Several conditions can cause people to develop a shooting pain in left side of their heads.
Sharp pains in the head can appear from the blues and occur on one side or even both sides.
According to NBTS (National Brain Tumor Society), brain tumors may cause sharp pain that occurs on the left side of a person’s head.
Brain tumors damage nerves, increase pressure in the skull, damage tissues of the brain and can shift the brain. According to NINDS (Neurological Disorders and Stroke), trigeminal neuralgia, which is a disorder of the nerves, can bring about sharp pains in the head and face. Tumor or swelling of the blood vessels (which can lead to the inflammation of the nerves known as trigeminal) and multiple sclerosis can cause trigeminal neuralgia disorder.
This nerve (the trigeminal nerve) connects the facial skin to the brain by transmitting sensory information.
The signs of brain tumor depend on its size and the exact location of the brain where it develops. Pain in the head that is sharp and persistent, problem with vision, dizziness, difficulties in speaking, loss of sensation, change in behavior, hearing problems and unsteadiness are some signs of brain tumor. Signs of giant cell arteritis include fever, double vision, pain in the jaw when chewing, sharp pains in the head, loss of weight as well as tenderness in the scalp. When the pain on the left side of the head persists and gets severe even after taking some rest (OTC medication must be totally avoided), one should seek medical treatment because it signals a serious underlying health problem.
Radiation or chemotherapy can help to treat brain tumors although in severe cases, the tumors are removed surgically.
Baker’s cysts in children often involve the bursa, the small sac of fluid behind the knee. Arthritis is the most common cause in adults, but a Baker’s cyst also can be caused by a knee injury.
Sometimes the pocket of fluid behind the knee can tear open and drain into the tissues of the lower leg.
Your doctor will physically examine your knee and order investigations such as MRI to diagnose the inside of your knee. If the Baker’s cyst is cause by arthritis or another problem, then you need to seek medical attention to treat it.
Call +65 6471 2674 (24 hr) for an appointment to see our orthopaedic specialist for treatment to your Baker’s cyst. Locate the pest you’re concerned with or browse to learn more about the pests found in our region. Clothes Moths are infamous for infesting woolens and silk, however, they only occur in the Northwest when brought in on items, especially from travels. Spiders are famous for their ominous appearance, ability to bite-often with venom, their webs and their predacious nature.
Wasps and bees are loosely related to ants, only they continually use winged flight as their primary means of motion.
Bumble Bees are beneficial insects and only when their nest is located such that it compromises human health due to stings should any control measures be taken.
Honey Bees are, of course, famous not only for pollinating crops, but also for their honey which has been a delicacy of humans throughout history. Centipedes are long, fast-moving, wormlike animals with many legs that stick out along the sides of its body. Millipedes are worm-shaped, brown or black, and have many legs that stem from the bottom of the body near the sides.
Sow Bugs and Pill or Potato Bugs are in the same group, but only the Pill or Potato Bug can roll up into a ball when disturbed. Cascade has a unique record showing leadership, innovation, safety and environmental consciousness – a pioneer in the Green Pest Control movement.
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For satiation a bed bug larva needs less blood than a mature bug, as it is smaller than an adult insect. Whatever your reaction is, you should immediately see a doctor who will make a correct diagnosis and prescribe corresponding bed bug bites treatment, as only a specialist knows how to treat bed bug bites.

For children bedbug bites can be a strong stressful factor because bedbugs bite mainly at night, which leads to severe deterioration of sleep quality.
Remember, if you have any unpleasant and disturbing symptoms you should immediately inform your doctor about them. Both cases require prompt and proper treatment, because even if you are not allergic to the saliva of the insects, bed bug bites can cause unpleasant consequences, leaving permanent traces on skin.
There is no special medicine for treating bed bug bites, but you can alleviate itching and pain by applying ice, soapy water or special ointment for skin.
This is kind of viral infection that will affect your parotid glands which is one among the salivary glands in front of the ears or below your ears.
Although migraine headaches are the major cause of pain in the head, the pain is never shooting but dull and throbbing. In fact, this kind of pain in the head can be so severe that one might not be able to perform their daily activities.
Another cause of the sharp pain in the head is the giant cell arteritis that entails inflammation of the inner lining of the arteries that is very painful. Giant cell arteritis is also known as temporal arteritis because it only occurs in the brain’s temples deep within the arteries found in the head. The identification of the brain tumor through its signs plays a great role in its treatment. Sharp pains that increase in intensity on the left side of the head or face are a major sign of the trigeminal neuralgia.
Steroids aid in treating giant cell arteritis while the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia involves the use of anticonvulsants and antispasmodic agent. We hope this will help you better understand and identify various pests, however, there is no substitute for the insight and expertise of our qualified staff.
Carpet Beetles can thrive off shed pet hair, allowing them to multiply until they get into our woolens.
Otherwise, in most cases, when damage to woolens or silk is found it is due to Carpet Beetles.
These spiders can be found in many locations in and around a home, they travel long distances and are swift runners.
According to arachnicologist, Rick Vetter, there have only been 3 documented cases of Brown Recluse Spiders in Washington State.
There are hundreds of kinds of wasps, many of them too tiny to sting humans, and others that are good pollinators of plants. They are not at all intimidated about landing directly on the food we are preparing, serving, or trying to eat. Since they always build their nest unprotected outdoors they build a paper envelope around it with an entrance near the bottom. Millipedes primarily eat decaying vegetable matter but sometimes find their way into homes in great numbers.
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When people discover this symptom, they mistakenly believe that it is an allergy to bedbugs. An infection can easily get into such wounds that can cause suppuration and other more serious consequences. Carpet Beetles are more adaptable than all that, however, and they are also formidable pests of stored foods such as spices and some grains.
Fortunately, Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders are not native to Western Washington and are only rarely transported here.
However, when their nests are located near, on, or in our homes they can cause significant human harm. They are unusually large, and colored black-and-white, and only eat live insects so they don’t bother us when eating outdoors. Bumble Bees pollinate a great variety of plants, however, they can at times choose rather unfortunate nest locations to nest. When this happens they split their colony and a mass of bees fly along with a queen to a new nest site.
Sow Bugs and Pill Bugs can enter homes and become quite a nuisance, occurring most often in basements.

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Going to bed heavily dressed is useless, as it is inconvenient and the bugs can get under your clothes. Unfortunately, we do have House Spiders (also known as the Hobo Spider) which produce a skin ulcer and various other symptoms. Part of the problem stems from the fact that they are so extremely defensive of their territory, attack in numbers, and can sting repeatedly. However, the presence of their nests poses an even greater hazard, housing up to 5,000 workers they can inflict an enormous amount of pain and venom. These yellow jackets become a problem when they nest in our yards and other locations that conflict with us, often resulting in numerous painful stings and periodic allergic reactions. Bees are considered beneficial insects until they happen to nest in homes or other locations that make them difficult to avoid.
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Of course, spider webs cause a great deal of aesthetic concern, covering areas of home exteriors, widow views, and indoor areas of walls and ceilings.
Within 1 to 2 days this area blisters and breaks, creating an open ulcer which can require surgery. Some species immediately think they own whatever food they find or land on, even if it is our dinner!
In one Seattle case, when a small boy and his dog came across a ground nest, the dog was killed and the boy, unconscious, had to be rushed to the hospital. If found soon after landing, a swarm of honey bees can be caught by a beekeeper, placed in a hive box, and transported to another site-saving nearly all the bees.
Bites of bedbugs during daytime usually indicate that there is a large population of bed bugs in your house or apartment. In heavily infested apartments you may get hundreds of new bites over night; and some insects may make attempts to bite you even during daytime.
In case you have an allergic reaction there are some additional symptoms apart from skin itching.
It requires great cleaning efforts from you and involves inviting a disinsector to your house. But when bee nests are close to our activity they will aggressively defend themselves resulting in repeated stinging.
However, once honey bees set up a hive within a house wall void, or other similar location, they often have to be treated. Multiple marks, redness and itching are the most distinct bites signs which help to tell bed bug bites from bites of other insects or parasites. Most of the time you won’t be able to find a symptoms but when it develops, one will have pain in swallowing or chewing, swollen and painful glands on your face, tiredness and fever. Systemic illness, when it occurs, can include headache, nausea, weakness, and vision impairment. When their nest is unprotected outdoors, they build a paper envelope around it with an entrance near the bottom. The pain of a sting is bad enough, but some people have severely allergic, life-threatening reactions.
Moreover, the remaining honey in bee hives attracts bees from other colonies, flies, beetles and rodents. And if that’s not bad enough, old honey trapped in walls can create serious mildew problems.

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