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Today I would normally share with you a holiday recipe, but I figured you already have your dinner plans and you don’t want to be cooking extra stuff, so instead I thought I would share with you some Black Friday finds, my favorite items and more. Here are a few stores that have great deals all of the time and some have Black Friday offers but I am not sure what they will be.
Home Depot – Huge sale on appliances and tools for the fixer upper in your life or me, I like shiny new appliances. Walmart – They have some awesome Black Friday sales, but I skip it because the store is way to crazy for me.
Red Lobster Black Friday Meal Deal: Free Maine Lobster Tail with the purchase of any adult dinner entree. Please note; all of these items, unless noted, are things I found on my own and no one paid me anything to say my thoughts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. VitaTree Allergy Formula is a revolutionary allergy symptom reliever that is completely natural, non-drowsy and stops the symptoms of allergies in their tracks. Our vision is to help and keep helping children all over the developing world with a voice to speak where they would otherwise not be able to.
Hope you can join VitaTree at The Shopping Channel next week for a whirlwind of fantastic shows! My Naturopath recently suggested that I increase my protein intake at breakfast after looking at my daily food log and finding that I was coming up short on occasion. I said I would give his protein-boosting breakfast challenge a try and set out to find the perfect protein powder once again. Well, let me just say that it’s pretty earthy, but certainly not the worst protein powder I have tasted (hemp, I’m looking at you). It’s expensive to buy from a natural food store ($40-45), but I found it online from Iherb for $27.97 and you can probably find it cheaper.
Very slightly chalky and earthy tasting, but again, I don’t think this is a deal breaker for me.
I also picked up this Heartland Gold Brown Rice Protein Powder to compare it to the Garden of Life Brand. This protein powder has just one ingredient: Organic Compliant, Sprouted, Non-GMO, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate! It’s a bit more chalky than the Garden of Life protein powder, but only slightly more chalky. I still have yet to find my perfect protein powder, but I think these are two decent options weighing the pros and cons.
I had a similar challenge finding a protein powder I liked and didn’t taste like sand. I’ve been doing a lot of weight training over the past couple months, so as a vegan I knew that I needed to increase my protein intake. The only downfall of your Brown Rice protein is that it doesn’t have a complete amino acid profile. Angela, I am making your sweet potato & black bean enchiladas tonight for dinner and I CANNOT WAIT. Just wanted to let you know Heather, that Vega plus many others were making me violently ill and I found that Stevia was the offending ingredient! I wanted to like Vega, but they use stevia and it gives it that nasty aftertaste that I just couldn’t cover up.
After doing a bunch of research I thought Vega would be the product for me, but the Stevia is way too sweet and leaves a horrible after taste in my mouth.
I also struggle with getting enough protein, so I tend to rely on a protein smoothie in the afternoon as a snack. Whether bee pollen is vegan or not is a personal choice as there is NO clear cut way to determine whether the bees are exploited or not.
I know some urban bee keepers who do not smoke their bees to sedate them as is sometimes done.

I think SunWarrior would be comparable to this Heartland Gold powder as it’s 100% brown rice protein right? As far as protein goes, I’ve been doing a high protein breakfast for the past couple weeks and it truly helps, I even see more muscle tone.
I don’t have any feedback on the protein powder, but you mentioned your Naturopath and it got me thinking. I agree, Metagenics tastes good – but don’t you find it has way too much added sugar? Tamara from Puro Fairtrade Coffee was kind enough to send me a little  package of fair trade coffee to try. Thank you coupons will be mailed to e-gift card purchasers and are valid from January 1 – February 9, 2014. Thank you coupons will be mailed to e-gift card purchasers and are valid for dining visits on January 1 – February 9, 2014. Detoxify your liver, lungs, GI tract, skin, kidneys, blood and lymphatic system in this all-in-one, easy to take vegetarian capsule. Bowring, and VitaTree Nutritionals, formulated whole food vitamins for a variety of health concerns for both women and men, and the entire family. Looking forward to doing more live chats on Facebook Live with The Shopping Channel and Renee Murphy Deighton sometime soon. Breakfast is usually my meal that’s lowest in protein (lunch and dinner are fine) and he thought that an increase in breakfast protein could help with my energy levels and workout recovery.
Sometimes I use them every day for a week and other times I fall off the wagon or just forget to buy it when I run out.
I remembered Ashley saying that she was really happy with the Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder, so I thought I would give it a try since she gave it rave reviews. I like to be able to control my own sweetener in my smoothies (hello, frozen bananas), so this is a nice change.
That’s to be expected because there’s no sugar to cover up the taste like in other powders.
Add some chia seeds and other smoothie ingredients and you have yourself a smoothie that’s 24-25 grams of protein per serving. I’ve noticed that I don’t get as hungry before lunch as I used to and I seem to be more focused and alert in the morning. I’ve been using Nitrofusion and Plantfusion- I think they are the same product- they are a blend of pea, rice, and artichoke protein I believe and are 21g protein per serving.
One thing I like to do is find out the percentage of protein by dividing the protein by the serving size.
I can tell it is in the product just by the taste- I have unfortunately overlooked it a couple of times when reading the ingredient label. My favorite protein powder is Spirutein-tein (vanilla or strawberry), and while it does have some sugar, I believe it is vegan, and it’s really tasty! Apparently, like religion and politics, being vegan and how you define it is strictly a PERSONAL choice made by examining many factors. The fact is, it’s written very small on the packet and I bought some thinking it was vegan and was then really upset to discover I had had something with bee pollen in because my choice is to avoid it. Killing and exploiting over 150 billion animals for human consumption is the farthest thing from being a personal choice.
If it were not for the beekeepers there would be few to no bees left in a world full of pesticides. But, I later realized that it contained bee pollen and I was not sure how it was sourced, so until I do I will stop.
I know that some larger corporations do not leave honey for their bees but instead use a sugar concoction. I have not heard of this Brand, It sounds great to me and I know I could make it taste good, I have some tricks up my sleeve, (hehe). Maybe Angela knows differently, but all cane sugar needs to be pasteurized to be legal, so it really is no different from a nutritional perspective than regular processed white sugar.

I just don’t like going to big stores like this on Black Friday, but sometimes you just must. These limited-supply deals will go quickly, but we’ll add new ones as frequently as every 10 minutes, every day, during Black Friday Deals Week so you can skip the long lines and still save a bundle. Knowing that I’m a vegan, he suggested using protein powder as an easy way to sneak in more protein. I think part of the problem is that I’ve never been able to find one that meets all of my needs.
I would say it’s quite easy to mask the taste with a frozen banana or other fun ingredients. I think this would be comparable to the popular Sun Warrior Protein Powder as it’s 100% sprouted brown rice.
The flavour is still earthy (remember- it’s unsweetened), but it’s less earthy tasting than the Garden Of Life powder. Even hemp doesn’t have all of the essential amino acids, which is why a balance of brown rice, yellow pea and hemp protein is a great vegan source. Anyway from personal experience, I would have liked to have had it pointed out and that was my only intention. The wild population has decreased severely in our attempt for the perfect lawn and bug free farms. But, I don’t know how the pollen is harvested and I will read the link which Namma provided.
I’m a big believer that people think they need to eat a whole lot more protein than necessary. In fact, sugar is sugar and even honey is the same thing, unless you believe some fringe doctors who will tout its questionable medicinal benefits.
There are various detox cleanses and detox diets out there but VitaDetox has been proven to help the body naturally remove toxins natually with one formula! Back for a Blockbuster on Wednesday to clear any unwanted guests in our bodies, can you guess which product???? Unlike GOL, it’s not a complete protein source, but as long as I get a balance of protein sources over the day, it shouldn’t be an issue.
Considering the Heartland Gold is 80% AND Canadian (I’m in Ottawa), I think I’ll give that one a try next! Have your questions ready for our VitaTree Expert Maria, she'll be answering your calls in the call centre. Sometimes they have sneaky artificial sweeteners, too much sugar, taste like dirt, or they just don’t have as much protein per serving as I’m looking for. The label does not indicate D2 or D3 (according to GOL website, their D3 is animal sourced). Surely a group of people who have enough of a relationship with these tiny beings to cry over losing them is deserving of a rethink! As for the protein, I find the wholefood optimizer contains 26 grams of protein, you save money from buying the natural version, and it mixes WAY better than it used to.
Agave is reported to be lower on the glycemic index, but there is increasing controversy suggesting it is really only marginally better, at best.
All beekeepers leave food for bees to survive the winter and some larger businesses travel around the country pollinating almonds, strawberries, etc. For vegans, a good 40% of your foods would not be available without the work of beekeepers.

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