The five-shot rotary magazine is the other great feature which proved itself by feeding magazine full mixtures of 38 Special and 357 Magnum loads.
Even in the midst of an abundance of crap and crud, this is one action which will continue to shoot regardless of the environment. To be up front I did not spend a day drilling 100 yard targets, I spent about an hour total on it, because being a high precision 1 MOA rifle is not what this gun is about..
From a all purpose hunting, disaster preparedness gun, and extended survival rifle the gun is hard to beat. With a high quality full tang construction ensuring long lasting endurance and ease of use, this survival knife is sure to stand the test of time. Build a stripped down rubicon, no navigation, no auto swaybar do-hickies, no leather or carpet but a absolute stripped down jeep with rubi axles (or better) and 4.1 t-case, heck make it a 4cyl and offer it at a competitive price.
For the cost of this particular vehicle ($40G's+), I can build an older YJ with LSX motor, better axles and gearing, make it safer and plenty more capabile and still have money left over to buy some gum and a 6-pack. Until then , I will drive the most modern 4wd I have ever owned , a 1992 jeep cherokee Laredo .
As to offering a 4 banger - keep in mind that that most Wranglers sold today are automatics, and Jeep's been burned in the past by mating the 4 banger to an automatic.
The KA-BAR is similar to a Bowie knife, with a 7-inch clip point blade made from 1095 carbon steel.
The name "KA-BAR" came into usage when the company received a poorly written letter describing how the knife had saved the user's life during a hunting trip by killing a bear when his gun failed to do so. Knives like the KA-BAR came into use during World War II, when US Marines found that the older trench knives from World War I where poorly suited for their needs.
Including its use as a melee weapon, the KA-BAR is used to open cans, dig trenches, and cut wood and roots.
Razor sharp out of the box, the 6 inch drop point blade on this beauty can slice and dice with ease while the tip is pin point sharp and perfect for piercing. The trail rated packages are steep in price , but if Chrysler can sell the SRT8 packages , I think the Rubicons will be on the show room floor for quite a while. If mom and dad ask me what I want for Christmas , I might just tell them a 2014 Rubicon X !

They would sell the ba-jeebus out of them to people who would actually use them as intended. The pink hat wearing yuppies and the other vanity cases are the ones with money and we purist and off roaders whom use a 4WD vehicle for its intended purpose and not just to get out of a plowed in parking spot will have to take a back seat to the Madison Avenue advertistising dipsticks who believe they know what we want and what's good for us without asking . But I still would trade all that for old iron not just because you can diagnose it with a test light for example , but because of quality and character . Many other countries are the opposite of us , for every auto trans on the road , there is a thousand stick cars.
All that could be made out of the letter was the letters "k a bar", presumably fragments of "kill a bear".
Millions of these knives were manufactured during the war by several companies, including one which would later be renamed "KA-BAR". When most of use think of a survival rifle design we think of bolt actions that can take the muck and still function.
I understand the Ruger mounts can take an incredible beating, however I have to ask if there a reason it is not drilled an tapped to accept a bolt on Weaver base? At 100 yards those groups opened up to 5” with iron sights which I still consider minute of deer accuracy with iron sights. A serrated segment on the spine of the blade is perfect for cutting rope, straps or even timber. Big brother has always had a hand in pleasing the enviormental agency for their own convenience which forces us to accept if we still want to play. Maybe someone will listen , but thus far , has Chrysler even broke ground on a build of these jeeps ?
Use to own a '78 jeep cherokee of which the only comfort it had was power steering and brakes. The handle is formed from a durable paracord wrapping, this not only provides a solid and firm grip but also can come in handy when in need of a backup supply of paracord. I don't like being treated like a child any more than the next JEEPER , but we are still expected to conform or they will threaten to take away our toys. Although auto trans have gotten better over the years , even heavy trucks have been using them for some time , quality lacks in some models.

Also if you need to hammer in or out a sticky round you have that option with the bolt action. An ideal survival knife, it comes with a FREE nylon sheath and belt loop so you can always have it ready by your side. Maybe I'm too old school in my thought as I like the vehicles we had when I got my license , but I still appreciate modern convenience as long as it dosen't have a price tag equal to a years salary or you get plastic when you used to get metal. Downing a dear with a 22 is doable, but much more effective and humane with the .357 Magnum. I like the simplicity of the vehicle, that and I have not had a vehicle payment (sans my wifes money pits) in 15 years. Even 158 Grain cast bullets are a little more lead frugal than the other obvious 44 Magnum rounds and unless you are loading them really hot, do not require a gas check which is another component you may not have available.
Maybe if we all were adamant about contacting the manufacturer in terms of " what we want in a jeep " for example , maybe they would listen ? In my mind pistols and rifles chambered 357 Magnum are very versatile guns that can fill many roles. An advantage over lever actions is that this gun can be quickly loaded and unloaded just by clearing the chamber and dropping the magazine.
I would not have any problem driving manual again , but you have to have more folks into it as well so that there is consideration in terms of road manners .
Taking off on flat surface is fine , but too many have lost ( or never had) the art of taking off on a grade without rolling back excessively. Still , I would like to see a quality manual too as there are equal complaints of problems with stick due to manufacture budget saving on quality.

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