December 11, 2013 by Kenna GriffinMy goal to read 100 books in 2013 is in the books (pun intended)!
I’ve read six books so far this month, making my goal with a few to spare and far ahead of my deadline. Regardless of reaching my goal, I have decided to continue reading at my current pace until Jan. Prof KRG aims to create an ongoing educational dialogue among media professionals, students and educators. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! Long Description:In was in this house on the night of May 2, 1981, that the murder of Danny Hansford took place, a murder made famous in John Berendt's best-selling non-fiction novel and subsequent movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".
Visit Instructions:To post a visit log for waymarks in this category, you must have personally visited the waymark location. In its seventh year, the Marlborough LitFest (30 September – 2 October) aims to bring the best of writing, both new and established, to the town of Marlborough and this year focuses on the power of books for social good and the transforming effect of reading. The line-up includes one of Britain’s best-loved authors, Michael Morpurgo, author and historian Tom Holland and bestselling international crime writer, Peter James as well as 2016’s Golding Speaker, American author Lionel Shriver. Keen gardeners can hear about Anna Pavord’s part memoir, part history book on landscape; nature lovers will flock to Simon Cooper’s talk on a lyrical year in the life the quintessentially English chalkstream whilst food lovers can share in Elisabeth Luard’s new food and travel memoir with anecdotes and recipes gathered from her global travels. Light relief will be provided by the comedy writers and brains behind the popular new Ladybird books for adults Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris which focus on modern phenomena from hipsters to mindfulness whilst retaining the original 1960s Ladybird artwork.
The emphasis on books for good will be provided by Dr Simon McKeown discussing Rare Books at Marlborough College, Christopher Gange talking book valuations and Ella Berthoud discussing the benefits of bibliotherapy – the curative powers of the novel for ‘life’s ailments’. Poetry-lovers both published and amateur can join in the annual open mic Poetry in the Pub event, whilst acclaimed poet, Sarah Howe, will close the LitFest on 2 October at Marlborough College. The LitFest recommended summer read for local book groups is I Can’t Begin to Tell You by Elizabeth Buchan, who is the annual Big Town Read author for 2016. The children’s programme features children’s author Abi Elphinstone talking about her novels in workshops with local primary school children at the Town Hall, and a talk by for younger readers by acclaimed children’s author and illustrator duo, Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. Shakespeare fans will not be disappointed by Marlborough LitFest’s celebration of the 400th anniversary of the death of the bard with one of Britain’s foremost Shakespearean actors, Simon Russell Beale, appearing at the festival on 2 October. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with all the latest news, opportunities, events and features.
Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with all the latest news, events and features.
Despite being a well-known journalist, gossip columnist, crime reporter, actress and a screenwriter, she was probably best known for being a panellist on the popular television game show, What’s My Line? And yet she died, aged only fifty two, of a fatal mixture of drugs and alcohol, hardly commensurate with her television persona. For example, she was the first journalist to reveal that there was any personal relationship between Marilyn and the Kennedys — just a few days before the actress was found dead.
When JFK, a man who Dorothy had met and admired, was assassinated she immediately began to investigate. In her last published reference to the assassination, she questioned the validity of the photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald posing with guns. On the evening before Dorothy’s strange death, her hairdresser, Marc Sinclaire, went to her home as usual to coif her for the show. Fellow panellist Arlene Francis also remarked later that it was the first time in all the years they had appeared on the series together that Dorothy had not kissed her when saying goodbye after the show. The next day, on the morning of December 8th, 1965, hairdresser Marc Sinclaire let himself into Dorothy’s home in order to do her hair.
Unusually, she was fully dressed, her hair was in place and so was her make-up, even to the extent of her wearing false eyelashes.
The manuscript and notes for her book about the assassination of John Kennedy were not found.

Jackie Jackson, also known online as BritFlorida, is a highly experienced designer and writer. See the products our writers recommend, read opinion and views, learn how to enhance your lifestyle and plenty more. The editors and writers of this online magazine receive commissions when you purchase any of the lovely items we feature on this site. We use cookies to improve your experience in using our website and for the promotion and advertising of audiobooks. For more information, see privacy policy, which is part of the terms and conditions of Audioteka site.. Books that I read for class (Blog, Inc., for example) or research (Secondary Traumatic Stress, for example) took longer to finish. I’m absolutely going to continue being intentional about make time for all types of reading.
I promise that I only recommend products or services I use personally and think will provide you value. Or set a limit on how many can count toward your total? I just discovered your blog and this challenge, and I think I'm going to take it up as a challenge to myself in 2014. You could focus on a genre to make it more challenging or leave out academic books (read more of your "trash" novels that you love).
I teach classes including those on writing, reporting, media law, media ethics, social media marketing, and public relations. Designed with utmost creative flair this premade book cover for fantasy books available only on eBook cover version.
Designed with utmost creative flair this premade book cover for fantasy books available only on eBook cover version. Charged in the murder was Hansford's employer, Jim Williams, noted Savannah antiques dealer and restorer of historic homes.
When logging your visit, please provide a note describing your visit experience, along with any additional information about the waymark or the surrounding area that you think others may find interesting.
The 2016 programme offers over 25 events during the festival weekend, featuring fiction and non-fiction, poetry, children’s events, the annual Big Town Read as well as a celebration of Shakespeare. Other authors include Jessie Burton on her follow up to her bestselling debut novel, The Miniaturist, plus a new spy thriller from ex-BBC Radio 4 Today programme presenter Jim Naughtie as well as an explosive new biography on Tony Blair by investigative author Tom Bower. Free story-telling sessions will take place at Marlborough Library and the White Horse Bookshop for the under 5’s. Marlborough LitFest is also holding a Sonnet writing competition with ?100 prizes for both categories of Adults and Under 19s.
In her show business column she had no hesitation in exposing the antics of celebrities, thinly veiling their true identities. Using her contacts within the Dallas police department, she had access to reports and files. She informed them that she would never reveal its source, saying that she would rather die than do so. He went to the dressing room where she was usually waiting for him but she wasn’t there. British born and now living in the USA, she specialises in lifestyle issues, design and quirky stories.
This magazine brings you daily articles to enhance your lifestyle and - we hope - give you a chuckle too.
If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can block them at any time using your browser settings. Unfortunately, since I do most of this type of reading before I go to sleep, this means a lot of late nights fighting to stay awake so I can read what happens next. I’m not exactly sure how to find the balance when there are only so many hours in the day.

Design of the book cover illustrates a magical door and a wildest fantasy world locked behind it awaiting to be discovered by the readers of the story. Design of the book cover illustrates a magical door and a wildest fantasy world locked behind it awaiting to be discovered by the readers of the story. We especially encourage you to include any pictures that you took during your visit to the waymark. Back for another year is the Big School Read with author Sally Nicholls talking about writing to local secondary school pupils hosted at St John’s Academy in Marlborough; St John’s sixth-formers will repeat their successful 2015 Panel Debate (last year focusing on library closures and gender representation in literature). She was openly critical about court verdicts, political motives and politicians themselves. Her biggest scoop came when she acquired early access to the Warren Commission report showing the testimony of Jack Ruby, the killer of JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Her performance on the show that evening was as usual, but she seemed nervous – unusual for someone who had been on the programme for so long. He moved into the adjacent bedroom- where Dorothy never slept (her bedroom was on another floor) and to his surprise found her in the bed there. I also probably only read these during times when I was able to focus completely (aka: when it was quiet). Maybe that should be my challenge for next year—100 books without audiobooks.Thanks, Lauri, for taking the time to read and comment. I'm not sure I could remember how many of my 100 books were audiobooks, but I average a couple a month, so I would say at least 25. High contrast colors and clever use of depth of field make this eBook cover design more attractive. High contrast colors and clever use of depth of field make this eBook cover design more attractive. He is the only defendant in the state of Georgia to be tried four times for the same crime. It’s said that the FBI were interested in her activities and monitored her movements and, some say, tapped her phone. The air conditioner was cooling the bedroom even though it was December and the weather was cold. I'm now on my 26th book read in the traditional manner, so I'll be able to finish my goal, possibly with another to spare.I will do this again next year, but as you are planning, I am going to increase my number and count audio books as a specific percentage of my total.
Perhaps I should take that into account when I'm setting next year's goal.Thanks for reading and commenting.
Unfortunately, Williams was not able to enjoy his freedom for very long; he died unexpectedly in his home on January 14, 1990, aged 59, from pneumonia and heart failure, six months after the fourth and final trial.
However, even though I had no challenge, I also pushed through two books that were difficult.
I often get audio books for those I know I'd never actually sit down with yet still want to "read."Thanks again for introducing me to this challenge. The odd thing about his death is that he is reported to have fallen to the very spot where he would have lain had Danny shot him, as he claimed Danny meant to do. As the fast-growing economies of China and India push global demand for oil beyond production capacity, Americans will experience a permanent energy shortfall far worse than the one in the 1970s. He is buried next to his mother, Blanche Brooks Williams, in Ramah Church Cemetery, Gordon, Georgia.The Mercer-William Museum, located on the city's Monterey Square, is a frequent stop for tourists seeking to revisit this and other scenes depicted in the movie and book. The result will be severe financial hardship for most people, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for investors to become incredibly rich.

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