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Kolody, D, Grewe, P, Davies, C & Proctor C 2013, Are Indian Ocean tuna populations assessed and managed at appropriate spatial scales? Langley, A, Herrera, M & Million, J 2012, Stock assessment of Yellowfin Tuna in the Indian Ocean using MULTIFAN-CL, working paper IOTC-2012-WPTT-38_Rev1, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Working Party on Tropical Tunas 14th session, Mauritius, 24–29 October 2012.
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission 2013, Report of the sixteenth session of the Scientific Committee, Busan, Republic of Korea, 6–10 December 2013. Zhou, S, Fuller, M & Smith, T 2009, Rapid quantitative risk assessment for fish species in seven Commonwealth fisheries, report for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Canberra. Zhou, S, Smith, T & Fuller, M 2007, Rapid quantitative risk assessment for fish species in selected Commonwealth fisheries, report for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Canberra.
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2009, Residual risk assessment of the level 2 ecological risk assessment: species results.
Campbell, RA 2013, Summary of catch and effort information pertaining to Australian longline fishing operations in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery, background paper to the seventh meeting of the Tropical Tuna Resource Assessment Group, 24–25 July 2013. Yellowfin Tuna in the Indian Ocean, and western and central Pacific Ocean are considered to be two distinct biological stocks, which are managed under separate regional fisheries management organisations. Typically a pellet stove is a stand alone unit however in some countries insert styles are popular that fit into a fireplace opening (mainly USA). Be sure to fully evalute the pellet stove range and the associated costs before you decide if this type of heating is ideal for you. You should also check the supply and costs oif buying the pellets locally as supply can vary greatly. Advertise On This Site.We have PR opportunities which will lead to greater web visitors and increased sales.
DisclaimerThe purpose of this web site is to give a general overview of different fireplace styles and the general installation requirements. Consider the benefits of adding a press release with images and links - we guarantee to show your release for 12 months. CopyrightAny images used have been taken from the internet and are considered license free. A lot of people have different views on how effective and appropriate ground source and air source heat pumps are in the UK.
We will only recommend a heat pump solution that is right for your home, office or factory unit.

We have designed a number of solutions to help overcome these challenges and some components (such as heat stores) are made to our specification to overcome the problems associated with using 'off the shelf' items which are not optimised for a system designed for use in the UK. A ground source heat pump extracts heat stored in the ground, either via a set of pipes buried in the ground, or submerged in a large water volume (such as a lake) or from a specially prepared borehole.
One of the major advantages of a ground source heat pump is that the temperature underground stays fairly constant; meaning the ground source heat pump performs well throughout the year.
We recommend Kensa compact ground source heat pumps, because as the only UK manufacturer to make a complete range of ground source heat pumps for the UK market, they are clearly the UK ground source heat pump specialists.
If you would like some more information on either ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps then please contact us by calling us on 01844 202 849 or filling in the contact form to the left of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have installed ground source heat pumps in a range of towns and villages, including Amersham, Beaconsfield, Princes Risborough, Tring, Ivinghoe, Bradley, Banbury and Bicester.
Registered Address: PlumbSet UK Ltd, Unit 15, Woodway Farm Estate, Bicester Road, Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9EP.
A brief review of the evidence and implications, working paper IOTC-2013-WPTT-15-13, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Working Party on Tropical Tunas 15th session, Spain, 23–28 October 2013.
Report for the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery, Australian Fisheries Management Authority, Canberra. There are a number of different types of pellet stoves and they are available in a variety of manufacturers, whichever you decide to go for, it will be great to know a bit about pellet stoves and how they function.  A Pellet Stoves may look similar in appearance to a wood burning stove however are very different in how they operate.
A pellet stove is electronically controlled to feed the pellets into the burner and to regulate the heat into the room using thermostats. In top feed models, pellets are moved to the combustion chamber by the Auger from the top of the stove. There needs to be a dry store area created where the pellets can be stored with easy access during the winter. The pellet stove require electricity to manage the burn of the pellets. Unlike a wood burning stove where there is no electricity.
If there is a power cut unless plans have been put in place for alternative supply the pellet stove will not work. Overall a pellet stove is an excellent heatings sytem with the benefit of using waste fuel.

The last ten years designing gas fires (flueless, balanced flue, chimney and high efficiency) and bioethanol fireplaces. Installation of any heating appliance must be done inline with the manufacturers installation instructions only and must be done by a trained installer. Unfortunately for some people, they have been very disappointed when advised wrongly by their suppliers.
The secret of a good heat pump installation in the UK is of course, correct and appropriate system design. A pellet stove uses tiny pellets that are made from bits of recycled waste, pulped wood and other materials. This form of heating is more enviromentally friendly as the pellets burn at the same heat and speed as real wood but burn much cleaner with lower emissions. Pellets do not produce smoke and some people do not like the burning process as the pellets do not produce the same scent as burning wooden logs.
This minimizes the chances of a fire burning up to the hopper, although ash can build up quickly in this model of pellet stove. Pellet stoves can be installed as a complete home heating system and can provide hot water and heating at the same time. If you would like an image removed please email with details of the page and image and it will be removed within 7 days. For example, this might mean making sure that the heating and hot water system is not entirely reliant on the heat pump and that another heat source such as a traditional boiler is used to top up the heat that your house requires. In most cases, the outdated design of our buildings along with our unpredictable weather patterns, dictates a dual heat source or 'Bivalent' solution. In bottom feed pellet stoves, pellets are added horizontally, which pushes the ash to the side, where it falls into an ash pan.

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