Yesterday, DC Comics released their full list of solicitations for the month of April, 2014. This book is a memoir that focuses mostly on her youth, starting with her memories as a young child in Hawaii, through moving to New York City for graduate school. Her writing about accepting who she is, and especially about what it means to be a ‘real’ woman, made a strong impression on me. In September 2011, I eagerly picked up Batman: Detective Comics #1 because the cover featured the Joker with a fully in tact face. What could be more spine-tingling than the image of the Joker smiling and emerging from a pile of baby doll heads? Leading up to the defacing, the comic had some pretty decent Joker moments, particularly when the villain created an explosive mannequin of himself to throw the Gotham Police off his trail. The issue ends with the Dollmaker meeting the Joker in his cell in Arkham Asylum where he cuts the Joker’s face off. When her teammate, Deadshot, catches up with her, she knocks him out and ties him to a chair. In Scott Snyder’s Death of the Family story arc in Batman, the Joker returns for his face, which he wears as a stretchy mask, held in place by hooks and strings.
There was one moment when I thought they made good use of the Joker’s detachable face. By the end of the arc, the Joker’s face starts turning a hue of yellow and attracts flies. Remember how I said that by the end of Death of the Family the face was yellow and attracting flies? For those of you just tuning into the New 52, Earth 3 is basically the evil version of Earth 1, which is where most DC stories take place. Recently, the denizens of Earth 3 have taken over the main DC Universe in the mini-series Forever Evil.
And if DC is using Forever Evil to highlight their villains, wouldn’t it make sense for them to bring back the most notorious of all of them?
Paul de Vries was raised by a pack of wild Dutch immigrants in pastoral Western Massachusetts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. She has been a writer for People magazine (which I unapologetically read every week), and more recently has shared her story of being a trans woman of color in a feature for Marie Claire magazine.
Mock faced many disadvantages growing up, but she also recognizes that she had some things that other trans youth do not have.

This idea that we value trans people more if they ‘pass’ for cis people, or that someone is lying if they don’t share that they were assigned a different gender at birth, places cis as the center of ‘normal’ when in reality being cis is just common. We don’t know exactly who he was before falling into a vat of chemicals, but when he stepped out he had immaculately white skin and a full head of green hair.
And the first comic it reappeared in was Suicide Squad, a series about Task Force X, a group of supervillains reducing their prison sentences by performing top-secret missions for the government.
Fans may remember Duela Dent as a character who has claimed to be the daughter of several Batman villains, including the Joker, the Riddler, Two-Face… basically everyone in Arkham Asylum.
Well, I might consider bathing in the rejuvenating sewers of Gotham because that face is back to its healthy ghost white complexion! They have their own version of the Justice League called the Crime Syndicate, which includes an evil version of Batman named Owlman. In the first issue, they called an assembly to forge an alliance between them and some of Earth 1’s greatest villains. Having trouble connecting with the other kids in his neighborhood, he sought refuge in Greek Mythology. I first learned about her where I learn about many things that aren’t necessarily covered on CNN or in the New York Times: on Twitter. Mock was assigned the gender male at birth, but never felt connected to that; she felt like a girl. Early on she found her best friend Wendi, who was also trans, and helped her to not be alone at school.
I’ve read loads of memoirs, but most of them are written by comedians, and thus have a very different feel.
And though we haven’t seen a whole lot of the Joker himself, that limp white flap of skin keeps coming back. Don’t worry, the Joker survived, but his restorative surgery contorted his face into a permanent smile. The climax of the book, where the Joker’s face is removed, read like a desperate reach for shock value. Unlike my favorite Batman villains, the Dollmaker does not have an intriguing psychological profile to back up his strange behavior. It just so happens that Harley Quinn, the Joker’s on-and-off girlfriend, is currently part of that team.
For me, it was the Joker’s deeds and words that supplied the terror, and the mask was just a distraction from an otherwise good storyline. In the New 52, she’s a psychotic young woman who scarred her face up with razor blades before retreating from society to live in the underground of Gotham.

Although, Catwoman does mention that the face is smelly and rotting in Catwoman #23 and #24. On Earth 3, Alfred was Owlman’s butler, and the two butted heads with the Joker of their universe, who was sort of good but also still a terrorist.
As he matured, superheroes started replacing gods and now he observes each new comic book day religiously.
New comics coming out in April include Justice League United, Secret Origins, Batman Eternal, Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs.
I’d see her comments retweeted by other people I follow, and learned about her book when it came out earlier this year.
I think she finds her stride about three chapters in (although who knows in what order she wrote the book), but I nearly stopped after the first chapter because the writing was so very … descriptive. He was a perfect effeminate foil to Batman, a seemingly harmless clown to a hero dressed like a villain. When she heard the news of the Joker’s defacing and disappearance, she incites a riot at Belle Reeve Prison to create an opportunity to escape to Gotham, where she purposefully gets arrested. I had originally purchased Lena Dunham’s book to read this month, but exchanged it for this one because I realized I don’t really care what Lena Dunham has to say about things, but I do care what Ms. It can almost read like fiction, because it was difficult for me to realize that someone could experience what she did and come through it not just to survive, but to thrive.
Her family was supportive of her as she took more steps to make sure that her actions and appearance matched how she felt – she was not thrown out of her home when she shared her reality with her mother. At times I felt like there was some sort of adjective word count she felt she had to hit, that I was reading a book that suffered from a lot of ‘tell not show’ sentences.
So naturally she decided to wear it like a mask, claiming that the Joker’s lending it to her. It’s not the type of writing I generally like to read, but the story behind all of those words was so interesting and powerful that either I figured out a way to accept the style, or it became less prominent as the book went on. Morrison gave him a Glasgow Smile and a forked tongue he acquired while licking sharpened shaving razors.

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