While many bushcraft experts swear by their expensive survival knives or hatchets, a significant number opt for tools that straddle the divide. Machetes inhabit that space, and for evidence of their popularity, one only needs to look to their proliferation among the native populations of rain forest regions. This classic machete design, at 18 inches long, is produced by Ontario, the same company behind the KA-BAR knife of USMC issue. The Indonesian design of this Condor machete allows greater power while chopping thanks to the modified handle and weighted tip. Endorsed by our old friend Bear Grylls, who also had a hand in the design, the Parang Machete from Gerber is constructed to their usual high standard, blending the features of the Golok, Military and Kukri machetes.
The classic Nepalese kukri design, famously carried by the Gurkhas, makes a wicked-looking machete with impressive chopping power. An 18-inch blade with a 15-inch saw on the back edge makes the reasonably priced Gerber Gator a very handy camp tool to have around.
For a bit more heft in your swing, this Beaver Tail Machete from renowned blade company Condor has a dramatically widened blade to focus the weight behind the cutting edge. XTR series with trailing A-arm coil spring suspension, 3500lb axles, Fox Racing shocks, beautiful hardwood cabinetry, two locking cabin doors with deadbolts, 5" mattress, exo skeletal frame and fender support and protection, receiver tongue. Moby1 Expedition Trailers, We build THE best teardrops in the world for THE best and most adventurous customers in the world!Shown with optional equipment.

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They’ve been supplying the US military with machetes for over 60 years, so this is pretty much the industry standard. The blade is coated with black oxide to prevent corrosion, and features a hand loop on the tactile rubber handle. Hill People Gear has instructions for a really slick little backpacking stove on their website. They must protect themselves from hazardous weather conditions that could force them into precarious positions, such as on icy mountain tops or in raging rivers. A forest fire could force someone to travel through rocky areas with treacherous trees and shrubs.
Backpacks and holsters should resist damage from rain and resist being ripped by sharp tree branches. The cloth is usually treated for water resistance and quickly dries, which helps to remove the weight of any water from the load.Most bug out gear is designed to accommodate three days of travel. There are usually compression straps that allow the load to be safely secured inside the pouches or backpacks.

Someone could be injured by gear that rolls around, such as a tiny compass or a bulky weapon. Skin abrasions and blisters could be caused by loose gear, which is like a grinding tool that repeatedly strikes the same spot.
Tactical gear is designed to handle rugged conditions and to protect stored items with insulation or closed-cell foam padding.A soldier may have only 30 seconds to grab a backpack and leave an area before the enemy strikes with deadly force. Any equipment that is left behind could force that soldier into a life-threatening situation.
When a disaster strikes, there is usually no way for someone to know when the threat will stop.When a disaster strikes, there may not be enough time to prepare for a quick evacuation. Everyone should have a plan about the necessary actions and equipment that will used in the event of a fire or flood. Military personnel and members of emergency crews are trained to evacuate areas, while also ensuring for future survival.

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