I am sure you already heard about currency trading which is more popularly called Foreign Exchange Trading or FOREX or FX for short. When the exchange rate goes up, meaning we need more Peso to buy the Dollar, we exchange or sell our dollar taking advantage of the additional number of Peso we can acquire for the same Dollar. That is how basically FOREX trading works(but to tell you the truth I am still confused with the way how you trade specially on what position you are in and with currencies I am not familiar with).
Disclaimer: This post is in connection to this blog’s sponsor, WorldWideMarket, who recently launch in the Philippines. In the stock market we trade a single stock or in the case of an ETF a basket of stocks but in the FOREX market we trade a currency pair.
Now going back to our analysis when the USD-PHP exchange rate goes up from 42 to 43 the action we will make is to exchange our dollars to peso thus we are actually buying Peso by selling our Dollars and in the process we profited 1 Peso per dollar.
Louis Delos Angeles is a Certified Public Accountant, blogger behind Investing in Philippines, and author of Investing in Stocks: Preparing for the future small amount at a time.
My question is, why does a certain currency fluctuate or appreciate against versus another currency, what causes it to move upward or downward?
Well just like stocks or any commodity the price fluctuates primarily due to the supply-demand relationship. Investing in online trading is a great alternative to achieve good profits, online forex trading business is very effective if you have knowledge and tools to operate. Hi I wanted to learn more about Forex trading and it seems that there are less articles about this topic unlike with stocks or other investments.
Your ideas, opinion, and contributions to the topic will help us learn more ways towards financial freedom!
The conventional wisdom that investing in a college education is the best way to guarantee a better financial future is true. No matter what you go to college for, you won’t learn to be financially independent, and you won’t learn how to make money. Even medical doctors are being sent out to start their own practices without having more than a few hours of instructions on how to actually run their practice so that they can enjoy it and make money in the process. In college, you won’t learn money management, financial freedom, financial intelligence, and business savvy. You need education that you can actually apply, that helps you succeed in life—particularly financially. When you have that kind of education, even just the first part of the list I just gave you, you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Every December, my family, along with some friends, gather for a day of baking holiday cookies in my home. As a child, I remember seeing my grandmother and her sisters (those who also made the trip to New York from Germany to build their new lives) laugh, tease, and talk in German (much to the chagrin of my grandfather who understood not a word).

To get in the holiday spirit, we crank on the Christmas music, have a glass of wine, put out some healthy snacks, and celebrate the simple joy of slowing down our pace long enough to be together during the holiday season.
For many years I have hosted these gatherings, never deviating from the original recipe, except in one way: I use my food processor to mix the batches of dough, instead of kneading by hand. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. In the Philippines and for OFWs I guess the best well known currency we are handling is the US Dollar and the Philippine Peso. Now on the other hand when exchange rate goes down, meaning we need fewer Peso to buy the Dollar, we buy the Dollar taking advantage of able to buy Dollar cheap. We are currently testing the service using a practice account and the review and opinions stated are based on the on going review of the service. To profit in the FOREX Market we got to buy when the exchange rate is going up and we have to sell when the exchange rate is going down. Currency pair has three parts namely base currency, counter currency, and the exchange rate. Now on the other hand when the exchange rate goes down from 43 to 42 we will exchange our peso thus actually buying dollar by selling Peso and saves us 1 peso per dollar which is technically a profit.
A demand for a certain currency rises when people think its value as reflected in country of that currency’s economy is strengthening.
I have no experience with this kind of investment and I am afraid to do money transactions over the internet cause of possible scams. FX trading is done mostly online and in the Philippines these are not covered by our laws since FX trading involves a wider investing community. As a result, there are quite a few medical doctors whose practices don’t make it in the market economy. What you do learn is how to become a highly functional “ant” in the job-based economy of the western world. He is an entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker, and wealth mentor who became a cash and Forever Cash millionaire through real estate investments and online business. My advice is go to uni, learn how to build stuff and then you will have a great network of relationships what will support you in your entrepreneurial journey.
But I still believe college can give you experiences that might be helpful in the future, not necessarily by learning to make money, but by developing social skills and networking can be a part of training yourself to be a better negotiator, entrepreneur, and prepared for harsher challenges in the future.
Amidst their banter, they were also making the most delicious cookies I’ve ever eaten from a recipe that has been passed down for generations. Otherwise, the following, which I hope you will try, is how my grandmother, and her mother and grandmother before her, made these cookies for their own families to enjoy. With these we can actually make money whether the exchange rate is going up or down as long as we take the right position.

I would like to learn more about this and I would really love to see my hard earned money grow. Again this is a highly volatile market and investing in these involves high risk so be aware of the disclaimers.
Do you conduct seminars here in Batangas city and can I do it even if I don’t have access to internet all the time? We learned about finance in theoretical concepts that had absolutely no application to making money for ourselves.
I’m not talking about just any type of education; I am speaking of a specific kind of education. It also helps you to develop your personality and how to interact with other people, and of course this is where it started on how to handle your money. These cookies are the exact same ones my grandmother -who found her way to New York City from a small town in Germany when she was 18 years old –used to make when she was a little girl. That is why we cans still apply our technical and fundamental analysis to determine the direction of the currency pairs trend and thus make profit.
It is needed for the advancement of technology, humanity, and to make sure we live like humans. We were taught about micro- and macroeconomic concepts of how national economies compete against each other. Shortly after meeting my Brooklyn-born grandfather, she started her own family and the holiday cookie tradition continued on this side of the Atlantic.
You can check out some simulated platforms and do attend seminar or live trainings to fully grasp this. There is no better indicator of societal advancement than the level of education the masses receive.
With all that, however, we did not learn much at all about how we could take these concepts and make money with them on our own.
In fact, my cousin who lives in that same little town, flew all the way to New York City just to help make these very special cookies this year.
You can search for PAFTI in the FB groups and also some trading private groups in FB for discussions. Then practice using the training modules that use live trading data to get you familiarize on the speedy trading n forex.

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