It looks like its an inline relay, like its supposed to connect to a pigtail with the way the connecter is designed.
Don't know if 08 is like my 09 but I installed towing power mirriors on my 09 and it was a 15 minute job per side.
Whether your an expert ford ranger mobile electronics installer, ford ranger fanatic, or a novice ford ranger enthusiast with a 2008 ford ranger, a car stereo wiring.
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I'm told there is more than one, one in the power distribution box under the hood by the airbox, and another one somewhere else. If you pull the battery cable and let it sit for a while, then hook the battery back up, it works fine. All of these mirros, although classified by year, will fit any F150 with in the 04 - 08 year range.
I'm in the process of checking mine as i find it odd that my fuel pump would just die out of no where. Whats happening is the fuel pump is coming on and staying without the key in run position, ya know, when you stick the key in before starting the engine and the all the lights on the dash come on, the buzzer comes on, and the fuel pump cycles on?

I'm thinking the relay that the auto parts store sold me and is listed online just isnt on this truck.
I cant imagine there being 4 relays total, 3 of them in that box, and 1 somewhere else randomly.

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