As you can see, the anatomy of the lats explains how a larger stretch can be felt on them if you allow your elbow to travel in front of and away from your body. Two years ago, Google's annual April Fool's joke was a Pokemon challenge integration with Google Maps. Also on Gizmodo10 Scientists Who Were Killed Or Injured By Their Own Experimentsprevnext of 1010 Scientists Who Were Killed Or Injured By Their Own ExperimentsMarie CurieMarie Curie, along with her husband Pierre discovered the radioactive element Radium, which ultimately led to her demise. If you are fond of “One Direction” music then you have probably noticed among them one of the group members with stunning hairstyles. Malik’s top is always noticeable but it looks even better when it’s given an exaggeration on the top. Hanke is the CEO of Niantic Labs, which developed Pokemon Go and was then still a part of Google. In 1898, she discovered the element and spent the subsequent years performing radiation research and studying radiation therapy.
That’s handsome Zayn Malik and you may not already know what other looks he has prepared for you. The sides are obviously mopped up together and combed forward and the front top is spiked up.
His pretty thick fringe is supported by the side and shapes a solid top which is made more gorgeous and capturing with the short white streak at the front. The sides drop downwards to cover the ears while the top is swept slightly aside and touching the eyebrows.
During this extensive periods of research, she exposed herself to excessive radiation and contracted leukemia, leading to her death in 1934.Galileo GalileiGalileo's name will be forever attached to the field of science for his relentless contribution to studying the outer space.
You are not alone who likes his hairstyles many other people do and they would definitely be glad to borrow a thing or two from this fashion icon.

In this picture Zayn has a close shave with a slightly longer top than the sides.  Blonde shade makes the buzz more distinguished.
His most important invention, the telescope, was what rendered him practically useless in his later years.
Here I have selected the best haircut styles of Zayn Malik that will catch your eye and you will definitely want to copy them. Soon after discovering the telescope, Galileo spent hours observing the sun, causing extreme damage to his retinas. This led to near blindness in the last four years of his life.Sir Humphry DavySir Humphrey Davy, was a phenomenal British chemist, but he had a particular inclination towards causing explosions. He also had the habit of inhaling the gases he dealt with, which along with the discovery of the anesthetic Nitrous Oxide, also caused numerous chemical poisonings. For the remaining two decades of his life, he was rendered invalid due to the frequent poisonings, and during this time, he also managed to damage his eyes permanently in a nitrogen trichloride explosion.Michael FaradayMichael Faraday joined as an apprentice of Sir Humphry Davy after he lost his eyes and went on to make important discoveries in the electro-magnetic realm of science. But just like his employer, Faraday too suffered eye damage in a nitrogen chloride explosion and had to spend the remainder of his life suffering from chronic chemical poisoning.Jesse William LazearJesse William Lazear was an American physicist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital where he studies malaria and yellow fever. Because of his experience with mosquitoes, he was using mosquito larvae infected with yellow fever, when he deliberately allowed an infected mosquito to bite him, all in the name of science.
He contracted the disease soon after and died seventeen days later.Alexander BogdanovAlexander Bogdanov was a lot of things- physician, philosopher, economist, science fiction writer and a revolutionary, but one thing he wasn't was being careful.
In 1924, the russian scientist started to experiment with blood tranfusions, in the hopes of achieving eternal youth. After 11 tranfusions on himself, Bogdanov declared he had ceased his balding and improved his eyesight. But in 1928, Bogdanov took a transfusion which proved to be fatal for him, as the blood was infected with malaria and tubercolosis.

As a result, he died shortly after.Jean-Francois De RozierA teacher of Physics and chemistry, Jean-Francois was highly inspired for human flight after witnessing the world's first balloon flight. He assisted in untethered flights of a sheep, chicken and a duck and then proceeded to experience the feeling of flight himself.
He became the first man on a free flight on a baloon and travelled at an altitude of 3,000 feet using a hot air balloon. He then decided to fly over the English Channel from France to England, but after reaching 1,500 feet in a combined hot air and gas balloon, the balloon deflated and he fell to his death.Sabin Arnold von SochockySabin Arnold Von Sochoky was the brains behind the invention of the first radium-based luminescent paint.
However, he succumbed to his own invention when he contracted aplastic anemia resulting from the exposure to radioactive radium.Max ValierMax Valier was a pioneer in the field of liquid-fulled rocket engines. He too was a victim of his own invention when the alcohol-fuelled rocket he built exploded on his test bench in Berlin, instantly taking his life.Franz ReicheltFranz Reichelt, referred to as the flying tailor, was a tailor with a passion for flying, back in the 1800s.
He had become fixated on developing a suit for aviators that would convert into a parachute and help them survive the fall. His initial experiments with dummies dropped from the fifth floor of his apartment were successful.
However, when he wanted to test the suit on himself from a greater height, he jumped from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower, straight to his death.

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