The weapon was introduced into PLA service in 1981 but did not become widely distributed until the late 1980s. The rifle retains the general layout of the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle (a license produced AK-47), but it has a SKS-like short-stroke gas-piston design and other improvements to reduce recoil and muzzle jump, giving better firing accuracy. The most easily distinguishable feature of the Type 81 is the more exposed muzzle part of the barrel.
There is a significant gap between the trigger guard and the magazine on Type 81 rifles, while on the Type 56 rifle series the magazine is adjacent to the front of the trigger guard.
The non-detachable swing-out spike-shaped bayonet of the Type 56 rifle was also replaced on Type 81 rifles with a detachable knife-bayonet. Type 87 Served as a development platform for the next generation of PLA small arms, being used as a test-bed for the then new 5.8A—42mm DBP87 ammunition.
The MP7 is also featured in multiplayer, being a usable submachine gun for the Coalition faction from the start, being one of its three pre-unlocked weapons (the others being the MP5 and the M4).
The MP7's iron sights are very clear, reducing the need for an optic, though its idle sway can certainly throw off the player's aim. The MP7 is also very frequently used in multiplayer, meaning that players can resupply their MP7 with more ammo easier if the enemy killed was carrying one.

The MP7 equipped with a Red Dot Sight is a starting weapon in the Mission Mode mission "Over Reactor".
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The MP7 has very low recoil and a high rate of fire as well as the clearest iron sights (almost identical to that of a pistol, though bigger); that coupled with a 40-round magazine make this gun the best to start with. It can only be used in Special Ops and Multiplayer although it appears holstered by some SAS members in "Mind the Gap".
The MP7 features the second highest magazine capacity of all submachine guns at 40 rounds, second only to the P90's 50 round magazine, and has a moderately high rate of fire as well as moderate power and very low recoil, in part due to its integrated foregrip.
As such, the proficiencies Stability or Range are recommended to either reduce sway or to make the shots that do connect more effective. This method of obtaining ammo, however, is much less reliable and very inconsistent when compared to other methods, such as using scavenger, so if planning on needing large amounts of ammo, one should consider using scavenger instead. The MP7 is extremely effective, its high rate of fire and low recoil, added with the low level unlock makes it popular.
It also has slightly higher damage at range compared to most submachine guns, killing in five shots rather than six.

Its large magazine is good for dispatching large amounts of enemies, as well as taking on Juggernauts.
The PLA has replaced most of its Type-81s with the Type 95 or Type 03 series of weapons, though it is still in service in the reserves and armed police. All these features together allow the MP7 to be a reliable close combat weapon, as well as an effective long range weapon when needed. Its low recoil, high magazine capacity, and slightly higher damage at range makes it a hybrid between a submachine gun and an assault rifle, with the handling of a submachine gun and versatility of an assault rifle. The MP7 remains effective up to the point where heavy commando troops armed with the FAD assault rifle arrive.

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