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Designer probiotic bacteria have the potential to alter brain fatty acid composition according to new research published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The technical name for the stomach flu is norovirus, and it can be contracted easily from one person to the next. Derived from fresh grapefruit seeds, studies have shown grapefruit seed extract to be a potent remedy against stomach viruses, because it helps to break down the protective coating of the viral cells. Who knew that this herb known for adding flavor to Italian dishes is such a powerful weapon against the stomach flu? These are the very things that need to be replenished in your body when you have the stomach flu. Hopefully the stomach flu won’t hit your house this season, but if it does, you can stock your medicine cabinets and pantry with these safe, effective, and inexpensive remedies that will have you and your family feeling better in no time.
Sign up below and get instant access to my free Secret Printables Library to help you live your Healthiest, Happiest life!New printables are being added all the time! Fermented foods are essential to gut health, as they contain healthy bacteria like probiotics that boost digestive health.

New research from William & Mary shows that fermented foods may help prevent social anxiety in young adults.
The researchers found that young adults in the study who ate fermented foods as part of their diets showed less social anxiety symptoms.
The researchers designed a questionnaire that was included in a mass testing tool administered in the university’s Introduction to Psychology courses during the fall 2014 semester; about 700 students participated.
The study showing that fermented foods may help prevent social anxiety in young adults was published in the journal Psychiatry Research. Note: None of the information in our website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.
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Similar to grapefruit seed extract, the active substance in oregano, known as carvacrol, has been shown to break down the outer layer of the virus. Plus my weekly newsletter full of recipes, health and wellness articles, and devotionals.Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. The questionnaire asked students about the fermented foods over the previous 30 days; it also asked about exercise frequency and the average consumption of fruits and vegetables so that the researchers could control for healthy habits outside of fermented food intake, said Hilimire.
What that means is that that relationship was strongest amongst people that were high in neuroticism,” Hilimire said. These initial results highlight the possibility that social anxiety may be alleviated through low-risk nutritional interventions, although further research is needed to determine whether increasing probiotic consumption directly causes a reduction in social anxiety,” said University of Maryland School of Social Work Assistant Professor Jordan DeVylder.

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