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By contributor Claire Zakiewicz – a healthy eating enthusiast and keen marathon runner. Training in hot weather requires cool down solutions but frozen yogurt often has a lot of added sugar and no live cultures so it’s not much healthier than ice-cream. Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream or other high fat deserts because it will satisfy your taste buds craving for sweetness without making you feel guilty for consuming a lot of sugar and fat. Most brands lose the natural taste that fresh plain yogurt has especially when they use powdered milk. Some yogurts taste very similar to ice cream and have higher fat and sugar while others have a more tart refreshing taste that comes from adding less fat and sugar, however either one is a healthier option than the traditional ice cream desert. When simple food is so tasty and healthy it’s a no brainer to take away as many of the processing steps as possible and Yog Probiotic Frozen Yogurt is doing just that.

It can also be bought in cinemas, Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods and Yog stores with a range of toppings. All of theses ingredients make ice cream an unhealthy option for those trying to maintain or lose weight and stay healthy. Yog make their frozen yogurts from fresh skimmed milk and have millions of live probiotic cultures, resulting in a super creamy, healthy treat.
Frozen yogurt is usually made using yogurt that contains live active cultures, skim milk, and a sugar or sugar substitute making it a low-fat or even fat-free alternative. In yogurt the most widely used probiotics are Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and Streptococcus thermophilus. The Natural Yog, however, is very moreish and I ate an obscene amount in a short space of time.

These probiotics are used by the body to aid in the production of lactic acid for preservation as an alternative to other harmful preservatives, they kill undesirable bacteria, and make it easier for those that are lactose intolerant to digest dairy. The balance of tang and creaminess was delicious and, although toppings are available at Yog stores, I think both the pots I tried work well without.

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