Ask Bear Grylls or anyone who has survived a serious scrape in the outdoors and they will say your brain is your most important survival tool. Dependable BladeThe 4.8-inch fine edge, drop-point blade can go straight from hacking firewood to delicately filleting a trout.
Trusty GripAt 13.7 ounces in weight and 10 inches in total length, this knife feels solid and balanced in the hand.
Efficient Multi-taskerAlong with flawlessly performing all the essential duties of a knife, like slicing, chopping and filleting, this knife is packed with survival features. Durable SheathJust like the knife it protects, the sheath on the Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade reveals a few useful surprises in its military-grade, mildew-resistant package. Great Knife, only really annoying part is there is no way of rebuying the Firesteel once it is used up. I got this knife maybe half a year ago and I noticed after my second time using it that I had somehow bent the blade slightly to the right, yet I've only used this with wood.
This knife is great it is sharp and the fire starter is perfect it lit a massive bond fire. Designet af Bear Grylls, denne kniv er fyldt med detaljer og nyskabelser, som du ikke finder på din almindelige dolk. Du er altid velkommen i vores store butik i Horsens, hvor du selvfolgelig ogsa kan afhente eller returnere varer. If you’re going to pack an item into the backcountry, it becomes even more valuable when it serves multiple purposes. Balanced Minimalism The minimalist, balanced feel of the Paracord Fixed Blade is well-suited to extended backcountry travel where every ounce counts. Multitasking SheathThe lightweight, slim design of the sheath is in keeping with the thin profile and minimalist style of the knife, a real plus when you’re traveling light and don’t want bulky items hanging from your belt or pack. I think that most commonly sentient people (if they see any thing, regardless of whether that particular thing means and if its users), identifies nice and eye-catching thing. One of the most important tools that is the key to many wilderness related activities is the bushcraft knife. To help you as much as possible on your way to choosing this essential tool we made a thorough research on the best bushcraft knives that you can find and personally tested some of them to determine how they compare to each other.
The best thing you can do when choosing a bushcraft knife is picking one that has a fixed blade, because they have a more solid built and particularly those with a full tang. It comes with a nylon sheath that has a good size featuring a compartment to easily store a multi-tool or a blade sharpener. This fixed blade knife from Morakniv is one of our personal favorites when is comes to bushcraft. The blade is made out of carbon steel and has a thickness of 3.2 mm, which makes usual bushcraft activities much easier to handle.
One of the best things about this model is that the grip is high friction rubber, letting you go about the tasks at hand with ease, considering the fact that you’ll probably have a sweaty hand while using it.
It’s by far one of the best picks you can make, so get one of your own while stocks last. It has been designed by Ethan Becker, an expert survivalist who has a rare proficiency in designing high quality, durable fixed blade knives.

Although more of a high end product when compared to other knives that we included in this list, the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 earns its price. The knife is designed by Chris Claycombe, a tactical bushcraft expert that together with Spyderco designers made this knife to be of help to those who are passionate about the outdoors.
The SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is made by the high standards that Schrade proved time and time again. Your attitude, instincts and knowledge of the back-country are what will keep you alive when everything else fails. Its premium grade stainless steel construction means you’ll never see rust or corrosion as you pull it from its sheath.
A large, textured, rubberized handle gives you a solid grip in any condition and an oversized bolster where the handle meets the blade keeps your hand from slipping toward the blade as you lean into your cut.
The functional design, along with the rugged materials were the main reasons for me to choose this model. Intricately designed by Gerber and Bear, it’s loaded with innovations that won’t be found in any other fixed blade knife. By combining Gerber’s decades of experience crafting tools and Bear Grylls’s survival knowledge, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade is that item. The 4-inch handle performs equally well with or without the paracord, and it offers a full grip for all hand sizes and plenty of power for driving the blade to shape wood or work on small game. You can customize the sheath to meet your access preference, too: tip up, tip down or to the side. If you don’t then let us give you a quick heads up on the term, before going into details about which ones are the best and why.
It’s about the activities that enable you to live in the wilderness, that are essential if you want to survive.
You should definitely go for this one if you are looking for an all purpose knife that is comfortable to carry around. You will notice the great grip on this knife, and how functional it is in different activities. You can pick it up at around $70, but honestly, considering the fact that it’s so versatile, it feels more like a $150-$200 knife. It’s so strong and sharp, that you can baton through a piece of metal pipe and afterwards skin your prey to make dinner. It offers multiple grip possibilities, which make a variety of tasks easy to get over with. But to put those instincts to work building a shelter, starting a fire or finding food, that brain needs a sharp, dependable knife.The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade combines Gerber’s decades of knife making experience with Bear Grylls’ survival skills to create a survival knife that’s everything you need and nothing more. Pair that with the cutout notch on the blade’s top edge and the ferrocerium rod produces a shower of fire-igniting sparks.
When it comes to reliability and versatility, this is one knife you will not regret having. Like everything in the Survival Series, it also includes Bear’s Priorities of Survival pocket guide. You get the functionality of a field-proven, full tang fixed blade knife plus the added versatility of nearly 4 feet of paracord.

A deep choil that sits between your hand and the blade allows you to safely apply added pressure when driving the blade, and a textured thumb rest on the spine adds control. It attaches easily to a pack, or remove the belt clip for the ultimate in minimalist packing.
I bought the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade and I'm very happy with, just happened to me a sad thing.
It’s about skills like hunting, skinning, building fires and shelters, and the tools that you need to practice most of these activities. The 4.85 inch blade is partially serrated, perfect for different needs that may arise in the wilderness. Considering all the advantages of this knife, it’s easily among the best bushcraft knives under 50 dollars.
It’s a great multi-purpose tool, being perfect for hunting, survival an general outdoor activities.
The full tang is an aspect that gives you peace of mind and the reassurance that it will hold on no matter the situation. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.
It leaves clever to the other gear in your backpack because clever usually means fancy features and moving parts that can bend, break, jam or get lost when you need them most. With an updated full tang construction, you can be sure this is a tool that won’t fail you even after hard use.
And the lanyard cord with emergency whistle helps you keep track of the knife and provides a loud emergency signal should potential rescuers be within earshot. A pull-through carbide sharpener is integrated into the sheath, so you can make sure your blade stays sharp.
And it weighs in under 6 ounces, that’s less than most smartphones—not bad for a 7.75-inch long knife. The 45 inches of paracord on the handle could fashion an emergency splint or repair a blown snowshoe binding. Size is not necessarily the most important aspect when it comes to bushcraft knives, because they’re meant to be multi-purpose tools. We usually try not to pinpoint one specific knife as being the best because there are so many aspects and options that it’s hard to say that one knife is much better that all the other alternatives.
And, for refreshing your outdoor knowledge before things get dicey, a waterproof version of Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide is stashed into the protective pocket on the back. There are some categories though, where one product makes for a big difference compared to the competition.

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