When ordering my '11 XTR, the 18' were standard and only paid an extra $380 CND(small friend discount- window sticker says $430) too upgrade to the 20's. I test drove both a Platinum on 2os and a Lariat on 18" wheels on frost-heavied roads and the 20" wheels were considerably more bouncy on 20" wheels. Had stock 20's on my last truck and liked the look, but the stock tire they come with sucks in the winter. My truck had factory 18's on it when I bought it and when I bought new wheels I got 18's again, because I wanted my bigger tires to stand out.
The end result captivates your imagination with its massive 26-inch Forgiato Sedici 3-piece forged wheels, wrapped in Pirellis. Forgiato needed to set off the wheels, so the overall effect needed to be simple and elegant. The interior is done in black an white top stitch leather upholstery and features a premium Sony Audi System with 12 speakers. I am thinking about putting a hell bent 2" leveling kit and stock raptor tires and rims on my 2011 F150 4x4 ecobbost and was wondering if it would affect the gas mileage (and is so by how mcuh) along with the ride quality?

I just spoke with a tires shop and they said I could you with 285 instead of 315 if i was worried about a drop in mpgs. As a result, the 20" wheel size along with my difference for the Platinum interior colors led me to order a Lariat with 18" wheels for the better ride quality. Thus, they repainted the Explorer in PPG custom Lamborghini Pear White, but only after installing athe TS Designs widebody kit.
The tires will also affect the ride quality a little because they will be LT's which have firmer sidewalls.Yes, you will need to re-calibrate the computer to adjust for the new tire size.
The motor itself may be able to handle it, but the stress put on the rest of the drivetrain is where the issue is. Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans. Personally I don't like the chrome 20's Ford offers, but I do like the machined looking 6 spoke 20's you can get if you don't have the chrome package. I could always go with 285's but do like the look if 315's.Can the dealer recalibrate the speedo for me.

You will notice a difference in take off because the bigger tires will lower the effective gear ratio of the truck. If I went to a 275x55x20 would they be taller than the ones I have now.Also, if I did go from a 275x65x18 to a 305x55x20 would I notice a drop in mpgs and if so how much.Pls let me know what would be the best setup if I want to have somewhat taller tires but not lose to many mpgs?? In my opinion if you went with that size you are wasting your time, I doubt your fuel economy would change. The mileage difference between the 50 and 55 is very minimal.You will probably notice a slight decrease in mileage compared to your stock tires, becausethe 305 has a wider footprint which creates more friction between the road and tire. You're towing performance will be affect also.I would expect a mileage drop of at least 1mpg. You can search around on the internet to see what others are experiencing mpg wise on an Eco with 35's.The dealer should be able to calibrate the speedo, but it doesn't hurt to call and ask.

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