Formerly called hydropsy or dropsy, edema is the abnormal accumulation of fluid inside the interstitium and is clinically explained as being a swelling. There are many types of edema and edema grading generally depend on the depth and duration of the dent. It occurs when a small area gets pressurized and the indentation continues even after the pressure is removed.
It is a common type which comes about when there is water retention and can be caused by various conditions like heart failure, pregnancy or diseases.

It is where indentation is not persistent and is associated with conditions like myxedema, lipedema ad lymphedema.
2-4mm indent: somewhat deeper pit, no readably detectable distortion, disappears in 10-25 seconds. There are three grades of bilateral pitting oedema, and when it is not present, the grade is a€?absenta€?. Severe: Generalized bilateral pitting oedema, which includes both legs, arms, feet and face.

The scaling depends on both the a€?pita€? leaves and depth and how long the pit will remain.

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