Dessen’s fully developed characterizations of charismatic teens are sure to attract readers. Of all the books I’ve written, I have to say that Someone Like You has the biggest legion of fans. Halley and Scarlett have been best friends for years, sharing secrets, clothes, and crushes. Ever wonder how the best, brightest, or most successful people got to where they are today? For four years now, readers of this website have kindly sent in their lists of books they’ve particularly enjoyed over the previous 12 months. If you are willing, please write a sentence or two about why each particular book made it to your list for this year.
Also, I’d be interested in knowing how much of your reading is done electronically (vs hardback or paper). I am hoping that those of you who have participated in the creation of this list in prior years will take the time to do so again this year. I often hear that one of the more valuable parts of MillersTime has been this annual compilation.  A number of folks, myself included, use the list to consider titles and authors for books to read in the coming months.

Finally, I dislike haranguing to get readers to send in their favorite reads (tho I will do so if necessary). But there's still something you can do toA prepare yourself for the tricky world of work: read. Even my cousins Rachel and Anna, who are usually my very first readers of any book I write, will often tell me that while the new book is good, Someone Like You was better. I’ve then compiled those lists and posted them at the end of December in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. If you prefer not to add this, no problem, but I’ve found readers enjoy the comments and use them in choosing books to read for the coming year. If you’d like to be spared such nagging, I will do my best not to include you in the ‘reminders’ I send out (once you have submitted your list, of course). The result each year has been a list of widely varying fiction and nonfiction books that has been a useful reference for many of us.
The editing process for Someone Like You was really long and arduous, mostly due to the fact that I always have way more than I need and tend to repeat myself a lot.
In fact, the worst review I’ve ever received was for Someone Like You, in the campus newspaper of the university where I teach.

That was a good day, walking into my classes after everyone had already seen this horrible review, where I was awarded zero of five stars. Sarah Dessen’s poignant, funny voice has earned her raves and legions of teenaged fans.
It didn’t matter that I’d gotten a decent review in the New York Times book section that same week: I carried around that bad Daily Tar Heel review for weeks, until one of my friends got sick of me looking at it and flushed it down the toilet.
I think one of the reasons is that often in high school, as you’re breaking away from your parents a bit, your friends become your family, and you depend on them so much to get you through. Plus a lot of people can relate to falling in love with a boy who seems like everything you want, only to find out the one thing you really need he can’t give. Someone Like You is also special to me because it’s dedicated to my best friend from high school, Bianca, who was there firsthand for all the real truths of us trying to survive high school, and knows even the stories I don’t tell.

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