When you think about a “first aid kit” do you just think about a box of Band-Aids?
In order to have a quality first aid kit you need to be able to address more than just scratches and scrapes. Download the spreadsheet First Aid Inventory to keep track of what you already have and what supplies you need to begin purchasing.
The red cross has a fabulous first aid app and lots of videos available to tone your first aid muscles.
Obviously training and practice are important, but having a first aid manual in your kit makes sure that knowledge is available,  even when your brain has checked out. Check out our National Preparedness Month Challenge from years past for more on first aid kits and other medical supplies.
According to the nurse, knowledge of first aid by people around could have helped save the boys’ life depending on the severity of the stab wound.
A well established and functional emergency management system can also help in cases like this. Is a tech savvy Medical Laboratory Scientist and social entrepreneur very passionate about using ICT for development and social good. I picked up some really useful info, including several things that surprised me, and I'm sharing. What I'm telling you, of course, is not a substitute for actually taking the course (sorry, you don't get off that easy)! If you call from a cell phone, emergency responders likely won't be able to detect your exact location so you have to tell them where you are; that could be an issue if, say, a parent is injured and a child with speech issues is calling. Max has a peanut allergy so I carry around one Epi-Pen Jr from the two-pack, and keep the other at home. If a wound is gushing blood, place a gauze pad, clean cloth or a gloved hand over it and apply pressure. Have the person sit and lean forward, then press both side of the nostrils for a few minutes until bleeding stops. The instructor spoke of the tourniquets used after the Boston Marathon bombings that helped save lives by stopping blood flow.

Put a plastic bag filled with ice and water on the hurt area, with a towel between the ice-bag and skin for up to 20 minutes. A rolled up magazine that cradles the arm or ankle gives really effective support until you can get to a doc.
Using tweezers, grab the tick by its mouth or head as close to the skin as possible and lift it straight out without twisting or squeezing its body or noting how much it looks like your mother-in-law. If you're ever around a diabetic who gets woozy, pale or otherwise seems ill, immediately give them fruit juice, milk, sugar, honey or a regular soft drink, not a diet one.
There's not any First Aid you can administer; call 911 asap, because the new treatments that reduce damage from stroke and improve recovery must be given within the first hours after the first signs of stroke appear. Donations to UW Health are managed by the University of Wisconsin Foundation, a publicly supported charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Although it may be a FIRST aid kit, you should be sure that you have enough supplies to keep a wound clean and healing properly. You might consider the Safety Mate which will talk you through an emergency, like an electronic dispatcher. At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links.
She said this while reacting to an unfortunate incident that happened in Owerri, Imo State when a 17 year old secondary school girl stabbed her male friend during a fight. If it were just one place, pressure would have been applied to avoid excessive blood loss while calling for help or engaging the victim to stay up and hang on” she said.
He volunteers for Key Correspondents Network as a citizen journalist and is the present Country Coordinator of the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning. I took the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Course for our Girl Scout troop last week, and learned a whole lot from the instructor and the Academy-Award level actors featured in the course DVD.
Dial from a landline and your exact home address will instantly flash on the operator's screen. If that doesn't stop bleeding, do not remove the dressing or you could mess up the clotting that's started to form.

If you can't stop the bleeding in about 15 minutes, it's heavy (as in, gushing blood) or the person has trouble breathing, call 911. It's pretty easy to make one: Fold a cloth or cravat so it's long, and at least one-inch wide. Lift the tick until the person's skin "tents," wait for several seconds and the tick may release its grip. As in, if the injected one does not stop an anaphylactic reaction, you need to use the second pen.
And if your child has just bled all over your Shabby Chic sofa, call your husband and wail. Place the magazine so that it extends beyond the injured area and supports the joints above and below. The info about dosage on the EpiPen site notes that up to 20 percent of patients may require a second dose.
Place a stick, a screwdriver or something similar on the half-knot, then tie a full knot over that. We're pretty far from the hospital and my mother in law (who funnily enough looks remarkably like a tick) likes to regale me with stories of kids who perished in the car on the way to casualty. Then just turn the stick to tighten the tourniquet, continue tightening until the bleeding stops then tie it again. Even though your cable company assures you that they have battery backups, those only last up to 8 hours, if that.
He was bitten by about twenty piss ants (the little black ants) last year and his whole body swelled up. I keep one in his diaper bag and the other one I sent to day care since he started going about twice a month (his brother goes full time).

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