The Buck 110 folding lockback Hunter is a classic, it has been around for over 40 years and still one of the best knives you will ever buy. It solidly locks in place for safety and comes with a full grain leather belt sheath or a Cordura sheath. This combo pack from Gerber includes the Bear Grylls Folding Survival Knife and Paracord Survival Bracelet. In the past, I've used various mechanisms for the folding knives, including lock backs, pin locks, and non-locking blades. Folding knives are usually chosen for their convenience in the factory knife or low end knife market.
This is an excellent everyday carry (EDC) knife characterized by its compact size, light weight and perfect fit in pocket. A knife is one of the more important pieces of equipment you can have with you in a survival situation, and although a fixed blade knife is significantly superior to a folding (pocket) knife, it is not always practical to have the fixed blade with you.
In my opinion, the Benchmade Griptilian design is one of the best designs, if not the best, for an EDC (Every Day Carry) survival folding knife.
So finding out that Ganzo makes a line of knives with Axis locks, at a price which will not freak me out if one gets lost, was an attention getter. The jimping on the G720 is on a small thumb ramp, and is equal to that on the Griptilian but not as good as the even more expensive RSK. The edges of the G717 spine are quite smooth and rounded, so they will not be of use for survival purposes, but might be useful for smoothing something onto a surface. The lanyard hole on the G720 is pretty good; the one on the G717 is just barely big enough for paracord and there is no filler between the liners which makes it a bit tricky to navigate. There are two questions to be answered – how are these as EDC knives, and how would they serve as survival knives? An amazing file work on the spine, camel bone on handle and zebra stripe patterns on blade give it an exceptional look. The deciding factor is the Axis lock, which makes the knife extraordinarily easy to open AND CLOSE with one hand, and unlike many one hand systems, works equally well with EITHER hand. They are fairly heavy, which bodes well for their durability, but might be a bit much for EDC for some folks. The G720 has more of a recess for your forefinger than that of the G717, but both of them are completely slip resistant with the hand dry, wet or oily.

Make sure your paracord tip is nicely melted, no bigger than the cord itself, and long enough to bridge the gap, in order to maximize your chances of getting the cord through both sides. With truly one-hand size adjustability and a custom made survival whistle, the Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet is the most functional accessory you can put around your wrist. Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction by any means and imposes fines up to $25,000 for each violation.
On the performance side, the blade retains edge for long and the edge does not chip away due to carbon contents in the steel. Having a good pocket knife is also of use if you have a large (field) fixed blade knife to perform tasks which are inconvenient for a long bladed knife. I have a Griptilian, and even better, a Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 which is a Griptilian handle with a better blade.
They are heavier than the Griptilian; for me, this is not a factor, as they are in the same weight class as the last two knives I carried every day in place of my more expensive Benchmade knives.
The blades are centered in the grips, and lock up well with no movement side-to-side or up-and-down.
Both have clips for tip-up carry, which can be moved to the other side for a left hand carry. The edges of the lanyard holes are not rounded, so check your lanyard for wear every now and again.
The handle uses a textured rubber grip with that is great for use in dry or wet conditions. As mentioned in the general folding knife articles, there are a number of suitable candidates from well known companies.
Usually, I would have been tempted by the larger version, but unlike the other three, it did not list which steel was used for it and the significantly lower price for a bigger knife hints that it might be a lesser steel. The holes are through the grip scales, so it might be practical to chamfer the edges if it is necessary. A sheath is included with the knife, and in the sheath is Bear's Priorities of Survival pocket guide. Ganzo (or Guanzhu) Hardware started in China in the mid 90’s to create multi-tools, knives and kitchen utensils. Call me anal, but I like to know what I am getting, and if my life will depend on it, all else being equal, I prefer high grade steel over low or medium grade steel.

The one on the G717 is in a depression in the side of the grip, so some of the knife sticks up above the pocket; it is held on with a Torx bolt, so should be easy to switch if you have the right Torx bit or driver. Usually not, because I have a history of losing pocket things, especially pens, but on occasion a flashlight or pocket knife.
Allegedly they will custom make stuff, but how that is requested is not clear (to an English speaker, at least) on the website.
The stud is right next to the side of the grip on the G717, which means it take a bit more precision to find it; there is a scallop in the grip scales which helps. The aggressiveness of the grip panel ridges makes it somewhat harder to clip on or draw the G717. They are advertised as a high-end brand and designated manufacturer to the American Special Forces. The Ganzo version of this lock is somewhat stiffer than the Benchmade ones I have, but still easy to close on the G720. The clip on the G720 is a better shape, and the grip panels have less aggressive grooves, so is easy to clip on to the pocket and draw it.
The G717 is not any stiffer than the G720, but the activating stud does not stick slightly above the grip scales as it does on the G720, so again, this knife requires a bit more concentration to close than does the G720. I find it is easiest to close if I pull the activating stud with the thumb on one side and middle finger on the other, leaving the forefinger to nudge the back of the blade. Apparently, there is a slight ramp or bend from one side to the other, so if you move the clip into the left carry position, it sticks down at an angle rather than straight down the middle of the grip.
Both of these knives are totally ambidextrous in operation, like the Benchmades which I like so much, largely for that very reason. Bending it one way and then back the other way will weaken or break it, so don’t plan on switching back and forth between left hand and right hand carry.

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