Earlier today I wrote a piece on the state of the horror genre and specifically the neglect of indie films by horror fans.
Where Hollywood horror movies many times tend to lack any kind of imagination you can always count on indie filmmakers to up the ante. Given the number of horror films I have seen it is very hard to do a top list without missing something but this list is the 20 movies that instantly pop into my mind when I think top-notch indie horror. Pontypool has made many of our top movie lists over the years and really it should not come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows the genre well. Feast had a bit of an advantage over some of the other films on this list because it had some pretty big names backing it under Project Greenlight but that does not change that FEAST is one of the best horror movies of the last decade. Andrew Curries zombie comedy FIDO is a very distinct and humorous look at a world full of zombies where they are both adversary and servant. This movie is a bit polarizing since I have heard many fans say they hated Fido but I am not one of them. The only bad thing I can say about Blair Witch is that it spawned some of the worst sequels imaginable that were insulting to the memory of the original. With fantastic practical effects and a great cast its the story of a group of people stuck in a gas station as an ecological nightmare outside comes in after them. Adam Green is a hero to modern horror fans and an icon in our genre because of his work on HATCHET which is an old school American horror movie with lots of camp, tons of carnage and your cliche killer in the night.
Spiral is one of the most intelligent horror movies of our time and just as SPLINTER is the closest thing to The Thing that horror fans will get SPIRAL is the closest to Hitchcock that modern fans will see. Behind the Mask is a faux documentary about a film crew who are following and documenting an up and coming serial killer. Directed by Scott Glosserman its a fantastic tribute to old school horror and one that we are still impatiently waiting to see a sequel to. This film is the definition of a psychological thriller and is one of the few films like SPIRAL that I had to fight the urge to give it a 10 out of 10 when I reviewed it. I am gonna give Adam Green a big head if I am not careful since he is now on our list twice. Much like SPIRAL its a thriller but this one is much more brutal and the environmental elements are a refreshing addition to the horror genre.
Stake Land has a fantastic concept, an outstanding cast including Danielle Harris and is a glowing example of what a great vampire movie should look like.
There are not many Western horror movies but Dead Birds would probably count as one given it is based in the 18th century.
Director Alex Turner turned in a fantastic movie with true scares, a unique concept and a great cast including Michael Shannon and Isaiah Washington. They confuse the big screen Bruce Campbell with his alter ego ASH and it is nothing short of genius.
Perkins 14 is one of the few great horror movies to come from the short-lived After Dark Horror Fest.
Perkins 14 is a stark film with a unique style and a truly fantastic script that really tears at you. Clearly I have a soft spot for zombie movies since this is not the first to land on my list. If you love b-movie horror comedies you will love Jack Frost it is so ridiculous you can not help but love it. Last on my list but certainly not least is the truly disturbing and memorable movie Dead Girl which is a powerful and absolutely stomach turning movie about the choices we make when nobody is watching. A group of teenagers find a woman tied to a table in an abandoned hospital and rather than trying to help her they let their inner demons run wild in what builds up to a climax of absolute destruction and carnage.
You may have three of Adam Green’s films on this list but they are each a different subgenre of horror and show that he is purely talented no matter what he does. Can always tell an indie when a dog and a baby die before the opening credits ?? I still need to finish this.
I totally agree with you about Stakeland being an example of what a great vampire movie should look like. And with that single line, the survival horror genre was bought back to haunt gamers once more. The beginnings of survival horror can be found in the mid-1980s, with the likes of Electric Dreamsa€™ Aliens: The Computer Game crafting heart-stopping terror despite the obvious technical limitations of the time. By using a crude first-person perspective and providing the option of switching between different Marines, Aliens: The Computer Game thrust gamers into a truly terrifying environment. Japana€™s status as home to some of the greatest names in videogames and horror movies inevitably meant it too would produce some of the greatest examples of the genre a€“ the best of which pre-date some of the more popular examples, like Resident Evil. Despite these proto-survival horror titles, arguably the first a€?truea€™ survival horror game came in 1992, with Alone in the Dark. Although these games all offered a hint at what was to come, it wasna€™t until the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles that most modern gamers got their first taste of the genre and how scary it could really be.

Like Alone in the Dark a few years previously,Resident Evila€™s corridors and exterior environments were all pre-rendered backgrounds, which allowed the developers to create highly detailed levels, increasing player immersion. The survival horror genre may have technically started with Aliens, but it was Resident Evil that first coined the term and which remains the most iconic franchise in under that umbrella to this day. Perhaps thata€™s because of the gamea€™s memorable set-pieces (nobody forgets the zombie dogs jumping through the windows)?
Kat de Lieva, Richard Harmon, Mayumi Yoshida, David Lewis, Kelvin Redvers, John Shaw, Nelson Leis, Dejan Loyola, Madison Smith, Anthony Shim, Natalie Grace, Ella Kosor, Lucy Harvey, and Larissa Albuquerque. All of the movies on this list are either in preproduction, in production or are in post production as of today.
My love affair with horror began the night I saw my first horror film, Friday the 13th, at the age of 9. John Carpenter has made some classic, brilliant movies – The Thing, They Live, Halloween, Escape From New York, In The Mouth of Madness and more. Dead Space is a third-person survival horror action video game, developed by EA Redwood Shores (now known as Visceral Games) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. I maintain that Dead Space would just make a great movie because you have these people coming onto an abandoned, shut-down space ship and they have to start it up and something’s on board. Of course this is just Carpenter saying that he would like to make a film based on the games. I doubt it will ever happen, especially as Dead Space 3 did not sell as well as expected, but just imagine if Carpenter did get a chance to make it. So as a follow-up I wanted to take a minute and share what I feel are the best indie horror movies. I have no doubt I have overlooked some and am sure that the community here will chime in the comments with some other suggestions.
FEAST is the story of a monster that attacks a road house bar and the battle for survival that ensues.
I am not sure if this is a social commentary on race in society in the 60’s or not but the film which stars Carrie Anne Moss and Billy Connolly is one of the great zombie movies of our time.
I loved every aspect of the film and think that Andrew Currie is a genius and should do a prequel that reveals the origins of this story.
How could we possibly do a list of the best indie horror movies of all time and not include Blair Witch? The Thing is one of the greatest Sci Fi horror films of all time and for me SPLINTER is the closest thing that the modern horror fan has to compare to it. Toby Wilkins needs to direct more original films like SPLINTER and producers who are looking to make a name for themselves should definitely talk to Wilkins. HATCHET was the farthest thing from an intelligent horror movie so when I saw SPIRAL I was completely blown away.
This movie i the PSYCHO of our time and an absolute must see for horror fans who want thrills and not mindless carnage.
It’s the story of a nuclear attack on LA which leaves a man struggling to survive in his sealed up home while wondering what has happened to his wife.
That should be a telling point for you horror fans that Adam Green is a fan of the genre and it shows in his work. What I mean by that is that fans of Walking Dead will absolutely love the style and tone of StakeLand which is one of my favorite vampire movies.
It is the true redeemer of the last few years since TWILIGHT has pretty much destroyed the vampire genre for younger generations.
It revolves around a group of criminals who hide out in a house to discover that they are not the most deadly thing lurking in the house. Ginger Snaps is the story of a girl who hits puberty and as part of becoming a woman also gets a bit to hairy and turns into a monstrous nightmare in the form of a werewolf. Directed by Craig Singer it is the story of a rash of kidnappings which is far more than it seems as a town goes through a horrible psychological pain only to be followed by true terror. Wasting away is a great twist on a unique concept where a military outbreak cause a zombie outbreak that is anything but the normal fare. This zombie comedy much like the other films on this list stands out mainly because of its innovative story but a polished cast and great production values help as well.
It is the story of a drifter with few friends with a brutal and dark secret that comes out in full form when his one close friend meets a brutal end. I swear it is not intentional but yes he makes the list for the third time with the American horror movie HATCHET. The film is not about a young flashy cast or big production values it’s about the script and the production and being original.
Those people who sometimes prey on people’s kindness and rob them blind every weekend to me are truly terrifying. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges.

Developed by Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment, the Twin Peaks and Stephen King inspired storyline of Alan Wake offered an atmospherically creepy experience for Xbox 360 gamers, as Wake tried to rescue his missing wife from a supernatural force. Based on James Camerona€™s Aliens, the game pitched players as Colonial Marines and made them responsible for guiding the team through the xenomorph-filled corridors of LV-426 through a multi-screen, first person, interface. It was unnerving and unsettling, even if it was two-tone on the Spectrum 48k and despite the crudity of the graphics Aliens laid the earliest foundations for others to follow. Though far from a pure survival horror, the 1989 role-playing game Sweet Home, which was never released outside of Japan, gave a glimpse of core features of the genre years before they came to fruition in Resident Evil. While both debuted on the original PlayStation, which must have helped their popularity, the two were thematically and stylistically incredibly different despite some superficial similarities. However, by using pre-rendered backgrounds the development team at Capcom (headed by the legendary Shinji Mikami, who also spearheaded Sweet Home) restricted themselves to using static cameras through the game, removing control from gamers. 3) and that has brought up what could potentially be a superb film adaptation of a video game. His work on Dark Star and The Thing show he could deal with horrific events on a deserted space craft. This clearly got me thinking long and hard about the indie horror genre which frankly is the best genre. Directed by Bruce McDonald it is the story of a radio DJ who is on air as the world comes apart around him with an infection that turns people into murderous drones. The movie is not only one of the best indie horror films of all time it is also one of the most profitable.
FROZEN is the story of three people trapped on a ski lift in the dead of winter and their struggle for survival.
My Name is Bruce is a tongue in cheek movie about a washed up actor, Bruce Campbell, who is sought out by a small village to help them vanquish an evil demon. Jack Frost is a low-budget blood bath that is perfect in every way despite its limited budget. I for one think this movie is a fun one but is my least favorite of his three films on this list.
It’s the classic story of a world gone amiss at the hands of the undead with an interesting twist which I clearly will not spoil. End of the Line takes this concept to a terrifying new level and is one of the best apocalyptic movies of all time. Red white and blue is pure beauty, anyone who hasn’t seen it really needs to give it a go. I’m always searching for the great unknown and forgotten movie lists and I rarely see it added. The use of light and dark, of endlessly feeling chased, and the small US town setting gave gamers a sense of unease a€“ but it also bought a sense of familiarity.
Lovecraft (like Silicon Knightsa€™ GameCube survival horror, Eternal Darkness a decade later) Alone in the Dark put gamers into the shoes of private investigator Edward Carnby. Strangely though, this didna€™t have detrimental effect you might anticipate; instead it immersed players in the mansion, as the STARS Alpha team of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine searched for the missing members of Bravo team. Pontypool is currently ranked #28 on the best horror films of all time based off your votes. None of the characters were very well developed and the concept of this film did not scare me, but in fact it disgusted me. Like Aliens: The Computer Game, Sweet Home was the gaming equivalent of primordial gloop a€“ the genre was still evolving. Like both Aliens and Sweet Home, Alone in the Dark featured some of the design ideas that would feature in the genre for years a€“ most notably, the use of pre-rendered backgrounds, static cameras, and 3D characters. Ita€™s likely a mix of all those elements, but one thinga€™s for sure a€“ Resident Evil kick-started the genre, prompting a number of franchises to appear in its wake, each taking survival horror in unique directions. I hear a lot of good things about Dead Birds I’ll have to break down and watch this. Combat wasna€™t a massive element in the game however; gameplay instead relied more on puzzle-solving, something that would also become a feature of the genre over the next ten years.
I prefer to see the good in people, and i pray to god there are not teenagers with twisted minds as the ones in this movie in the real world. Cheers for making this list though, I was quite a fan of “The End of the Line”!

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