Someone had to explain that you get transported to a virtual Poke-world only when there are digital monsters called Pokemon nearby.Until then, you see the world through a digital map, similar to Google's or Apple's.
Please use your own judgement when choosing reading materials for yourself and your family. Without "Pokemon," I probably wouldn't have noticed a mural near home dedicated to Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ol' Dirty Bastard, who died 12 years ago.The game gets intense when Pokemon — these cute, sometimes-angry monsters with magical powers — appear in the vicinity. Time freezes, and I'm transported inside the Poke-world, ignoring everything around me as I try to capture Pokemon by flicking Poke Balls.

Others have twisted ankles or gotten into car accidents.On the flip side, "Pokemon Go" has sparked spontaneous conversations with fellow players and others curious about the phenomenon. Instinct seems not to overthink stuff, though my best friend joined Mystic and declared our friendship over.I can now visit "gyms" to train creatures and fight Pokemon captured by other players.
I haven't gathered up the courage yet to enter a Poke-world gym, much like in real life as of late.
OK.From what I hear, Poke-world gyms can also be social as strangers converge around real-life locations.

I can chase Pokemon while strolling around my neighborhood with the baby, grocery shopping with the baby or going to the park with the baby.I don't particularly want to battle with others.

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