If you logged into ARK: Survival Evolved since it launched into Early Access, you've probably felt the hot sting of dinosaur teeth ripping into you more than a few times. The first several hours of gameplay was a mess of trying to figure out how to survive in a dino-eat-dino world, where the beasts that roam are as fearsome as they've ever been. After losing everything to the freshest corpse time and time again, the hard lesson of aggressive survival settles in.
ARK: Survival Evolved will break you down if you do not know how to prepare for your survival. When you create a new survivor or respawn without a bed, you get to choose which Zone you will respawn in.
There's not exactly an ideal spawn point, though it's advised to stay clear of spawning up north if you're new to the game.
Whether you're playing alone or with friends, you're going to need armor to survive in the ARK. Dinosaurs do a lot of damage, and many will not hesitate to kill you if you provoke them or simply get in their line of sight. When you level up and increase your stats, you unlock a certain amount of You use Engram Points to learn new crafting recipes. If you don't have tribe members or are simply flying solo, save your points until you know what you definitely need. In the ARK, it's very likely that something or someone will come along and kill you while you're down and out.
It takes a lot of hide and requires the crafter to know how to make sleeping bags first, but a bed is simply invaluable.
Try to keep your beds around the most protected area of the base, to ensure your spawn point never gets destroyed. Dinosaurs are a pain in the butt to train, as they should be, so make sure you're sufficiently prepared before trying to tame something. ARK: Survival Evolved has a unique leveling system where you always gain experience whenever you're online.
I've been playing ARK: Survival Evolved for the past few days now, and it took me over 12 hours of gameplay before I really felt like I was getting anywhere. The developers are an ambitious bunch, but they haven't let the sudden populararity spike get to their heads.
PS - As a follow up to your save issue, I recently figured out that the developers launched an update with a major bug that made it so new characters could not save. I know it's an alpha game so things that bugs don't bother me that much because they will be fixed ^^ it's fun to see the development. Ark Survival is literally the first game I ever play (not counting GameBoy and DS games) and even though gathering and building is going slow, I am having really fun! So far I have been killed by a Dilo, failed at taming a Parasaur, fell off a cliff and died, tried taming again but I ran RIGHT into a dilo when collecting berries and it killed my tame-in-progress parasaur instead of me XD I am just waiting for a Carno to show up and ruin my day (though I have not seen any around my base yet, East Zone 1, a bit to the south in a mini valley where a blue loot drop previously was. So far there's lots of griefers and PKERs, it's not just survival from dinosaurs but survival from people who may or may not have the best intentions for you in mind.
Also everytime a Trex chases me, i just run to a bronto or a steggarsaurus and then it distracts them. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! However, before entering the straight issue, we want you to learn about the one who has vanquished the ARK Game for a while and shared his thoughts on the game.
To fully comprehend the content, here is the list of full information regarding the sections that can instruct you prior to entering the ARK Survival Evolved game!
With this option, you can develop the texture gradually and have a nicer visual to the game, while trying to remain better performance.
The map that the game occurs called “ARK.” Check out the images of the map as shown below here, which probably benefits the beginners. Spawning can only work by choosing an area of the map from the spawn screen, like “North Zone 1” and click to spawn in. Basic ToolsStone PickBasic tool that is available on character spawn, once you gather the resources (1 x Wood + 1 x Stone + 10 x Thatch). Crafting is the process of creating items you have unlocked, learned and gathered the resources for. Why Tame Dino's?Dino's can be used for riding, storage, hunting, harvest, and defending property while you are offline. IntroSo you have gathered some resources, you managed to stay alive for longer than 5 minutes and you want to be able to get more without being over encumbered. After the game loads up, you will see there is a main menu in which you need to choose from four more selections. Once choosing it, the games server list will appear, you will be capable of searching for a server to attend and play the game.
This is the place where you can set up your character following your way, select the gender, skin, body bone-scaling and name it. After accomplishing your character, make sure you will move through an animation that will wake your character up on the coast of a beach.
Tap key V or choose the “crafttables” options in the inventory, you will see the engrams and what the materials are to use for crafting.
Engrams are character-bound blueprints allowing you to make without requiring a physical blueprint. The Beginners Bible DVD SeriesCategory: Blu-ray's and DVD's“The Beginners Bible” series are fun for kids. You need to be smart with your life to survive, and hold onto it like it's the last cookie you'll ever set eyes on. This beginner's guide extensively covers only the first few chunks of the game, until you reach about level 10. Not only could this help you when you're relocating your body, but it's important to keep in mind simply because of the sheer size of the map. The north side of the ARK houses dangerous creatures such as giant, carnivorous birds and hungry sabertooth cats.
Pressing the 'E' key will allow you to pick items from the ground, such as berries, fiber and rock.
There are currently not enough Engram Points in the game to learn everything there is to make, so it's encouraged to divvy up the burden with your tribe members. If you need help figuring out where to spend your Engram Points, then look out for our Engram Build Guide.
Your body will stay in the server, as if it were asleep, until you log back on again or something comes along and kills you.
In order to keep yourself safe, you and your tribe mates need to form a base to live in — preferably one that's not made of thatch (due to the low damage resistance).
Not only do you have the ability to respawn at your bed whenever you die, but you can fast travel between any bed that you and your tribe has placed.
You wouldn't want to spawn on the beach only to figure out you can't find your house from where you're at. The least you should have is a slingshot to knock out the animal and a few narcoberries to keep him down. For more information on domesticating dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, please check our guide on how to tame your dinosaur!
Take to building torches, or if you've got a mortar and pestle and know how to craft sparkpowder, make a bunch of that — it's infinitely more useful. Along the way, I couldn't help but admire the attention to detail found in the ARK that I feel lacks in many other games — not just survival games.

Patches have been flying out multiple times a day, fixing bugs and sometimes adding new features or dinosaurs.
Your character's do not transfer between separate servers unless you go to one of the ARK's 3 Giant Floating Obelisks. Finding your survivors on Multiplayer servers can be daunting since you need to find the server you last played on. I use the mouse to navigate where I am looking because the arrows turn so slow, however I can't navigate well like this. If you navigate to Options either from the Main Menu or In-Game (by pressing ESC), you can find a huge number of different options to tweak the client for the best possible game experience. They updated the game and fixed the problem soon after, but that was probably what you were experiencing. It's heavily time consuming and the progress is slow going but the rewards feel so worth it at this point. We are pleased to give you a full guide for beginner for the purpose of helping you guys on how to survive and where to start when entering the ARK world! There will be some information quoted from him, including the experiences, tutorials and test configuration to join the game!
This changes the in-game darkness, so you can see when the night comes, but it no longer works on official servers.
Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within ARK: Survival Evolved. Some of this information has been sourced from the Wiki, but only provided if it was relevant and plausible. They are constantly updating and making it run better for people, but for now, you probably have to tweak your settings and launch the correct version of the game to enjoy it the most, without 3 FPS. Not only do you level up faster in a tribe, because a percentage of XP that Tribe members gain, you gain as well, but also because you don't need to use Engram Points on things that others can research instead and make for you. Most items placed in a tamed creature's inventory also take longer to spoil than they would otherwise. Please note, for a complete list of Creatures, including currently non-tamable ones, check the table near the bottom of this guide. Based on the number of players, ping and server name filter, you can also filter servers in alphabetical orders. Then, you are supposed to configure the server settings based on your liking, select the way you want to launch the server.
Whenever increasing the level of character, you will be rewarded “engram points” that you can use to unlock new engrams.
First, you need to form a “Stone Pickaxe” then you it which will give your more Flint and stones. Make an effort to either destroy small dinosaurs or collect the resources from trees and rocks. We hope that you can learn some principal skills, rules to maintain your surviving in this ARK world.
The title song for the series, sung by Kathie Lee Gifford, is enjoyable in itself, but then add it to the cute animated stories that follow and you have several fun and easy to understand stories that kids probably have heard about but might not fully understand. Because of this, you need loads of time on your hands, an active tribe, or to play near-exclusively in singleplayer to fully enjoy your experience in the ARK. Check out our attributes guide if you need help figuring out what the stats do when you level up.
Run up to a few trees and punch them for materials, but don't go overboard — punching anything diminishes your health. Just today they released patch notes on a governance system for extra tribe management options. More then often I run right through a bush, or can't defend myself against a dinosaur because I can't aim and get all out of focus. The following guide as shown below here can be taken from private experience and some studies sourced from Wiki. In this section, we will bring you some basic details about the settings, no sky effects, the memory as well as the map and the spawn point to help you understand your first step! As for you, you are probably supposed to tweak your settings and release the accurate version of the game to play it, without 3 FPS. You can run for a while and still be inside the same zone, however, it is still helpful to respawn in the general area of teammates, away from aggressive players, near your body to retrieve gear, etc.. If you notice something that should be changed, please let me know! ADVANCED GUIDE COMING SOON!!! In the past I worked on modding such games as ArmA 2 for DayZ Mod servers and now I work on small community projects for Insurgency. You must have nothing in your hand, except you may have a torch in one so at night you can still harvest.
You cam tame as many Dino's as you want, but they continue to eat while you are offline, so make sure you only tame what you can maintain.
And, even though the story of building the ark is important, what happens once the rain stops is just as important to Noah and young viewers. These stories are presented in a simplistic way for them to understand and after viewing them they will be able to discuss them further with their parents. She has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines as well as internet websites. Might be doing a guide on how to build your house to KEEP it on an Official PvP server, if people are struggling enough with it.
You guys are advised to take a look or read more details prior to taking up your epic quest! But, it is very useful to take a re-spawn in the common location of teammates, away from the voracious players, nearby your body to take the gear back, etc.
A map of the spawns is shown here, but this may be out of date or slightly different as they update so frequently.
If you find it runs rough, you reduce the settings but it still runs rough, or you increase settings to make it look better, but it's not playable, check out the other options.No Sky EffectsLaunching with this option means that the sky has no moon, start or cloud effects, etc. Before we go into more detail, note that your temperature is affected by many different sources, including: Current Air Temp, Heat Sources (like fires), Swimming, Clothing, and Shelter.
Narcotics increase the Torpor of a creature by 40 which is equal to the amount of torpor given by 5 Narcoberry's required to make it.
This is updated as it changes with patches, community feedback, and I personally test each one. With fun animations and songs, the DVD is a great way to introduce kids to the stories of the Bible. This is the perfect way to introduce young children to the stories of the Bible in a cute and enjoyable way that simplifies the stories while embracing the heart of the characters and their lives. She has written her own book, Beyond the Red Carpet The World of Entertainment Journalists, from Sourced Media Books. If it runs difficulty, you decrease the settings but still runs rough, or if you advance the settings but it doesn’t work well, it’s time to check out other choices.
Just try this option, if you think that it is insufficient for your PC to get above 30 FPS, just try “Extremely Low Memory”. Check out the spawn map here, but probably it is out of date or discrepant a little bit as they update frequently. Once you are confident you have the resources and the levels, I suggest starting with a Dilo, then Trike or Steg.
However unlike the berries themselves, the narcotic doesn't spoil, and will grant 2xp from crafting.

I left objects such as preserving bins and cooking pots out as they aren't essential base items at this early point.
Next it unlocks certain engrams at different levels, allow you to open your Engrams and you can apply the points you are given, by learning newly unlocked craftables. They make us saddles so we can ride Dinos we tame that we haven't unlocked saddles for and we give them Keratin as a result.
Stegs are my recommendation for harvesting berries, fast, but they take a lot of narcotics and time to tame!How To: Normal Method Knock the animal unconscious.
If not, don't sweat it, navigation gets easier and when you learn what spawn zones to utilize.
See below for more info.Why Am I Making This?After playing ARK for a while, thought I would provide a guide with some tips and tricks that I have learnt over my time playing.
You can unlock, learn and craft a compass at level 10, for 5 Engram Points (EP), with 5 Metal, 5 Flint, 30 Fiber. I have new clan and community members joining ARK, asking how to play, so I figured this would be easier for myself, to avoid constant repeating of instructions, but also so others who start out on ARK cna learn what I learnt. Be careful, full stacks of berries add up and start to weigh you down.TreesTrees, large, deep rooted ones, small palms on the sand, drift wood, etc. You can easily punch them out if you have full health and avoid their spit (when you get close, the carnivorous Dilo will attack by first spitting it's venom to try to blind you, then run at you). ARK has surprised me and taken the best aspects of those, put it into a game, added Dinosaurs and creatures, improved on what other games lacked, then released it in early access.. This item acts as a water bottle and allows you to replenish your thirst without returning to the water to swim.
Sometimes punching them will knock them out, so once out, kill and harvest with a better tool. Make sure you have plenty of water and avoid using up stamina, as while hot, this uses up water faster, again. You can fill it up by entering shallow water and using the item (Hot Bar or main inventory). So basically, despite it running horribly on my PC, the game play is so fun and addictive, that I keep playing and host a server, before they even optimise settings. The downside is that it slowly leaks and you may find yourself with a near empty Waterskin by the time you need to drink, on occasion.SpearThis is the first basic weapon you are able to unlock. It has the habit to break at the most unfortunate times, so it's a good idea to carry multiple, but be careful, it can weigh you down a bit. Usually Meat or Berries (See Table).Keep plenty of food in its inventory while the taming bar fills up, but don't force feed them.
For hunting, a Spear for Dilo's and Pick for the small animals.CookingYou've killed some poor innocent Dodo's like a heartless barstard (only kidding), or some Dilo's, whatever. This will replenish thirst and fill the waterskin for you to drink later.HungerThis shows your hunger. Stimberries DO NOT lower the food level faster, it only makes the Food counter refresh faster and lower Torpor. But it is required to be learnt still, in order to unlock Simple Bed at level 5.Theft PreventionWhen placing an item such as a Storage Box or Door, your Tribe is granted access to it, as is everyone else.
The Spear will be useful for a while.Wooden BowAble to be used with Stone Arrows or Tranq arrows after level 20, the bow is a must get item, ASAP. Your tamed animals can die from starvation even while you are offline, so be sure there is enough food in their inventory. This can be anything you want, no matter how random, as you never have to enter it, only those you give the Pin Code to, to share items, at which point you can clear or set a new Pin Code, if you desire. More details on this (which berries) is found further down this guide.StaminaThis shows your Stamina.
More info about crafting and narcotics, later on.CampfireThis item should be unlocked and crafted ASAP as well. NOTE: Even if no one can access your items, they can still destroy the Storage Box or Doors to grief or gain access to bases, etc. This allows you to turn Raw Meat into Cooked Meat, which replenishes more hunger and health than berries. It is suggested to keep them above 75% in case it drops below and wakes up when something distracts you for 2 seconds.
Also, if they awake, you'll lose all taming progress and lose any items in their inventory.
When you have two tamed Creatures of the same species and with opposite genders near each other, they will receive a Mate Boost like their wild counterparts.
It can be replenished easily with lots of cooked meat or blood bags (must be unlocked, learned & pre-prepared with an extractor kit). There is no max level, but they can only level 38 times from the level you tame them at (as of 181.0).
It is common for 'end game' hunters to stalk specific dinos (sometimes with specific colors) between lvl 25-30, knock them out, and then inspect their stats (if the game auto assigned their points to hunger or breath, then the hunter will look for another). Until the hunger level reaches 0, do not supply the Dino with anything other than Narcotics to keep it unconscious. As some Dinosaurs can take a while to tame, it is recommended to do something else and occasionally check it to give it more Narcos, provided you do not leave it so long it wakes up. I get Dino's to carry my gear instead.Melee DamageThis is not really needed unless you intend on bare fist fighting a lot. Once the hunger level reaches 0 (or low enough for your satisfaction), open the animal's inventory and feed it by dragging food into it's inventory.
Adds 10% to max, each time your level it up.Movement SpeedHow quickly can a survivor travel on foot.
When you swim, you lose stamina and if you run out while swimming, you suffocate and drown. I suggest this one.FortitudeFortitude provides some resistance from the weather elements and Torpor, makes you lose consciousness.
Keep in mind that because you are keeping it out while you aren't feeding it, this takes a lot more Narcotics, but the benefit of this method is that once you begin to add the food, because their food level is so low, they wont eat every time it drops 30 points, it will keep eating until full, meaning it can finish in a fraction of the time. You should eat berries in an emergency as if you don't cook raw meat before eating it, or you eat spoiled meat, you will get sick and injured. If you carry a bit of weight on your from extra resources to repair or craft on the fly, this is for you. Tranquilized: This can be caused by the attack of the Pulmonoscorpius (scorpion) or a player's Tranq Arrow. Adds 10%, each time your level it up.TorporUsed to monitor whether your character becomes unconscious and how long it stays unconscious for. Injured: Can't jump, run, recover stamina, slower movement, and Torpidity (risk of unconsciousness) increases faster. When you have a high amount of torpor, you’ll be knocked out and will have to wait for it to decrease before you can function again, though it decreases at a fairly rapid rate.
A good way to regain health at early levels is blood bags, created from blood extraction kits.

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