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We’ve all done it, shelled out a good chunk of change on the latest beauty product, fully believing that price equals quality. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer *(€4.79) *came recommended to me a little while back. Available in four colours (Fair, Light, Medium & Deep) it has proven to be a transfer proof, highlighting and concealing manna from heaven. True, it’s not always the case but this time the underdog has won out and the thrifty crowd go Waild!
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Hoteliers have to sell an experience, a lifestyle, and focus on keeping their customers happy every single day. Independent hotel owners will gain critical business advantage by attending the first 2016 edition of the dotcomhotel Hospitality E-Commerce & Revenue Management Conference in Antalya. The dotcomhotel Hospitality E-Commerce & Revenue Management Conference will show not only independent hoteliers how to manage such marketing strategies effectively. Conference Organizer, Radka Telyckova explained in a recent statement that independent hoteliers have as much to gain from attending the conference as big hotel chains. The whole purpose of the conference is to make available business insights that make international hotel chains successful, to all hoteliers.
Independent hoteliers are looking for a perfect “cookbook” with “recipes” that are working flawlessly, and have immediate effect.

Collection is a budget beauty brand, available in most Boots stores, which had never before caught my attention.
Not only does the soft, creamy formulation blend easily but it’s buildable so is perfect for use on dark circles as well as blemishes. The job market offers few decent opportunities, house prices are out of reach, and the benefits system as it stands is actually failing to support people adequately, and indeed it actively discriminates against young people in many ways – by giving them less in benefit payments than older people. Young people face the same financial pressures as everyone else.
Aside presentations by respected industry experts, we will have hands-on workshops, focused on learning and exchanging of experience and information. I admire these hoteliers, who seem to manage alone almost everything: one person is taking care of several tasks and job positions.
But, for hoteliers multi-tasking so many responsibilities, things don’t always work that way.
Last year the HUGE demand for this beauty treat practically broke the Benefit website – that’s how many people wanted it!! Lasting Perfection Concealer claims to be oil free, water resistant and good for 16 Hours wear. By working together, instead of against each-other, independent hoteliers can gain more customers, and better reputations. They have to take care of customers, think about online marketing, learn whether revenue management is a good “tool” to use alone, and so much more.
Instead, my advice for hoteliers who run small properties is to go “back to basics”, to give every day their very best, and know that customers will appreciate their honesty and enthusiasm.

There are no returns in hospitality: once the guest completes her stay, if the hoteliers don’t deliver on quality, they will lose a customer, if not more. At the same time, they have to learn as much as they can about niche-specific development of customer technology, a growing number of booking channels, and a dynamic marketplace. People under 25 are finding it harder than ever to get on the housing ladder, and our research shows they are also more susceptible to debt problems than older people. We would be very concerned about the impact further cuts would have on young people in Scotland. For a hotelier running alone a small property it is a nightmare to catch up with everything. Far from helping them into work, it would be more likely to reduce their personal independence and force them instead towards poverty and debt.” Over the last few years Citizens Advice Scotland has looked closely into the issues surrounding young peoples’ finances. In 2011 we published a detailed report - ‘Being Young Being Heard’ – which found that while people of all age groups were struggling, young people in Scotland faced particular pressures in employment, debt, housing and benefits. It will be available online at Debenhams from 16th October, and then at the top 100 Debenhams counter nationwide and Benefit Boutiques nationwide from 1st November 2014.
This is why it’s so important to learn from international hotel chains, where everything is working, and updated information technology is in place.

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