The Banshee Sheriff's Department prepares to move in on the rave, where Hanson is selling drugs to the local teens. He recalls their secret love affair and the last night they spent together--when they were caught stealing $10 million worth of diamonds from Mr. Deva's friend Reed, the son of a state senator, drives her and a friend to Hanson's where he sells them drugs and invites them to the party. Proctor arrives and warns Lucas that the Moody boys will be after him for killing their brother Cole.

Lucas recognizes the elder's daughter, Rebecca Bowman, is the young woman he had sex with the night before, only now dressed in Amish garb. The batch has been tainted, though, and several of the partiers start seizing, including Reed, while dancing with Deva. Hanson spots him and takes off, firing a gun in the air as he goes, with Lucas in hot pursuit. Lucas takes out one of Hanson's men, and Deputy Yawners helps him out with another, but Hanson escapes back to Proctor's home.

Upset with the mess the dealer has made in his own backyard, Proctor cuts off his finger with a steak knife. Two of Cole's brothers come after Lucas with their guns, but Sugar is able to defuse the situation.

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