Best facial toners for your skinAll the expert tips you need to buy the best facial toner for your skin concern! These are Gyoza King at Orchid Hotel, Gyoza Ya at Robinsons Orchard and the Osaka Ohsho chain, which has four outlets here. The dumplings, generally sold in a set of five or six, are filled with minced pork and vegetables. Unlike other dumplings that are completely boiled, steamed or fried, gyozas have a crispy pan-fried base and its upper half is steamed.
What: First set up in 1969 in Japan, Osaka, the chain opened here in November 2012 and now has four outlets specialising in the Japanese dumplings. Other menu highlights include Jya Jya Men ($6.50), which is like a Japanese version of the Chinese noodle dish zhajiang mian.
What: Ramen may be the must-have item at Great World City's Ramen Champion, but the gyozas are also not to be missed. What: Aptly called One Bite Gyoza ($8 for 10 pieces), the pot stickers from Uma Uma Ramen are bite-sized delights.
What: While the original Hakata-style gyoza ($7 for five pieces, available at Mandarin Gallery, UE Square and Westgate) is the ramen chain's best-selling item, there are more variations for diners to choose from, in which the accompanying sauces come with a twist. The Asia Square outlet features a Spicy Boiled Gyoza ($8 for five pieces), which is Ippudo's original gyoza served with a special sauce and chilli oil; and deep-fried gyozas ($4 for five pieces). Over at Westgate, which also sells the Spicy Boiled Gyoza, other options include the Oroshi Ponzu Gyoza ($8 for five pieces), which comes topped with grated radish and spring onions and is served with a citrus-based sauce; and Miso Dare Gyoza ($8 for five pieces), which is served with a special blended miso sauce. China has been rolling out a new 72-hour transit visa exemption policy in major cities throughout the country, making visiting China even easier. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province in South China and the third-largest city in China. Situated at the heart of Guangzhou, Yuexiu Park encompasses 200+ acres, including three man-made lakes, hills, gardens, pagodas and bridges, locals fishing or practicing tai chi, and ancient sculptures. The ancestral temple of the Chen family, also sometimes called the Chen Clan Academy, was a place of study and worship that has been meticulously preserved since it was built in 1894. There is a quartet of temples in Guangzhou that are among the city’s most recognizable landmarks, especially the towering pagoda at the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees.
This tiny island is a sandbar within the Pearl River with a literal name (Shamian translates to “sandy surface”).
Available facilities for guests will include a 25,000 square feet Health Club, a shopping boulevard, 15 food and beverage outlets and a roof top bar on the 69th floor of the building. The Emporis, one of the largest malls of construction and engineering on internet, published a list of the 10 largest malls in the world. The largest of the Americas – West Edmonton Mall covers an area of about 570,000 m2 making it the 5th largest in the world. The Dubai mall is the largest in the world land area (1.2 million m?), but it is in 9th place when the subject is comercial area. Cevahir was inaugurated in 2005 and still is one of the largest and most modern shopping centers in Europe. Mid Valley Megamall is a complex opened in 1999, which includes a shopping mall, an office tower and 2 hotels. The Persian Gulf is a complex that counts with an amusement park with internal and external areas, hypermarket, prayer room, seven stars hotel with helipad, artificial lake and 2,500 stores. Utama shopping was founded in 1995, and received an extension in 2003, thus becoming one of the largest in the world, with over 650 stores.
SM city was opened in 1985, the first in the Philippines to spread the concept “shopping with pleasure.” The mall was so successful that it was expanded in 2006, 2008 and finally in 2009, when the attachment was a mega garden throughout the coverage area.
Golden (Jin Yuan) was the largest shopping mall in the world when inaugurated, in 2004, and not more than a year later, in 2005 lost the status for the New South China Mall, in the same country. The largest mall in the world in leasable area, and second in total area, loosing only to the Dubai Mall. The Westin Singapore is a Singapore hotel offering spectacular views, a popular bar and contemporary interiors, close to Marina Bay Sands. On the 32nd floor, guests step into a spectacular lobby with a soaring 11 metre-high ceiling of cathedral proportions. Westina€™s plush HeavenlyA® Bed and White Tea Aloe toiletries are standard features in all rooms. For the hottest bar scene this side of town, look no further than Cook & Brew, which stocks 116 varieties of beer and a menu of surprisingly delicious fare.
Born, bred and educated in Singapore, Evelyn Chen is a food and travel writer and the regional academy chair for World's 50 Best Restaurants and Asia's 50 Best. After a 12-year hiatus from the lion city, The Westin Singapore makes a grand re-entry as a glass-swathed business hotel occupying the 32nd to 46th level of the recently unveiled Asia Square Tower 2 in the Marina Financial District.

Its address - equidistant to the integrated resorts at Marina Bay Sands and the Central Business District - provides business travellers with easy access to surrounding office towers like Asia Square and the Marina Bay Financial Centre. Kitted out with glorious marble floor, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a smattering of dark wood furnishings augmented by suede day beds and cushy lounge chairs, the hotela€™s day-lit public spaces radiate contemporary splendor like no others. All 305 guest rooms and suites a€“ perched on the 43rd to 45th level a€“ boast either a€?sea viewa€? (i.e. Ita€™s still early days, the staffers are still a€“ understandably a€“ learning the ropes but we do expect them to provide accurate information when asked (a staff member erroneously reported that none of the rooms have Nespresso coffee machine). For the hottest bar scene this side of town, look no further than Cook & Brew, the hotela€™s bar, which stocks 116 varieties of beer and a menu of surprisingly delicious fareA - dona€™t miss the Sushi Bowl and The Burger dishes. Given its location amongst office towers, access to independent restaurants is limited, although Tao Seafood Asia and La Cantine - in the same building - are excellent choices for Chinese and French fare respectively. The Japanese dumplings are now the menu highlight of restaurants that specialise in the popular pot stickers in Singapore. It is normally served with dipping sauce of either vinegar or soya sauce, with julienned ginger. The gyozas are made fresh at the 70-seat casual restaurant using a machine from Japan, which adds a consistent amount of filling into the thin gyoza skins that are made in Japan.
These are not just gyoza with chicken and pork filling - they also come with special toppings. They are cooked for about five minutes on a slow, consistent fire to maintain a crispy base without losing the moisture in the gyoza. Once the starting point of the Silk Road, this ancient trade port city sits on the Pearl River and serves as an important transportation hub and political, economic, scientific and cultural center for the region. Rent a bicycle to traverse a larger portion of the park or simply stroll to take it in leisurely.
The museum is housed in a red five-story building, which is also known as Zhenhai Tower or the Five-Story Pagoda. The buildings inside feature exquisite decorations of wood, brick and stone carvings, as well as gazebos, halls and courtyards. Also known as Liurong Temple, it is more than 1,500 years old and one of the foremost Buddhist temples in Guangzhou.
Its small size, tree-lined neighborhoods and pedestrian-only boulevards make it a good place for a pleasurable stroll.
Also known as the Guangdong or Canton River, the Pearl River plays a central role in Guangzhou’s landscape.
You find information about construction projects, architecture, the building industry and city planning. Among all of them, just two are not in Asia, and no, they are not in the United States, but in Canada and Turkey. That’s where is the biggest reverse aquarium in the world, with 33,000 marine animals on display. It has 343 stores, 34 fast food restaurants, 14 luxury restaurants, 12 cinemas, theater, bowling lanes, and an amusement park  with a roller coaster.
It has 600 stores, five star hotel, convention center, office tower, spa, ice skating rink and underground parking for over 7000 cars. In addition, the mall has in its interior a 5 star hotel, office tower, event space, a forest with lake and a bridge, entertainment area, five fields of futsal, 36 bowling lanes, the largest climbing wall in Asia, diving school and a rooftop with a garden that has  over 500 species of exotic flora. There are more than 1,100 stores, of which 400 of them are restaurants, a hypermarket, amphitheater for 1,200 people, bowling alleys, and over 10,000 parking spaces.
The critical point is that the place is always relatively empty and not have the expected return.
And as peculiar as it may seem, the largest mall in the world has almost no stores in operation, thank to an error of location, 95% of its 2350 commercial units are empty since its opening in 2005.
In between dinners and writing assignments (for the likes of New York Times and CNN Travel), the former Zagat editor blogs about food atA bibikgourmand.
On the 32nd floor, guests step into a spectacular lobby with a soaring 11 metre-high ceiling of cathedral proportions, where gargantuan shard-like pendant lamps compete for attention with the heart-stopping views of the Southern islands.
Singaporea€™s Southern shores including the port and Sentosa), a€?bay viewa€? (the Marina Bay skyscrapers) or a€?heritage viewa€? (Chinatown shop houses and the Central Business District). Seasonal Tastes, the hotela€™s glass-wrapped, all-day diner, offers a formulaic buffet stocked with healthy smoothies. Rates are only competitive when Wi-Fi access and breakfast are included but it is not always the case.
The gyozas also come as a part of set meals (from $9.90), with dishes such as mapo tofu, fried chicken, and sweet and sour pork. Its chef crimps each gyoza again to ensure it is sealed tightly before cooking it for six to seven minutes.

The okonomiyaki gyoza ($7 for five pieces) is topped with bonito flakes while the mentaiko gyoza ($6.50 for five pieces) comes with a mentaiko sauce. For the best of both worlds, get the gyoza lunch set (additional $4) with your ramen of choice and a non- alcoholic beverage. You will not be able to access the Premium section of The Straits Times website unless you are already a subscriber. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Under the policy, visitors are able to enter select Chinese cities for up to 72 hours without a visa, as long as they have a booked plane ticket to a third country or region within the 72-hour time period. Now that you can visit Guangzhou for up to 72 hours without getting a visa, the only question is what you want to do while in the capital city. A must-see within the park is the Five Rams Statue, which commemorates a legend that says that more than 2,000 years ago, the city was barren until five immortals rode in on give rams and blessed the city with prosperity.
Stop by this octagonal building to see Chinese architecture and decoration, which is represented in the red and gold decor (China’s national colors) and the details throughout this building. The temple now also functions as a museum under the auspices of Guangdong Folk Arts Museum, where a variety of local characteristic folk arts and crafts are on display.
A famous litterateur from the Song Dynasty visited the temple and found the surrounding six banyan trees and roofline that looks like flower petals visually appealing.
Once home to wealthy foreign merchants after the first Opium War, Shamian Island is today an ideal area for leisurely walks or a meal or cup of tea at one of the cafes on the southwest side of the island overlooking the river.
Made up of four separate river systems that join up in Guangzhou and then flow into the South Sea, the Pearl is the third largest river in China. But its biggest attractions are the ice skating rink, water park, roller coaster and a mini golf course. Moreover, it has ice rink, thematic park in honor of SEGA eletronics, entertainment center for children, a luxury hotel with 250 rooms and a commercial area with 1,200 stores and offices. The mall was privileged with two nearby highways, since it is a bit away from the urban center of Shiraz. The biggest attractions are the 7 thematic areas that retrace some international regions like San Francisco, Amsterdam, California, Paris, and others, each area with its traditional foods, trends and cultures.
While Westina€™s plush HeavenlyA® Bed and White Tea Aloe toiletries are standard features in all rooms, only the executive floors and suites offer the Nespresso machine and Bvlgari bath amenities. Complete the meal with two side dishes from eight options, which include stir-fried eggplant with miso and deep-fried tofu with minced pork gravy. It has been destroyed and rebuilt five times, but now sits safely in the park and houses relics from Guangzhou’s 2,000-year history.
When the abbot of the monastery invited him to offer a name for the site, he proposed its current-day name – the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and the Flower Pagoda. Though Shamian Island has in the past served as a trade port, a point of defense during the second Opium War, and both a French and British concession, it was transformed at the turn of the 20th century to include consulates, banks, and Western-style mansions. It is named for the large stone island in the river bed that is huge, rounded, and smoothed, much like a large shining pearl. The mall has won several awards and in 2011 became the most visited destination in the world for shopping & leisure with 54 million visitors, the same number of the population of England. The mall also features an outdoor roller coaster, two 5 star hotels and a canal for river trips throughout the commercial area. When booking, check for complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi access as these depend on price packages. Inside you’ll find many cultural relics including a Laughing Buddha statue made of copper, as well as visitors lighting incense. Guangzhou has 10 bridges spanning the river, plus many hotels and restaurants along its banks that provide lovely views. In the meantime, these cities are the ideal stopovers or add-on destinations for travelers already in Asia.
At night, the bridges are lit with colorful lights and the surrounding skyline shimmers in the dark. For those looking to see the Pearl River on foot, there is a 14-mile “scenic corridor” the runs alongside the river.

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