Butt Implants OverviewButt implants are the answer to many a women’s desire to have a rounded posterior and a shapely curvature.
Butt Implant Consultation and cost During the consultation, talk to the surgeon about what you want the end result to be, discuss the risks and cost involved and the kind of shape that you want to achieve. Ever since we had Isabelle and delved into the world of babywearing, I've noticed other people wearing their babies pretty much everywhere I look!
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If you thought that to strut a behind like hers you would need to put in hours in the gym to no end, it is not true. The average cost of butt implant surgery is $8000.Butt Implants Procedure and RisksThe procedure involves making an incision in the butt into which the surgeon creates a gap to slide in the silicone implant.

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There are a couple of options to consider when it comes to augmenting the butt, like butt implants and butt lift.
The augmented butt, made in a shape that you want appears natural and firm.Butt Implant CandidateThe first step is to go through your medical history with the board certified plastic surgeon to make sure that you are fit enough for the surgery.
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We tell you about the options and details so that you can decide if you want to go in for butt implants or butt lift. If you are looking for an enhancement in the shape of your butt, then you are a candidate for the surgery.
The surgery is performed under anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours.Like all other plastic surgeries, the surgery includes the risk of an infection.

To avoid such situations, choose a reputed plastic surgeon to do the job.Butt Lift Surgery OverviewAn alternative to butt implant surgery is the butt lift surgery.
While butt implants can enhance the size of your butt and make it more rounded and shapely, a butt lift is helpful to give you a toned butt and a shapely waist and hips.Butt Lift Surgery CandidateNormally, the surgery can be taken up by non-smoking women who have a sagging butt or excess fat deposited in their butt. It is often paired with liposuction which leaves the skin sagging after fat removal.Butt Lift Consultation and CostDuring the consultation, let the surgeon know about the kind of toned look that you wish to achieve. This is done by making incisions on the buttock and removing excess fat and skin from around the incision.

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