This Canadian blew onto the music scene with Sk8terboy and since been married, divorced, put out another album and is now dating reality tv star Brody Jenner. This Swedish born actress has appeared in several films but had her breakthrough romantic comedy role as Silk in the Scifi hit, Watchmen.
97% OF OUR READERS ALSO READ THIS ARTICLE: 12 Amazingly Sexist CommercialsJennifer Love Hewitt is probably most-known for her breakout role on the 90s FOX series, Party of 5. This New Zealand born actress, starred as Xena: Warrior Princess for 6 seasons as well as an appearance on Battlestar Galactica. Anna Kournikova was one of the best tennis players in the world in her prime, but her looks always overshadowed her game. We should preface this by saying that we are both huge, huge fans of Richelle Mead’s books.
Another reason why I like Rose in the books is that she is so unapologetic about being sure of her sexual attractiveness and she knows how to turn that to her advantage.
Kate: It felt like they tried to shoehorn in an extra Rose-centered love triangle, too, and it really annoyed me because in the movie, Mason kind of seems like a better choice for Rose than Dimitri does.
Frostbite is also one of my favorite books in the series, partly because of that thrilling but awful scene towards the end when Rose makes a grave mistake with devastating results. Recast the principle actors. Danila Kozlovsky is attractive, but visually he overpowers Zoey Deutch so much that with the additional age difference, it made us very uncomfortable to watch. Supporting cast-wise, Joely Richardson did a great job, but the Queen Tatiana scenes almost felt like they belonged in a different movie.
And as a general comment, we’ve been saying for years that in order for book-to-film adaptations to have a shot at becoming successful, they must expand beyond the existing fan base and cross over to a wider audience. The best parts about the film were mostly the ones where they kept lines from the book and didn’t speed them up or toss them away.
Such a bad adaptation overall, that gave a tottaly wrong taste and view about the story itself to whoever hadn’t read any of the books. I feel like you guys should re-release it because you would do a 10x better job than what it is now. If somebody else makes a second movie, I do hope they’ll rethink the casting choices and make it more serious. There are rumors about crowd-funding for FROSTBITE, but I don’t know how successful that would be. Oh man, when you say “raw, forbidden passion,” I wanna read that love charm scene in the book again!
I come from Indonesia and i’ve read the whole VA novel series and i love them so much. For me, the novels have perfect love drama part from twillight, a mysterious and adventure part from harry potter, and the story really touched my heart.
I would have watched this movie to support the books and Richelle Mead, but I’ve heard so many terrible things about it that I changed my mind. She likely would have just gotten flat fees (and maybe a bit more if it performed really well), so the support really would just be sending a message to studios when the movie first came out. You had to jump all the way up to Playboy and the like to see hot women in a magazine geared for men until Maxim proved there was a market for girls that were only mostly naked. Izzie Stevens on the ABC hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy but has since turned herself into a movie star. Wendy and Kate saw it on Friday, and we thought it’d be interesting to discuss our feelings about it.
I couldn’t have imagined this level of fail, we were both literally cringing at some of the scenes.
I felt so bad and tried not to make noise throughout the movie, but I couldn’t help it.
The whole thing where the vampire world knows nothing about pop culture or the wider world didn’t translate, and it was all conveyed with tedious expository language. There is so much heated sexual tension between the two characters in the books that seeing the hesitant, jokey flirting onscreen was pretty painful. Darling to these things as a test of whether an adaptation makes sense to the uninitiated (I know, he deserved and got a huge apology for this one), and he was confused throughout the whole movie. So many people criticize her, but she is so strong and grows so much throughout the books, and is willing to admit to her mistakes and learn from them.
Girls DO this, and it’s great that Richelle Mead is honest about this portrayal of a girl exploring her boundaries and relationships.

Tina Fey should have written this script, I think that would have solved half the problems I had with the film. We get it, there’s a lot of mythology and characters to cover when it comes to paranormal stories.
This film makes you realize that whatever faults the Twilight movies had, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg did a great job in adapting those books, both in terms of explaining the world to us and in showing us everyone’s motivations and feelings. Among the many things that sorely needed more dollars invested in them were the awful special effects and laughable wardrobe. They can’t rely on readers alone to fill those seats, this is a symbiotic relationship, not a parasitic one. It’s also pretty tiresome that this onus is constantly upon YA book fans to do more more more on behalf of authors and their projects. The Fault in Our Stars looks like it has potential to get that Nicholas Sparks type audience to become a sleeper hit, plus there’s all that John Green power and a major studio behind it, too. VA is one of the best YA series out there, and sadly, this film just didn’t do justice to the characters or story. We love you, Weinstein Company, but we didn’t love what you did with this awesome series.
I hope that people who watched the movie without first having read the book, give it now a try and have their mind changed about what Vampire Academy is. I totally agree that VA is about much, much more than comedy–and they didn’t even get the comedy right!
Some people do seem to like Zoey and Danila, but I dunno–they never inhabited these characters for me the way they should have.
Here, almost all of my friends never read these novels and i kept promoting how great these novel and we must watch the movie. The movie looks like a student college who presenting a project paper without doing research and just copy paste any data from google quickly, not understandable, overlapping,messed up. It’s terrible that this is the impression that people have of Vampire Academy, when readers know that the books are phenomenal.
The trailer made the movie look incredibly cheap and cliche, which saddens me because VA is so much better than that! I looked over at you a few times and saw you crouched down trying to hide from the horror onscreen just like I was! I knew the movie was going to be problematic about halfway through the first scene because they were pushing for big laughs with overly quirky expository dialogue that didn’t suit the actors, when what they needed to do was set up the deep, gorgeous friendship (between Rose and Lissa) that is the real heart of this series, and make us SMILE at their interactions.
And I agree, if the focus is going to be on the girls, show us the friendship in a real and meaningful way. The Mortal Instruments has a much more complicated mythology, and he was able to follow City of Bones just fine. The slut-shaming was poorly handled in the film too, so including the Lissa-feeding-off-Rose stigma was really weird. And the way slut shaming is handled in the book is amazing–Richelle Mead is SO GOOD at writing that thing teenage boys do where they make out with you and then tell everyone you went down on them or whatever.
It’s just sad that a character we love so much was diminished with such typical, predictable moves and a childish attitude.
The pacing was frantic and sloppy, and as a result the explanations, the humor, the romance, the friendships, the school drama, etc all flashed by like we’d accidentally set the movie on fast-forward. But jamming so much information and so many side plots into this movie meant that everyone was talking absurdly fast and we were jerked from scene to scene like we were on an amusement park ride. Zoey also seems like a matter of taste; some people seem to respond to the smart-mouthed style of delivery, but it never quite flows naturally. It got pretty distracting and annoying and loud, and so often seemed to fade in and out without purpose. We were worried when we first saw the team chosen to develop this project, because as much as we love Mean Girls (and it really is one of one of our favorite movies of all time), it seemed as though going that direction could be too different from the extremely dark and serious tone of the last few books.
We spend massive amounts of time and our own dollars to support projects we love (did you notice we went on opening day?
Because friends, books and films like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight are massive, lightning-in-a-bottle projects, none of the other YA bestsellers that have been made into films or optioned come even close. Which is somewhat surprising, considering The Weinstein Company’s history of strong literary-type projects and difficult subjects. He does look pretty hot in some of his IMDB photos, I don’t know where THAT guy was in this movie.

I feel really sad, it was really far from my expectation.And my friend who watched VA movie with me felt asleep beside me.
The covers have always been one of the best parts when it comes to Maxim, and we’ve assembled here a list of the 50 hottest Maxim cover girls of all time.
The film just basically took the most obvious plot points and ignored any sense of depth or subtlety, and both the story and the characters suffered. And I don’t think Zoey Deutch is a bad actress (and boy, does she ever have an amazing head of hair), but she may not be quite ready to carry a movie.
But in the film, she just comes off as a brat, and yes, just like a superficial mean girl without any chops to back up her attitude. Everything felt like a loud, overly-exaggerated caricature, and the tone was totally campy and bubblegum. And the villain didn’t seem threatening, he seemed eccentric and in a hurry to get to a shuffleboard tournament or something.
Dimitri’s famed duster was unappealing (good call, Jen) and needed at least another $500 invested on that price tag. And it makes us wonder whether this was ever seriously considered as a long term project to begin with.
Eh?) but it is pretty outrageous to take the position that expressing disappointment or criticism is a shameful thing, or that we’re the ones preventing more films from being optioned. Do your homework and don’t be fooled by uninformed internet speculation about why one project succeeds or fails, or even by what defines success.
I wanna cry because they ruined whatever I imagined and pictured from the book (Now I have to think about Dimitri as this actor and it makes me wanna puke!). Such a disappointment that it hurts my heart just to think that Richelle let this happen to her beautiful series! And it shouldn’t have been, because this property has all the right ingredients for a fantastic film or TV series. And the gorgeous, wealthy daughter of famous people is maybe not the best choice, casting-wise, for this type of character. This girl is supposed to kick serious ass both physically and mentally, and this first book is where she starts developing her potential, as well as understanding what she must sacrifice in order to follow the path she’s chosen.
Even if it weren’t completely off from the mood of the books, the frenetic quality was pretty tiresome, and it made it hard to keep up with what was going on. If you can’t spend a decent enough time on developing these elements, or they slow down the narrative too much, just skip them.
The film failed to adequately capture the vibe of a lot of important scenes (including what should have been seriously sexy love charm scene), and it completely lacks any of the book’s more serious narration. Those two casting choices were our main issues, but to be fair, the directing and editing made it very difficult for anyone to really showcase their characters properly.
But maybe there was an issue with partnerships or something, because we definitely noticed that random dig at Hot Topic.
I had major doubts about the VA movie when I first saw the trailer, but this movie flattened out possibly harder than Beautiful Creatures did. If we accept books and films of poor quality as the norm, we’re just going to continue to get more of them. While they are all good actors, they didn’t step into the shoes of each character for me. They dressed that girl like she had a terrible skin condition they were trying to hide, and her clothes made her look emaciated. I would be fine with his appearance, and everything if he had charisma, and that’s where he was seriously lacking. They raw, forbidden passion that Rose and Dimitri have in the series didn’t show at all in the film. It was just another boy meets girl and they seem to spend a few days together and automatically fall in love feel.

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