The BEST way to prevent a dental emergency from occurring, is to PREVENT it from happening. In addition to keeping your teeth clean and healthy, there ARE incidents that can occur that will put you from a healthy condition, to an infected condition, quickly. Not a week goes by where I don’t have a patient in my chair that has attempted to remove their own teeth.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Nebulisers, nebulizers are designed to enable in vivo administration of a medicine via inhalation. Among the extremely wide range of nebulisers available on the market, the choice of a suitable one remains largely an individual matter.
Depending on the amount of money you want to spend you may choose how advanced  machine you need. Top of the range CA-MI Clineb will give you output regulation, pressure gauge and powerful compressor unit that will deal with heavy duty non stop use efficiently. The best choice when it comes to portable nebuliser is Portable Nebuliser CA-MI Mobile which will work on mains or car power and AA batteries (rechargeable or standard). Depending on your condition you will need your nebulisation more or less often, your nebulisation time will vary as well. If you need any help in choosing nebuliser to suit your needs, please  contact us and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction. With tales of skyrocketing cases of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses filling the news, I sought clarity from my friend, fellow former Mainer, and Emergency Medical Resident, Dr.
As KC mentioned above, it’s just as important to keep dogs, cats, and other companion animals safe and free from ticks, not only for our safety, but theirs as well. We know this is a lot to take in, but the more you know, the more power you have to stay safe and have the best time ever.
I was recently looking at a past ACEM Fellowship Examination Question on burns and thought it would be a great way to do some quick revision. For a moment, go through your resuscitation approach and then go to the now growing Fellowship photo gallery and click on the picture to read a little on it. Simply enter your details to receive lectures, clinical pearls, our newsletter and information about upcoming conferences, workshops and more! Ed went on to film a further series for Discovery Channel called Marooned with Ed Stafford.
Ed on FacebookEd Stafford 3 days ago Today I am cleaning out a pond to put in eight grass carp (fish).
I spent 10 years in a university, a medical college, and at the hospital to learn all of this stuff and it’s surrounding cloud of minutiae to learn how to fix most anything that can happen to your teeth and jaws, but, managing a dental emergency in a survival situation as a layperson IS possible! A In the busy, inner-city dental clinic I run, 95% of the patients that I see are there because they’ve had a long-standing dental issue, that has become emergent because they LET it.
A Now, everyone claims that they brush and floss three times a day, but the evidence I see in people’s mouths tells me otherwise. A They are always infected, and they rarely get out the entire crown and root of the tooth.

A His entire face and jaw was swollen, and given two more days, he would have been gravely ill or dead.
We choose our suppliers carefully making sure the brands we stock provide the best quality and price.
Basic model as CA-MI Miko Basic will give you all necessary accessories and reliable compact compressor unit. If you need a quick initial delivery of medicine with option to reduce delivery afterwards CA-MI Clineb with its unique regulated pressure output is the only choice. If you don't need battery operation as you mainly use it in a car or at home, school, work, etc.
Before choosing your machine read through technical data which can be found in Compare Nebulisers section of our website.
Besides running and making art, a heart-pounding, leg-busting hike is the only thing that effectively washes the (often obsessive) thoughts from my brain, replacing them with thoughtful calm. Cats and dogs are just as susceptible to Lyme and other diseases, so be sure to brush them often with a fine brush or comb, check them over by running your hands through their fur (my guess is you already do this anyway), use tick and flea collars and medicines if you live in an especially prolific area, and be sure to bring them to the vet immediately if you see any signs of illness. KC closes with some sound advice as we go into the summer season: “Be happy, have fun, take care of yourself!
In this 8-part series Ed was dropped off in remote and inhospitable parts of the planet with nothing to help him survive in each episode.
I knew he would be able to cover the topic without going covering topics best left for those that want to go to dental school. A MOST toothaches that are the result of dental caries (cavities) take a LONG time to manifest into a full blown toothache, and even longer to result in an abscessed tooth. A Brushing is relatively easy to get patients to comply with, because who doesn’t want to have clean teeth and fresh breath?
A You can also keep a form of penicillin, like Amoxicillin 500mg (one tablet, four times a day, for seven days) or Clindamycin 300mg if you are allergic to Penicillin, (one tablet four times a day for 10 days) in your kit for infection prophylaxis or treatment. A If you don’t have a friend or acquaintance who is a dentist, ask your family dentist about your concerns. A Luckily, I was able to extract this tooth in time, and remove the pus that was filling the spaces around the tooth. You will always be the first to know when new articles are released have the first shot future contest. Commonly used for emergency and home treatments of many respiratory diseases including COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Bronchiectasis.
To be honest, it should make us a little nervous, but it’s also important to know that with knowledge and a game plan, it doesn’t have to be so scary! He has gotten treatment & is doing well but the more people know about this & get checked out if they do get bitten the better off!! The treatments for Lyme Disease are still very poor and the tests aren’t completely reliable. Straightforward, to the point practical Emergency Medicine teaching in your inbox, which takes less than 5 minutes to read!
From investigating gigantic white lines popping up on satellite images in remote West Papua, to a strange pattern of circular dots in the middle of the Danakil Desert, each astonishing image captures something hard to classify, previously unseen or anomalous. A Imagine if your mouth was a roof on a house…and that it was under a constant barrage of abuse, from weather, small rocks falling on it, acid being spilled on it, and occasionally being cleaned, with only a brush. A I see the majority of these in sporting accidents, bicycle and motorcycle wrecks, and also falls in and around the home.

A You should also NOT attempt to take out a tooth on someone else unless you’ve been trained AND you’re really good at it! The most common solutions and drugs to be nebulised are bronchodilators, sodium chloride (0.9% and hypotonic), bronchodilators, adrenaline, steroids and antibiotics. CA-MI Speedymed and CA-MI Clineb Basic are heavy duty units for continuous and frequent use.
Yet, that doesn’t keep me from fretting and worrying and thinking worst-case-scenario, especially when awareness is heightened across the media around diseases like Lyme. Ed will call on all of his expertise in extreme terrains and climates to uncover the truth. A The point is, that NEARLY all of these cases would be avoidable if the person had their teeth examined and radiographed (to see cavities that are located between the teeth, outside the view of the naked eye) or pathology (disease processes) that have established themselves in the bones of the jaws. A I extract, literally, thousands of teeth a year, and every once in awhile, I have a tooth that will give me fits. They’re scary, for sure, but largely preventable in the states, so long as you arm yourself with knowledge (and long pants and bug spray) and take the right precautions.
That way, you’ll always have someone who knows you, and someone you can feel comfortable asking questions of.
A When this happens, there is often a combination of dental damage (the tooth), soft tissue damage (the gums) and hard tissue damage (the bone) surrounding the area. The communion between myself and the trees offering quiet truth, a reminder of my connection to the natural world while I spend most of my time in a concrete jungle. As doctors, we love and worry about you too, so ask us questions and let us know if something is worrying you!
A With great care, an avulsed tooth can be replaced, and with definitive dental treatment, it can be restored, usually, into a healthy state of being. A I also instruct other dentists on how to remove teeth, and many of them are not 100% competent at it. Armed with the right information, an adventure in the woods can go from terrifying-death-from-horrible-disease-or-bears to, you know, a fun day spent outside enjoying the wilderness.
A Worst case scenario, is that that tooth is lost, and a dental implant would be used to replace it.
Exploring came without fear, my friends and I marauding the deep woods that surrounded my family home, learning the paths and trails and mossy groves like the back our hands. A So, if your gums bleed when flossing, if you floss twice a day for three or four days, they will STOP bleeding, your breath will be better, and you’ll have a healthier mouth. A I recommend a soft-bristled toothbrush (medium and hard bristles will actually scrub away tooth and gum tissue, and thus I don’t recommend them) and shred-resistant dental floss. As much as I craved the woods and that natural connection, my mind began to turn more and more to all that could go wrong.
A Mouthwash IS NOT an acceptable substitute for flossing, but it can be used in addition to brushing and flossing if you so choose. Best says the goals are clear: see if the infrastructure in place works well, quickly, and at a reasonable expense.

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