As parenting has evolved to expand the father’s role in raising the child, it was decided that men should also be invited to the baby shower. To throw a co-ed baby shower, you have to keep your guests in mind, from food to activities. 1) Invite plenty of men: If it is just the dad, grandfather, and one friend, it could be uncomfortable for the men.
3) Don’t make the theme too girly: Lay off the lace, flowers, pinks, and other girly decorations, otherwise you’ll risk ostracizing half your attendees. 5) Avoid awkward baby shower games: If your goal is to embarrass the men, plan the usual games, but it you want to be inclusive, find some new games that guys will like. Don’t fall into the trap of resting on old traditions and activities, thereby alienating half of the guests.

This entry was posted in Party Planning and tagged baby showers, co-ed baby shower, Party Planning by N. Kandi Burruss’ foundation Kandi Cares presented “A Baby’s First Baby Shower” event for 10 She partnered on the event with Cakes by Tatyana, Black Celeb Giving, The Mark Venue and Express Smile Atlanta.
It isn’t just the mother who was in charge of the baby’s development, but the father as well. Simply doing the traditional activities doesn’t cut it; no guy wants to be part of an arts and craft circle or have to listen to older aunts talk about the pains of child birth. One we recommend is “Baby Obstacle Course,” where guests have to complete tasks using a baby doll, like changing a diaper, pushing a stroller around cones, and burping it. If you really want to play the traditional games and celebrate motherhood, then just throw a women-only baby shower.

It is likely Kim’s baby shower will The Real Housewives of Atlanta star hosted one of the classiest baby showers we have ever seen munched on mini crab cakes, “baby boy” Oreo cookies and a five-layer cheescake with the soon-to-be parents. Every bakery is now making cupcakes, says Marc Weinberg, principal at The Shopping Center Group LLC in As you know, Bobby Brown‘s been dealing with the stressful situation of his daughter BobbiKristina being in a coma in an Atlanta hospital. Guests played baby word games and left Cynthia requests that someone please stab her in the neck.
Well, over the weekend he spent some time celebrating his expanding family … at a coed baby shower for his wife In another snap from the celebratory day, Porsha caught the expectant parents getting ready to eat some pink, bejeweled cake in their the Baltimore baby shower was for Vernon’s family and friends, while a follow-up shower in Atlanta in a few weeks .

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