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The National Adjunct Walkout Day planned for February 25 is an effort by adjunct and part-time faculty members to raise awareness of working conditions and lower pay compared with those of their full-time faculty counterparts.
It also comes on the heels of a surprising and important ruling by the National Labor Relations Board related to Pacific Lutheran University. Dealing with that challenge will require considerable strategic creative thinking by college presidents. It should hardly come as a surprise that all of the factors that make adjuncts attractive to administrators make them equally attractive to union organizers. Last fall, Tufts University came to an agreement with its adjuncts that is already being hailed as a template for other organizing drives.
Regarding job security, all adjuncts at Tufts will have at least one-year contracts and will be eligible for longer appointments based on their length of service.

In sum, the part-time-faculty labor market is in the midst of substantial change, and college presidents should be having thoughtful, strategic conversations with their leadership teams about how they will position their institutions for those changes. Scott Schneider is head of the higher-education practice group at Fisher & Phillips, a national labor-and-employment-law firm that represents employers.
The board of trustees postponed a meeting on tuesday at which it was slated to consider the resignation of james r. William mendoza, director of the initiative on american indian and alaska native education, had several false starts before completing college..
Issues in higher education university, coach deny discriminating against mormon player by associated press. The chronicle of higher education is a newspaper and website that presents news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty and student affairs. In today’ headlines, higher ed reports institutions washington state working foster college- culture local -12. Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective replica rolex daytona trademark owners. Subscribe now for instant access to this article and thousands of others, data tables, and interactive charts — all available exclusively for Chronicle subscribers. It follows some high-profile adjunct organizing wins by the Service Employees International Union at a host of colleges, including, most recently, Washington University in St. That decision opens the door to union organizing not only among adjuncts but also for full-time faculty members who have historically been viewed as members of management. They must attend to the well-chronicled concerns of faculty members at a time when their campuses are seeing diminished public funding, significant expenses, market and governmental pressures to keep costs down, and a crushing regulatory environment that has caused the administrative ranks to continue to swell.
The contract includes pay increases of up to 40 percent in some departments; by September 2016, all part-time faculty members will make at least $7,300 per course (and those with eight or more years of service will make at least $8,760).
The adjuncts will also be entitled to first notice of and fair consideration for full-time positions, including a guaranteed interview. The Tufts deal, coupled with aggressive organizing efforts, has the potential to fundamentally and quickly change the marketplace for adjuncts. Plus your subscription includes weekly print or digital delivery of The Chronicle and The Review and the Chronicle iPad® Edition.

But in this post i will explain Postsecondary education administrators oversee student services, compare the job duties, education, student affairs administrators in higher education. Colleges are perhaps more vulnerable now to organizing drives and pressure to improve the working conditions of their faculty members than they have ever been. Why colleges rely so much on adjuncts has been discussed thoughtfully and at length elsewhere; chief among the reasons are that they are not as expensive as tenure-track professors, their scheduling can more easily align with the needs of the college, and firing them is not fraught with the same peril as firing full-time faculty members. Louis, where adjuncts voted 138 to 111 in favor of organizing, the core issues were low wages, lack of benefits, and lack of job security. In addition, nonclassroom work, like mentoring and advising, will be compensated, and adjuncts with three-year contracts will be compensated for canceled courses. For college presidents who want to quell unrest within their adjunct ranks, now is probably a good time to assess how their adjuncts are treated in comparison with their counterparts at peer institutions or at Tufts.
Another option is to continue with current employment and compensation practices for adjuncts.
As the economics of an adjunct-heavy faculty change, administrators need to reconsider their business models and assess whether there are ways to leverage technology (which, like adjuncts, can deliver course content effectively and efficiently) or other practices to get more bang for their increasingly limited bucks. Of course, those decisions must be made in the context of the relative strategic advantages of each college.
At a minimum, within senior administration, there ought to be a continuing, informed conversation about this issue. Leaders who adopt this approach need to think about how they will handle something like a one-day walkout (Hint: You cannot discipline adjuncts engaged in protected concerted activity), what position the university is prepared to take in the face of an organizing drive, what collective-bargaining negotiations would probably look like, and how those negotiations would be staffed. In addition, one way to limit the use of adjuncts is to increase course loads for full-time faculty members, an approach that requires thoughtful analysis. Presidents and provosts ought to know how much adjuncts are making and whether they are entitled to benefits.

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