A tradition pub in the heart of the city of Edinburgh with a good selection of beers and a friendly atmosphere. Bernard the Beer Boffin is our 'all knowing' landlord, whose passion is showing you to the best real ale pubs serving great beers that you love. Located in Camden Town, with a magnificent centre bar with plenty of space and seating area. Lavishly decorated with high chairs, booths lining the walls, comfy sofas, and chandeliers made from antlers, it’s an elaborately decorated pub. The copper sign outside on High Holborn street screams beer brewed in one of the oldest breweries. I came up with this mackerel tartare recipe by accident but it’s now a favourite on our menu.
The flavours and textures combined so well I decided to use the combination in this tartare – all very different and all quite bold, but they complement one other perfectly. About The AuthorTom Kitchin and Dominic JackIn March 2013, Tom Kitchin and close friend and fellow chef Dominic Jack opened The Scran & Scallie alongside the management team behind The Kitchin and Castle Terrace Restaurant.
The pub, which is located in Stockbridge Edinburgh, presents a warm, family-friendly atmosphere, and showcases menus developed by Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack of simple, affordable dishes executed to perfection, which demonstrate their expertise, passion and knowledge of the best suppliers in Scotland.
Some say that a vacation isn't complete without trying the local foods, and with culinary tourism stronger than ever, people are even more adventurous about braving unfamiliar dishes.
This fruit looks like a beautiful pinecone but once it's cracked open, you're guaranteed to gag.
Try it at: Durian are usually best when bought at markets or fruit stalls but if you want to indulge post-stink, head to Durian Mpire, a chain of shops that makes desserts and pastries like their signature durian puffs and crepes. Rattlesnakes may trigger goosebumps, but the Lone Star State has no qualms about this slithering reptile. Haggis goes as far back as Homer's Odyssey, but the Scots have officially claimed it as their own since 1787. Japan may be known for preparing the world's best sushi, but here's one fish they might want to leave in the ocean.
Try it at: Although puffer fish is found throughout Japan, the restaurant chain Zuboraya (in Osaka) is recognized that serves it best. Try it at: If you want the best of the best (and most caviar seekers do), head straight to Pujol, ranked as one of the top restaurants in the world.
The pub is full of character and is rooted in history where they still have signs of the marketplace that originally inhabited the building.

They have open mic nights to big name house DJs on the weekends; the pub brings in a lot of great acts.  I tried a cool cocktail called the Patron Espresso Martini and the place’s signature Bloody Mary, both did not disappoint!
It’s also absolutely delicious, especially at this time of year when it’s at its seasonal best. It can either be eaten raw, which gives you a lovely crunch, or steamed to soften the texture and flavour. But as much as you may love to try new delicacies, there are plenty of exotic specialties you may think twice about seeing on your plate.
In fact, don't be surprised to find rattlesnake on the dinner menu at various restaurants throughout the state. Made of sheep heart, lungs and liver, haggis is a traditional dish that's encased in the animal’s stomach and boiled for about 3 hours, then served with "neeps and tatties" (turnip and mashed potatoes).
The puffer fish (or "fugu") is so poisonous (100 times more potent than cyanide!) it can kill someone -- literally -- as the diner who gets a lethal dose of the toxins can quickly submit to asphyxiation.
After the ant egg hatches, it transforms into a pearly white larvae, destined to become a 6-legged ant hill-maker -- unless it's snatched up by innovative chefs at places like Restaurante Arroyo (the world’s largest restaurant seating 2,200 diners). Fancy a nutty, roasty, malty ruby real ale or a refreshing citrus, hoppy golden India Pale Ale? A lot of my club meetings at King’s College London were held in pubs.  It’s also a place to go to hang out with friends. The main bar is lined with dark wood alcoves, with old barrels over it and portraits from the 1870’s. I was challenged to try to make a meal from only a few ingredients we had to hand – mackerel, watercress and mooli – and I decided to make a fresh salad with it. Work up an appetite (or not) -- these scary foods are notorious for stinking, looking weird and even causing death! The snake is decapitated (the head contains the venom), drained of blood, marinated in sweet milk, coated in cornmeal, then deep-fried.
Toxins must be removed so carefully that chefs need to be specially trained, licensed and certified by the government. Most would say the texture is like risotto and the taste depends on the chef’s creation.
Download the FREE Perfect Pint App, and Bernard will show the beers you like, serving near you, right now. What I found the bet was the sufficiently spacious balcony lounge perched just above the inside bar.

It was actually the venue and live music that made me like this pub, with its modest setting. There is a variety of taps such as Alpine Lager, Pure Brewed Lager, and Old Brewery Bitter. Mackerel is an oily, firm-fleshed, meaty fish so it stands up well to strong summer fruits such as grapefruit or gooseberries. Depending on the size of the bat, the body is chopped up for stew or stir-fry (bones and all). The fruit is often described as sweet, somewhat almondy in taste, and dry, though "disgusting" is also a common description.
It's such a pastime that the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup has celebrated this fangless specialty since 1958. The transparent fish tastes mild and clean but considering it's one of the most dangerous foods in the world, we say stick with tuna. While "pudding" may throw you off, this sausage dish is still generally served at breakfast.
Under Bernard's guidance you will not be disappointed with the beers on offer when you visit the pub. They also have every type of spirit and draught stocked up behind the bar such as Tetley’s, Carling, Stella, The Loopy Lowenbrau etc.
Behind the bar, a stillage holds nine barrels of cask ale, less chilling then most beers served in pubs. It also holds its own against peppery flavours like watercress and mooli or other types of radish, because it’s slightly creamy and the combination balances the flavours well. Which is a shame, considering durian is high in vitamin C, B-complex and essential minerals.
This is a fantastic place for ale lovers and its fun to see a pub owned and managed independently. Try and avoid the immediate rush hour, as this place gets crowded in the after-work rush hours.

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