The first thing you’ll want to do is look through the document to understand the structure. Once you have your new categories in the header position, you can begin to change the individual items listed under them. Feel free to give the template some personal flare by adding some of your own photo or pictures of your family to keep you happy and motivated as you face new challenges and enjoy the new experience.
Once you have a comprehensive list of all the items you’ll need for your backpacking expedition, you can print the sheet to bring with you. Join us in thanking these generous businesses for their support of the Pacific Crest Trail. Last night I dropped Jeremy off at Newark station, he was going to a friend’s house, in County Durham, before they were both to go off to T in the Park in Scotland. Octagon Technology – technology without tears for LincolnshireKeep calm and avoid software headache – how businesses buy new software determines their long-term success KamilaCyber crime, viruses and Trojans – a subject that changes quicker than weather. Hiking provides healthful exercise, a way to soak in the beauty of nature, and an entertaining single-day activity.What is a Single-Day Hike? The Backpacking Checklist can help you organize the things you need for your trip and makes sure they’re with you as you brave a whole new world. Start by going through and changing or deleting the categories you think you’ll use for your journey. In her spare time she also enjoys Latin dancing and teaching pilates in Salt Lake City, Utah.
This printable document is easily customizable and allows you to enter only the things you want.
It’s not difficult to define a single-day hike but when you’re out enjoying Mother Nature she can throw some surprises in your path.

With categories to separate your items and plenty of space for extended trips, it’s no wonder why people love using the Backpacking template. Travelers wanting to take detours (say for climbing a peak, visiting a lake or trailhead) will probably want to bring along other maps too. Water and liquids that provide electrolytes will keep your brain and nervous system active and aware, and the rest of your bodily systems doing what they are supposed to do!Bottled water of the Fuji variety and other similar brands actually have a high level of electrolytes and are great choices for the trail. Coconut water and aloe water are also great for quick hydration, and most people find that they taste great as well! Protection from the Elements The “elements” include the sun, the wind, and any level of moisture. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you should apply a sunblock with at least an SPF of 40, 45 or 50.
To protect yourself from the wind, drink plenty of fluid as evaporation can occur more readily with a strong wind (and extreme temperatures) and apply a lip balm. Any organic lip balm is a good choice as the natural ingredients provide protection but are less likely to irritate lips’ sensitive skin.To protect against moisture, wear materials that won’t stay wet for long. Once cotton gets wet it will stay wet longer than most wearable materials, which in extreme conditions can lead to hypothermia and in less extreme conditions can still lead to chapping or discomfort. A light poncho may also be advisable.Navigation Tools Regardless of how well you know the area where you plan to hike, surprises can happen and getting lost isn’t uncommon among hikers. Take care to always carry an up-to-date trail map, a GPS, or a compass that at least one or two people in your group know how to use!Snacks for Energy Even small snacks can keep your energy levels high and your brain alert so that you can continue to enjoy the beautiful world around you as you hike! Also ensure that the headlights or flashlights are tested before the hike to determine that they are working. Also, regardless of the length or exact time that your hike takes place it is always a good idea to consider your illumination needs!Curiosity, Openness, Cheer It might seem strange that “curiosity, openness, and cheer” have made their way as a subtitle into this article.

It might seem even more strange that these qualities were included before the next subtitle which is a first-aid kit and obviously important!The truth is that qualities like curiosity, openness and cheer are what make hiking so magical and healing in the first place. Before embarking on your single-day hike remember that every moment in time can change you forever.
Express gratitude that you are able to walk and hike in this beautiful world!First-Aid Kit A first-aid kit is essential for your single-day hike. Matches aren’t generally a part of a first-aid kit but having something that can create warmth can be very useful in providing first aid!
Buying shoes that are made for hiking at REI or another outdoor retailer can make a significant difference during your hiking experience. The right shoes can keep out more moisture for longer periods of time and will be far more comfortable to wear.
Also, always remember to wear footwear for at least a few hours before embarking on the hike. You don’t want to end up with blisters!Shelter Last but not least include a tarp, small tent, or at the very least a reflective blanket in your hiking pack. These items shouldn’t weigh much for the most part and if surprise weather comes along in a hurry you’ll be ready.Enjoy!

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