If it weren’t for Jeff Robinov, former president of Warner Bros Motion Picture Group, Gravity would not have gotten made. 12 Years a Slave, is based on the true story of Solomon Northup, who wrote a book about his life in 1853. Frozen, released on Thanksgiving Day, is not a surprise to win the Award for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures.
Stanley Kramer’s widow Karen Kramer and daughter Kat Kramer stopped to talk about Fruitvale Station. House Of Cards star Kevin Spacey did a lengthy imitation of a Johnny Carson awards show monologue before he presented the top comedy series prize to the producers of Modern Family, which won for the fourth consecutive year.
The Wolf Of Wall Street producer Joey McFarland said he was surprised and excited by the Oscar nomination recognition.
When the 2 movies tied for the same award…how many dozen producers walked onto the stage? To all those pessimistic losers who lack confidence and self-esteem, be optimistic because in 20 or 30 years if you work hard you could win the soon to be created Chuck Lorre Award for Most Arrogant Obnoxious Egomaniac TV Producer.
What was the risk in 12 years, throwing a few dollars and making a movie that before even showing one scene critics would be raving . International markets now make up 60 % of Hollywood revenues , how can Gravity not win Best Picture, a movie that buys world audiences into the legitimacy of the Oscar’s and deserves to win irrespective of being a blockbuster .
I enjoyed the movie but don’t put yourself in the same category as 12 years when talking about wolf. He has been busy for the last couple of weeks in Los Angeles on the Awards circuit where his film 12 Years A Slave has been nominated for accolade after accolade.But Brad Pitt touched down in Sydney on Tuesday to be reunited with his partner Angelina Jolie and their six strong brood. Good sport: Brad let the ground staff take photos of him as they stood on the tarmac While he has his own busy schedule, Brad has been making sure to make as many trips down to Oz to see Angelina and their brood. However, Brad was surely missing his partner in crime as he made the rounds at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Producers Guild Awards last week. Then in another interview on the red carpet, the Fight Club star gushed about his film which he helped produce.Brad explained to E!
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Ellen had roped him into joining her onstage - where he helped hand out pieces among a room full of multimillionaires, with recipients including Brad, Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington and Meryl Streep. The feeding frenzy started when host Ellen appeared onstage and surprisingly said, 'Guess what? That said, the idea of him, Chewy, Brad Pitt and even Cumby on the same red carpet is enough to make me spontaneously ovulate, lol. I just think you have to see Fassy talking and moving and looking sexy on-screen to get the full appreciation.
Come on, you know very well why they are pasty and all that – there are some CBladies here who like to lock them up inside their mansion and it seems these boys rarely get out see the sunlight. I think it is a disease transmitted by watching Disney films while drinking coke and pop-rocks.

It should be pointed out that Thornfield Hall does *have* a Sunroom, not that Miss Eyre ever lets anyone else use it.
Kaiser, I waneted to tweet you this morning to say that my affections for Fassy have grown considerably due to the posts on here. From what I understand, part of the issue with Hot Guy Friday was how time-consuming it was; gathering all the man pics requested by us horny ladies is a pretty labor-intensive process. Additionally, I believe many of those photos have to be paid for (I think?) so it’s costly AND time-consuming.
Gosh, I love Fall for so many reasons and now with so many great movies coming out soon, I have even MORE reasons to love this time of year! The picture that stars Oscar nominee Sandra Bullock and George Clooney got shoved aside by Universal after Angelina Jolie dropped out. Director Steve McQueen had been looking to do a film about slavery when his wife found the book and suggested it. The animated film has been a favorite not only of film critics but also for audiences around the globe, who have pushed it into the stratosphere with a worldwide box office take of $759.1M.
It’s the story of the now-infamous Australian journalist Julian Assange, the founder and editor of an organization that collected and disseminated whistleblower secrets on the website Wikileaks, starting in 2006.
Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures: (tie)Gravity (Warner Bros. Deadline caught up with American Hustle producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle, who appeared on the carpet with wife Maia Suckle.
The rest of the world will just pass off 12years as America’s usual obsession with racial politics especially when at most it will gross 25 million dollar internationally. The actress is currently in Australia directing the harrowing World War II biopic Unbroken, and the 50-year-old actor has been flying in and out of Oz to make sure to spend as much quality time with his family as possible. Despite being surrounded by Qantas crew, Brad opted to roll along his own suitcase as he exited the terminal. The couple have been making the most of Australia, spending time on the Gold Coast where they went ice-skating and visited the Currumbin Wildlife Park, and taking a cruise around Coomera River.They've also been enjoying time in Sydney, including a trip to see The Lion King.
His film 12 Years A Slave had a big win at the PGAs, tying with Gravity for the producer's award for outstanding picture.It was during the ceremony on Sunday night in Los Angeles, that Brad explained to E! Kevin Spacey also was a gentleman and handed out slices and plates for others before grabbing a slice for himself. I think in my case part of it is because I’ve heard some stories about how much of an asshat Fassy can be, and that really turns me off.
I honestly think that if I had only ever seen pics of him here that I wouldn’t have such a thing for him. On top of that, a lot of us panty-throwing celebitches would habitually complain about one of our Forever Dongs not being represented and it just made for a lot of annoyances for Kaiser and all. That man still had gravitas and masculine sex appeal while pulling off a convincing drag queen in Kinky Boots. Breaking Bad also won the Golden Globe last week, but rookie Brooklyn Nine-Nine took the comedy prize.

Brad Pitt helped shepherd the film to the big screen and even had a small cameo to help get it some attention. The filmmakers have said they tried to keep the pic true to Disney’s classic animation style while working hard to make it look contemporary. Does Karen Kramer believe that Lee Daniels’ The Butler, tracing the Civil Rights movement, was similarly snubbed?
McFarland noted that this year’s crop of awards films are “movies with a real message,” including his. Shielding his no doubt tired eyes in his Aviator mirrored shades, he looked as handsome as ever. The award for Gravity catapults the Warner Bros picture squarely into the Best Picture Oscar race, whereas up until now, it seems that 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle were the front-runners. The film from producer, director and co-writer Alfonso Cuaron, now has a worldwide gross of $677M. The PGA will soon realize they have to create this new award Chuck demands that they name an award after him and he always gets what he wants. Later in the morning, he then caught a flight to the Gold Coast where he was once again greeted by ground staff. If ever I were to forsake sanity altogether and make a squeeing tumblr fan account, it would be for Chiwetel.
Accepting the award with producer David Heyman, Cuaron joked that as a producer he found it difficult to work with a “stubborn, uncompromising director. Assange is a polarizing figure, called a hero by some and a threat to national security by others. His colleague, Wolf producer Riza Aziz agreed, saying that the types of films getting award recognition this season indicate an era of successful partnerships between major studios and independent producers.
The friendly star obliged when one male employee was eager to get a snap of the star before Brad was whisked away in a helicopter, no doubt straight to his family who have been living Down Under for several weeks. He was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2010 because of his Internet activism. It competes for the Academy Award with other nominees, Despicable Me 2, The Croods, The Wind Rises and Ernest And Celestine.
Assange was not available to be interviewed for the documentary, so the filmmakers culled together old interview clips.
However, the Academy could turn around and give it to Hayao Miyazaki, a legend in the world of animation who announced his retirement after this film. Assange successfully avoided extradition to Sweden two years ago to face two sexual assault charges when he was granted political asylum by the Ecuadorean government in August 2012.
The Wind Rises is being released into theaters on February 21, nine days before the Academy Awards.

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