. Try to eat foods that have a high water content to keep your system clean and flushed through. Facial puffiness can be a sign that the digestive system isn’t functioning at an optimal level.
If you want to say goodbye to puffiness, jowls and a double chin this ebook will show you how. It is a type of scalp condition that is caused by using shampoos containing harsh chemicals.
It is a common form of an inflammatory skin condition characterized by yellow scales that eventually create oily areas on the ear and scalp. If you do see similarities, be sure to read what causes hives, what typical hives symptoms are and how to get rid of your hives.
Cheek pain causes can range from the medically-driven to the hormone-driven (the latter I will illustrate towards the end of this article).
In more serious cases when swelling is accompanied by sudden swelling of the face, lips or tongue or severe breathing problems, you should seek prompt medical care, asthe cheek swelling may be due to a severe allergic reaction. Usually, as far as the children are concerned, cheek pain is usually the result of a dental problem, infection, abscess, gum infection, tooth extraction, straining of the jaw muscles due to improper chewing, mumps, common cold, sinus infections, etc. If you find that these home remedies do not help in easing your pain or discomfort, you can always consult your doctor, who may then prescribe suitable antibiotics, painkillers, etc.

Don’t worry that you’re adding more water to the water within your body – dehydration is more likely to cause facial puffiness. Fruit and vegetables are high in water, and if you can eat them raw, your skin will reap the benefits. Being active helps to keep your body healthy whilst also improving the appearance of your skin. It begins with a small pimple on your scalp and gradually expands in size, destroying the hair fibers.
It is essential to treat the condition as soon as possible, as it is all about the safety of your hairs!
Seborrheic Dermatitis has been determined to be caused by an overproduction of skin oil from a yeast called Malassezia. Every case of hives is different, so if you would like to have your hives evaluated, please submitsubmit your photos for a free online diagnosis here.
In such cases, applying an ice pack to the affected cheek can help in lessening the cheek pain to a certain extent.
However, there should be a sufficient amount of time interval between applying the ice and then applying the heating pad. Basically, what happens after a tooth extraction procedure is that the surrounding tissue tends to become very tender and sensitive, during the immediate period following the dental surgery.
Lose weight slowly and sensibly by following a healthy eating plan rather than a crash diet. Of course, painkillers or medication prescribed by a doctor will certainly help in lessening cheek pain. Few other common causes for rashes are allergies from food, insect bite, metals, etc, anxiety, fungal infection, vaccination reactions, skin diseases like acne or eczema.
If you don’t treat it at the early stage, then you may experience large patches over the scalp, causing severe itching. Rashes in the nose or mouth, eyes, rectum or anus, vagina and edge of the penis in men can be life-threatening.

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