Before buying the right set of IIT-JEE preparation books you should talk to people who have cleared the exam or those who are closely associated with the exam preparation process. There are many certain books which are good for IIT but don?t get confused among choose the best edition which is very clear and easily understandable. Discipline and punctuality also plays a major role, if you plan the things its not enough going according to the schedule is must.
IIT is known as one of the hardest exams in india which means INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.
JEE Mains Exam will be nearly similar to AIEEE Exam while JEE Advanced Exam will be nearly similar to IIT-JEE Exam. Best books for IIT-JEE are always of Arihant since it has some quality but you may also prefer Deep publications. Study programmes of coaching are also useful for prepration so you may prefer them too since they have questions with them. ARihant physics and mathematics and organic chemistry do hold reputation of being one of the best. IIT-JEE stands for Indian institute of technology joint entrance exam .This exam is tough and after succeeding in it you will get IIT colleges which is known to best college in India for engineering . But some of the best books among them that are prescribed by IIT-JEE experts are mentioned here.
Hi buddy IIT JEE is a very conceptual exam and hence books to be followed play a vital role in the preparation of IIT JEE. I would suggest to follow not more than required books for each subject and go with basic books which would clear your all doubts. There are Lot of Books there for Preparing for IITJEE, but the best way is to work smart than work harder. As IITJEE is toughest exam so you need to very intelligent and hardworker for cracking IITJEE.

Both the question papers will consist of three separate sections on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As you are concerned about the Physics Subject, I will provide you the syllabus of Physics first and then the best books to prepare for Physics. To begin your preparation, you must be thorough with your understanding of material in the NCERT books, regardless of which examination board you belong to. Once your basic preparation from the NCERT textbooks is done, you can move on to more advanced books.
Organic Chemistry – Morrison and Boyd (This book covers a lot of topics with extensive detail. Usually we neglet physics just because we feel that it is easy but its not at all easy it just seems to be easy.
The following points may help you organize your preparation process and pave your way to success. Some people may decide that this is unnecessary since the material is covered in respective school classrooms. So i would Suggest you, for Maths go for KC sinha for Concept and then Arrihant are the best.
Apart from Good coaching you have to follow some standard text books for the preparation of IITJEE.
Most people think that having more resources  implies higher chances of cracking JEE Mains or Advanced examinations, this is not true. Therefore, before you start, try to gain a conceptual understanding of the content given in these books before you proceed to solve questions. How to clear IIT JEE in my first attempt?What should I do in 11th class to prepare for IIT JEE without coaching?
Will there be any special intermediate colleges for IIT aspirants?Suggest a good one in all book for IIT JEE preparation.What should I do in 11th class to prepare for IIT JEE without coaching? For Chemistry- P.Bahadur, Solemon and OP tondon, For Physics GC aggarwal is the Best Book i have Studied.

For any competitive exam, it is more important to have complete understanding of topics rather than just superficial understanding of all the topics.
Specific people are responsible for Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry which covers the basics of the subject in a very simple manner.
How to crack the exam?How to crack IIT JEE in just 4-5 months?Which books should I refer to crack IIT JEE?
Once the material given in the book has been understood by you, you should be able to solve all the problem statements given in the textbook as well, including examples. This article covers the books that will guide you in your preparation to crack chemistry in JEE.
The level of difficulty also changes gradually to help you gain the required momentum in JEE preparation. Which books should be referred?Name few preparation books for IIT JEE for Hindi medium students.What are the basic requirements to be eligible for IIT JEE?
Any chance for Aeronautical Stream?Which are the best books for Chemistry for IIT JEE?Best book for the preparation of SLIET?
Required study to crack IIT-JEE?Number of hours to be studied along with ISC course to crack IIT JEE? Tell about some important topics required for JEE?How should I prepare for IIT JEE while studying in 11th?
Is it possible to crack JEE in first attempt?List of books to be referred for IIT JEE entrance exam? Which books should be refered?How many hours per day should I study to get above 95% in board exams and IIT selection in first attempt?I am a 8th class student.

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