It’s become a summer staple: Hot, sunny afternoons quickly dissolve into an ominous sky punctuated with blasts of thunder and lightning and then the inevitable winds and downpour. Unfortunately, the surroundings were far more interesting than the food selection at a recent brunch buffet.
Every Edmontonian knows that when it comes to fine outdoor patio dining with a view in River City, nothing touches the Hotel Macdonald. You might have heard about The Almanac — located smack in the middle of Whyte Avenue’s power block just west of the Commercial Hotel — as a live music venue.

I love hearing from friends about new restaurants to try, little hole-in-the wall spots they stumbled upon, now home to some of their favourite dishes. No doubt somewhere in deepest academe, fresh-faced sociologists are researching the great, global renaissance of pizza.
Darren and Sylvia Cheverie had defied the odds before they even opened the doors at their new Beaumont restaurant Chartier. The South African purveyors of 24-hour-marinated Portuguese-Mozambique chicken offers satisfying, well prepared and very reasonably priced meals.

With apologies to the payday loan industry, but I’m betting few who reside around 124 Street will lament the closing of a money store. The Family Day long weekend was an ideal opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal together with relatives.

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