The Suicide Squad is a group mostly comprised of incarcerated super-villains who are sent on black ops missions, by the government, that have a low chance of survival in return for lowering their incarceration time. The original Suicide Squad, called the Suicide Squadron, were a very expendable team that existed during World War ll. As McCarthyism spread through the United States in the 1950s, everyone in society was under scrutiny, even the heroes of the Second World War, namely the Justice Society of America. Years later, the Suicide Squad returns under Task Force X, as it's now run by Amanda Waller. To prevent any member of the Squad from running away on a mission, Amanda Waller has every untried and untrustworthy member with an explosive bracelet that detonates if they try to remove it or if they stray too far from their mission leader. Often, the non-villain members on the team were paying off favors from the government or needed the team for an agenda of their own, for instance Nightshade to return to her home dimension or Vixen to hunt down the drug dealers that killed her friends. Task Force X was eventually forced to work freelance and kept Amanda Waller as their leader, invoking a new version of the Suicide Squad.
When Lex Luthor assumed the presidency of the United States of America, a new Suicide Squad was organized with General Rock as the leader. When the Squad is sent against a corporation which developed a dangerous bioweapon, Eiling offers to destroy the Squad for them if they meet his financial demands.
The Suicide Squad's current roster consists of Amanda Waller, King Faraday, Rick Flag, Nightshade, Virtuoso, Bronze Tiger, and Count Vertigo.
The Suicide Squad team was composed of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, El Diablo, Black Spider, and Savant. They are then deployed in a sports stadium and learn that their objective is to retrieve a package from a woman. Then, the team tries to 'lay low' for a bit, but eventually come under fire of a bounty hunter named Mad Dog. Realizing that he has been set up, Boomerang attempts to use the detonator he was given that is supposed to be connected to the microbombs in each squad member's skin. After shooting one of the siamese twins through the head, his brother reveals that they hadn't told Harley that the Joker was skinned and dead, because they knew she would shoot the messenger. Grumpily, Floyd pleads to have the leadership given to someone else, but Waller refuses to consider someone else. The Suicide Squad was first mentioned by Amanda Waller at the end of the Smallville-"Movie" 'Absolute Justice' in season nine of the series.
Although the Suicide Squad does not appear in the show, a group called Maniax were the main antagonists of the second season that had a very similar role to the Suicide Squad, including their being composed mostly of imprisoned convicts. The Suicide Squad makes its debut in the Arkham series with the direct-to-video DC animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.
The Squad is formed in DC film verse by director David Ayer for a live action film adaptation featuring Adam Beach as Slipknot, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, and Jay Hernandez as El Diablo. Pokial chcete mat zbran spolahlivu na sebaobranu, ktora zaroven vyzera takmer na nerozoznanie od originalu, v tom pripade su plynovky Walther idealnou volbou.
Instead of revealing their identities, Hawkman indicated that if they were forced to unmask they would rather retire and with the help of Doctor Fate's magic the entire team disappeared into retirement.
This time, the Suicide Squad is comprised of mostly incarcerated super-villains who are willing to go on very dangerous missions in return for a speedier release from prison. This Squad's usual mission leader was again Rick Flag Jr, who was forced on Waller by government officials. This team also often came into conflict with Batman who saw what they were doing as directly contrary to what he was doing. This squad still worked with the government on numerous occasions, with Sarge Steel as a common collaborator. Amanda Waller also became involved as did a few other veteran villains from the original run, but the Squad ended as the General Rock was revealed to be an impostor. The series seems to take place roughly between the Squad's appearance in Checkmate and the events of Salvation Run. The Suicide Squad captured many villains and shipped them off to another planet, called Salvation Run. They were being tortured by unknown assailants for the purpose of extracting information, more specifically, they inquire on who sent the team.
They soon learn that all of the people in the stadium have been infected with a virus that turns them into mindless creatures who can only destroy and kill each other.
Before they dealt with Mad Dog, they were trying to lay low and buy food and fit into regular clothes.

It fails to function, and Deadshot mocks him for thinking that Waller would trust him with that kind of power.
Deadshot is surprised at this news, and Waller confirms that the Joker was skinned alive, and that his face is being held at Gotham City Police Headquarters.
Harley approaches with a knife, stating that they need to talk - but she doesn't want to talk to Deadshot, she want to talk to someone else. They must go to Metropolis, and seek out and kill Mitch Shelley, without garnering the attention of Superman.
The membership consists of Rick Flagg, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Plastique and Clock King. In the final season of Smallville, the Suicide Squad made their first real appearance in two parts. However, unlike the Suicide Squad which was used to carry out black operations, the Maniax were formed as part of Theo Galavan's agenda against Gotham City.
In the ending of the former, they, via DOJ Amanda Waller, had given Slade Wilson, aka, Deathstroke, the opportunity to join the unit with the alternative of staying imprisoned in his cell. The members of the Suicide Squad in this movie are King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Killer Frost, Harley Quinn, and Black Spider, and they were assigned to locate and diffuse a dirty bomb that the Joker had stolen and somehow planted somewhere within Gotham City while imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.
To fill the void various government departments were formed to battle metahuman and supernatural. Their missions are all black operation missions and are not officially sanctioned by the government. Waller has already been ousted from her position at Checkmate, but Deadshot is still with the Squad and not exiled.
Blackguard gets his head snapped off by the General, Windfall dies at the hands of a mind controlled Chemo,Twister gets killed by White Dragon, Cliff Carmichael gets shot to death by King Faraday, White Dragon gets burned to death by Plastique, and Marauder gets killed by an explosive boomerang from Captain Boomerang Jr.
As it turns out, George Harkness' addition to the Suicide Squad was orchestrated so as to give them a bargaining chip for getting out of the hideout alive with Dr. Deadshot realizes immediately that Harley will be hitting Police HQ next, and the squad rushes across the rooftops to find her. Taking the Joker's face from its case, Harley stretches it out, and hangs it over Deadshot's own.
She asks him to stay on, despite the fact that he is not required to stay, as per their arrangement. Harleen Quinzel in her character trophy in the same game was also seen with a similar recruitment form.
In addition to dealing with the Joker and his bomb plot, they also have to contend with Batman, who was himself trying to track down and disable the bomb. One of these was eventually the Suicide Squad, composed of Rick Flag Jr., Doctor Karin Grace, Jess Bright, and Doctor Hugh Evans. The main plot of the series has revolved around Rick Flag's return to active duty with the Squad.
The team is then attacked by a group of the infected, but they manage to successfully fight them off. Diablo also sees that in the news, Voltaic is already being blamed for the murder of all of the people in the stadium.
Behind a two-way mirror, one of Waller's men informs her that they did a headcount of the morgue, infirmary, and cell blocks. From a nearby rooftop, they watch as Harley surrenders to the police, having goaded them into arresting her and taking her inside the station - exactly where she wants to be. Savant remarks that he has already got enough of a target on his back with Deadshot than to make it worse by giving him orders.
Six months ago, the agent of Basilisk was briefed on the mission: commit a high-profile crime and get arrested. In the latter game, they were strongly implied to have instigated the Blackgate riot during the events of the game via Catwoman to scout out and recruit various criminals (mainly Bane).
The group battled for years but eventually were stranded in the Himalayas while searching for Shangri-La.
He is shown to have survived his apparent death in Bialya by being transported to the world of Skartaris along with his enemy Rustam. After a bit of fighting, they manage to find their way through to the target and they are surprised to discover that the target is pregnant. When they finally meet Mad Dog, they deal with him, but not before Black Spider is injured.

In exchange for letting the squad go, Waller will leave behind Captain Boomerang and also return Wong Fon Yay's body to Basilisk.
Two guards have gone missing, but she believes she knows where Quinn is headed: Gotham City. As he leaves, he assures Waller that as far as he is concerned, Suicide Squad does not exist. Then be sentenced to life in Belle Reve, where Amanda Waller would invite them to join Task Force X.
Plastique threatens to kill Atom Smasher by dropping an explosive disk down his throat, but drops the disk and it explodes in her face.
Only Rick and Karin returned from this mission and Karin was psychologically fractured and could no longer carry on in the team.
Surviving there he finally kills Rustam and finds his way back home where he ends up in a Quraci prison and is eventually rescued by the Squad. The newest member of the Six, Black Alice distracts the guards, while the rest of the team attempts to rescue a drug lord, due to commands from the Mockingbird.
After fighting that target, who is just as mindless as the rest of the infected, they take the baby from the womb, because it is revealed that the baby is immune to the infection and thus, the only thing that "is worth saving". Waller is going to put a new Squad together, and they will be tasked with hunting Harley Quinn down. She shouts angrily that she loved him, and uncomfortably, Deadshot responds that she should prove it. Then, when the time was right, the agent would kill every last member of the team for the glory of Basilisk. In the second episode, Deadshot has a hit on Cat Grant but Clark later finds out he is the real target. Voltaic is then shot by Deadshot, killing him instantly and left in the stadium to blame for the events that have trespassed. Harley offers to help, with the condition that none of them mention that she ever helped Black Spider. She should prove it by killing Robin, and Batgirl, and the rest of the Batman's distractions. However, they were later forced to directly intervene when Catwoman nearly talked about who hired her to break out Bane, and also had to return Bane to Blackgate under the pretense of catching Bane and sending him back in order to save face at the possibility of their being found out, although they still gave Catwoman her freedom and a clean record.
The first is that his former employer and nemesis General Wade Eiling is a captive of the Squad, having had his mind transferred into the body of the villain Shaggy Man. Unfortunately for the team, there isn't enough cover for extraction and so they have to escape and 'lay low' for some time. When they get to the evacuation drop, Black Spider gets medical attention, they have their bombs reset and two new members are added to the crew: Captain Boomerang and Yo-Yo.
However, as their chopper was departing, the Batsignal tracker was seen on their chopper, implying that Batman had anticipated they may have been behind the riot and was tracking them.
Their fight is put on hold by the Fiddler, who has commanded the deceased Suicide Squad members, and Yasemin to rise as Black Lantern's.
Deadshot reminds Waller of the bombs they have implanted within their heads, but Waller states that they still have 3 hours to live. They join together to fight the creatures, and Waller destroys the Lanterns with a detonated Manhunter robot. Eiling also reveals that he had planted a post-hypnotic suggestion in Flag's mind which makes him ultimately loyal to Eiling. She is seen recovering in a hospital, revealing a hint of information signifying that she could be the new Mockingbird. With the help of Cliff Carmichael, Eiling has been secretly co-opting other members of the Squad, with the intent of killing Waller and seizing control for himself.
The new squad consisted of Rick Flag, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang Jr., Plastique, Bronze Tiger, Count Vertigo, Multiplex, Cliff Carmichael, Marauder, Blackguard, Windfall, Twister, and the General.

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