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The romance between star-crossed lovers Jia Baoyu (left) and Lin Daiyu, depicted here in a relief panel, meets a tragic end in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber.
Before most readers in China learned of Romeo and Juliet, they were captivated by a love triangle between a boy and his two female cousins. For decades, the earliest known manuscript of Dream of the Red Chamber, dated 1754, was housed at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.
Some of the Jiaxu manuscript's pages contain red-inked notes from commentators at the time.
There's no roguish Rhett Butler to further complicate the love triangle of Dream of the Red Chamber. A 'Dirty' Classic Chen says the novel has always stood out in Chinese literature for depicting a romance that was more a meeting of souls than lust. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. It is a classic children’s film that reminds its millions of fans of a time of innocence and adventure gone by. Nerve-racking might be a strong way to put it, but it’s concerning – you wanna really hit the mark with the most people you possibly can.
You have to go back to files and assets that were created round a dozen years ago and bring them back to be active in today’s software, so it takes quite a while to do that. So we just had to go through and make good decisions about not just Sully’s fur, but about all the other assets of the movie that are slightly changed just due to things out of our control. Can it be different to deconstruct a lot of the work that was done, because a decade in software terms might as well be a century? We’re fortunate to be able to overcome those challenges with the people we have and the systems that they designed long ago. What do you think’s so wonderful magical about Monsters Inc that it deserves to be reinvented and reintroduced to a new generation? Was it a concern, when you were rebuilding everything, to bring it in line with Monsters University? It can be as simple as the fact that Mike is this wonderful little unique, rounded character – so you wanna make him feel like you could reach out and hug him, or hold him.

I think in addition to the door vault that we talked about, the Himalayas scene is also fun, because you have the falling snow which gives you a nice sense of volume and depth, and also the point of view shots of Sully racing down the mountain on a sled toward the village are quite stirring in 3D. I went back to teaching a year before I intended to but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a dream job that I loved even more than I thought I would. I haven’t read them yet, I can’t vouch for them, but I can tell you I am excited to crack them open!
But both novels do follow the decline of an upper-class family and, Chen says, both share a similar tension between their female protagonists. Chen, author of The Red Chamber, studied Chinese literature as a doctoral student at Princeton University.
We tend to thing of it as a recreation of the movie rather than a conversion, because we’re not taking the old 2D images and cutting them up and dimensionalising them. The other challenge is creatively to make it look as interesting and as rewarding as possible without making it overwhelming.
And how different is it, and can we move forward with the movie being a little bit different in these ways but essentially the same movie. We joke that we’ve now archived these two movies – Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc – for the 8k holographic 360 degree version that we’re gonna make in a decade! He should look like a beach ball, and so we learnt a bit on Monsters Inc on how to set our stereo parameters such so that he feels rounded and rewarding, and so we’re taking that knowledge into Monsters University.
I also enjoyed the sushi restaurant, chaotic scene when Boo, the human child, scares all the monsters and things go kinda haywire and the PDA comes in with their helicopters and SWAT team and action. Keeping up with that, the blog ( my other dream job) , writing a book, training and running a marathon, and spending time with my incredibly awesome and quirky family has left very little time for something I really really love, reading. I have picture books and early chapter books for kids, YA for teens ( but I will totally be reading these, I have an inexplicable love affair with YA ) and books  for adults too. I used to stop at the library on the way home from the last day of school to stock up on books I’d been meaning to read all year.
I just put a bunch of them on hold at my library (not that I don’t already have an enormous stack of books I want to read). At one point, Chinese communists celebrated the book for its depictions of bourgeois decadence and of arranged marriages as a backward institution of feudal China.
NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. We’re able to go back and resurrect the movie into our software and refilm it essentially, and so the first challenge you asked about is this resurrection process – we call it digital archaeology. We call it AB, if you go back to the original monoframe and just AB it with a new stereo window, the fur is in a slightly different position, it has all the same properties, the same movement, the same thickness, but it’s as if he had been brushed in a different way.

But yeah, it was kind of a challenge to find every single kind of file and make it work again. It’s a great way to introduce it to new audiences and to bring it back to people who have already seen it. We have fiction and non-fiction on each list, some books will be published this summer, and others aren’t new, just new to me.
In listening to the audiobook of The Smartest Kids in the World and am really intrigued by the author’s insights.
Chen, who's written the latest retelling of the tale of Jia Baoyu and his cousins Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai. Read with my kids, read on the treadmill, at the soccer field, on the plane, and hopefully at the beach! The three characters form the central love story of the Chinese novel Hong Lou Meng, often translated as Dream of the Red Chamber in English. And so I think, still, the idea of free love and free choice outside the family is something that's very compelling." The Chinese government lifted its ban on the novel after the Cultural Revolution, and it's now held up as one of China's greatest literary treasures. At one point when we were filming he was so drunk he threw parrot seed all over us and hit me on the head with a book. Their relationship inspired Chen to write her own version of the story with a new, less tragic ending.
Casting for its latest television adaptation even inspired a reality competition on state-sponsored television in Beijing.
Before the Chinese Communist Party came into power and banned arranged marriages in 1950, parents would often tell their children to stay away from a book that seemed to encourage romantic free will.
Catherine Chen (no relation to Pauline Chen) has read Dream of the Red Chamber twice, first as a middle schooler in China, against her grandmother's wishes. But Chen's adaptation boils down the original story to focus, in part, on that famous triangle that just about everyone in China knows.
Sasha Gong, who heads the China branch at the international broadcaster Voice of America, has read it so many times she can recite passages by heart.

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