One of my personal favorite American made survival knives happens to be the ESEE-4 that comes with a removable Micarta handle slab and also features a Kydex sheath with MOLLE locks. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the gray handle is a removable Micarta slab and this brings the overall knife weight to be just over 7 oz.
With a black RC-4 fixed blade (read my post on full tang benefits), the ESEE-4 survival knife comes in two variants – one having a plain edge while the other features a partly serrated edge (personally I prefer the plain edge).
The sheath itself is made of Kydex material and comes with a rawhide cord that ideally should be threaded by the user so make sure to do that once you purchase this knife. If you’ve been following my posts closely, you’ll notice I’m biased towards full tang knives and that’s one of the reasons why I bought the ESEE-4 in the first place because it’s a fixed blade survival knife. Some of you might find the cost to be on the higher side but with an average price tag of $125.00, I think this is one of the best bush-craft knives in the market at the moment. Overall, the ESEE-4 knife is a good buy and even though it’s not the most perfect knife in the world, its a pretty damn good one!
This post is dedicated to all the hunters out there and who agree with me that a skinning knife is an essential tool to have along with you in the wilderness. Just to give you an example, skinning knives come in a variety of styles such as ones with changeable blades to ones where the cost of the handle is more than the blade itself!
That’s why I decided to write this detailed and ultimate skinning knives review style post that will help you make a better informed decision.
First up on this list of the best skinning knife is the Lone Wolf Mountainside Skinner and I do agree with the experts who say this knife is by far the most technologically advanced tool ever built for skinning.  Not only does it have a unique shape that you’ll not find in any other knife, the precision quality on this skinning knife is unmatched in my experience. Comfortable to hold and use, the Lone Wolf Mountainside Skinner has a sleek, stylish look with steel blades that are designed to be corrosion resistant and ones that will stay sharp for a long time despite repeated usage. 2nd up on this list of the best recommended skinning knives is another monster knife called the Havalon Baracuta Blaze (unofficially called the king of skinning knives). One of the big advantages that I personally found with this knife is that it opens up completely from the back and helps in easy cleaning. Moving on with this list and I give you the beautiful and stunning Piranta Whitetail knife. Not only is it incredibly light-weight (weighing approximately 2.2 ounces) but the Piranta Whitetail has very strong surgical blades while the handle itself is made of an aluminum alloy that allows for easy gripping. One tip that I’ll give you from personal experience is that you should always carry a lot of spare blades while doing big skinning jobs and the advantage of using this knife is that it comes with a dozen blades for easy changing. And finally completing my list of the top skinning knives is the stylish Charles Sauer Skinning Knife by Meyerco that features the impressive G-10 handle.
Although it doesn’t have changeable blades but rest assured, you’ll be able to skin big game without feeling the need to sharpening the knife.

This knife is not only designed by a tactical knife expert, it is also designed for those who are looking for something that is easy to use, and is going to be efficient, no matter what situation they are put up against or are presented with. The fully tanged 4 in blade has no hand guard, and it has a Scandinavian style grind, for ease of use, and for a simple grip when you are doing any type of work with the knife. The sheath is included for you to protect and carry the knife around, and it is made of durable leather material, so it is going to last, no matter where it is that you are using the knife.
The durable steel finish is going to remain sharp, and it is going to remain intact over time, regardless of how much, or the type of use you have planned for the knife that you are going to buy. A 3.9 in cutting edge provides a larger surface for slicing, and an O- 1 steel blade, at 4 in, is going to be able to cut through the toughest materials, with the slightest of ease. Warranties against defects in materials or the workmanship is also included with your Spyderco Bushcraft knife, so you do not have to pay a high price for a replacement or for minor defects, if they are found when you purchase the knife, or a short time after you begin to use it.
A one hand opening mechanism is a design feature that this manufacturer has created, and the serrated knife edge makes it easy to use, on any material, and for cutting any surface or material.
A clip to attach the knife to your pocket is also an added design feature that has been added, making the knife easy to store away and conceal, but also easy to grab and remove when it is necessary. Ergonomic and functional design make the knife an easy to use device, and one that can be used in any setting with the slightest of ease.
Q- FOG development has also been enforced by the Spyderco Bushcraft manufacturer, so you do not have to worry about the knife rusting over, after some time, whether you are using it on wet or dry materials, and no matter where you choose to store it, the design feature will protect the knife and the blade over time. Slicing or chopping game is going to be a cinch with this knife, and the great design features that have been included.
I’ll try and do justice with this ESEE-4 survival knife review by recounting my personal experiences so that other survival knife enthusiasts can learn from it as well. The ESEE-4 cuts through a lot of materials very easily mainly because it’s made of tough 1095 high carbon 57 RC steel and the experts reading this know high good a material that is! For those of you who love a good sheath along with your knife, you’ll be pleased to know that this one has an additional MOLLE attachment while the sheath itself is held together by adjustable screws. While the weight of the knife is just over 7 oz, the overall weight including that of the sheath is close to 13 oz which is quite decent for a bush-craft knife.
All in all, I was very satisfied with this wilderness survival knife and have used it for various activities such as hunting and fishing. I also like the fact that this is covered by a lifetime warranty so if you somehow manage to break your knife accidentally, don’t fret because ESEE will send you a new one straight away. Not only is it easy to sharpen and maintain but its also an extremely rugged knife that holds its edge for a long time. Although there are a lot of skinning knives out there in the market, finding the perfect skinning knife can be a bit of a challenge thanks to the numerous styles, the cost factor and the performance factor.

The choice of a skinning knife again changes depending on whether you need to skin a deer or a rabbit or perhaps an even bigger animal. Listed below are my picks for the best skinning knives and these will help you in your hunting needs or even your basic survival need. A lot of fellow hunters have also used and approved this knife so rest assured, this should be your first pick.
The Baracuta Blaze features the highest quality Japanese stainless steel blades and has an overall weight of just 3 ounces. This easily graspable material is thick enough to provide a good grip but does not add to the weight of the knife. Also, it has thumb studs that work accommodate both left handed and right handed hunters and also comes with a removable pocket clip.
Don’t be confused with its good looks; this pocket monster is incredibly tough and one dangerous knife that can handle any type of skinning thanks to its rugged blades.
Thanks to the holster that it comes with, you won’t have any problem carrying this beauty around.
Since it comes with stainless steel blades, the Charles Sauer knife is corrosion resistant and offers great precision while skinning deer or rabbit. No matter what you are slicing or dicing, with the Spyderco Bushcraft knife you are going to find it is quite simple to use, light in weight, and easy to carry around or store in any location. Not only is it tough and sharp, I find it to be the perfect length (overall knife length is 9 inches while the blade length is 4.5 inches) and extremely comfortable to use. And although the blade is coated, you just need to be a little careful to prevent it from rusting. I don’t know exactly why they didn’t use rivets but one senior camping guide told me this helped on getting a better grip. So if you’re looking to skin the largest buck that you’ve ever seen, make sure you have this knife in your collection. Another great part about this knife is that it’s extremely affordable and is a great value for money skinning knife. What I personally do is that I lubricate the blade with dry film rust and corrosion oil every 5-6 months which helps to keep the ESEE-4 in perfect condition. If you go to Amazon and read some customer reviews, you’ll notice people complaining of rusting but if you try the little trick above, you won’t be disappointed!

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