You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 29.7”) and distributing the load over 3 separate surface apply areas, our triple disc converters are sure to put ALL of your power to the ground. The AMI Ford F250 Truck third brake light cover screws in over your vehicle 3rd brake light lens, nothing is this simple.
Starting with a solid chunk of steel, the cover is machined to exact specifications and ends up being nearly double the thickness of the weak factory cover.

These covers are cutting edge, get one on your vehicle before everyone finds out, Ford F250 Truck third brake light cover by AMI. Utilizing our exclusive trapezoidal teeth design, the lockup portion of the converter is seamlessly integrated into the cover, eliminating a weak point and common source of chatter. The AMI Ford F250 Truck 3rd brake light cover is an easy mount accessory that will bring a great new look.
An upgraded billet lockup apply piston is able to transfer a much higher pressure to the lockup clutch without sacrificing durability.

The turbine assembly is TIG reinforced and heat-treated; exponentially increasing it’s lifespan under harsh conditions. Stall on this model is approximately 2000rpm, yet much more efficient at energy transfer than the factory offering.

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