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Southbrook is Canada’s first winery to have its vineyard certified by Demeter, the international body that oversees biodynamic agriculture. The handwork, natural inputs, attentive vineyard care, self-sufficiency and observation of natural rhythms prescribed in biodynamics simply offer a better working environment. Rather than dabble in a few biodynamic practices, we have committed ourselves to the full certification process. Securing Demeter certification places Southbrook in the ranks of fine winemakers around the world.
With biodynamic agriculture, all required materials such as manure and animal feed are produced from within the farm. Biodynamics is based on a series of eight lectures delivered by philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924 called "The Agricultural Course". Shortly before his death, a group of farmers concerned with the effects of chemicals on the land approached Steiner for his ideas. From the doubly certified 2008 vintage, the first wine that was ready for release was our gorgeous 2008 Cabernet Rosé.
These are wines that are no longer available but we continue to taste them and make notes about how they're aging.
BioForm, Double Leg (1 piece), Non-padded Footboxes, Nuts and Bolts to secure from footplates.
BioForm, Single Leg (2 pieces), Non-padded Footboxes, Nuts and Bolts to secure from footplates. BioForm, Single Leg (2 pieces), Padded Footboxes, Nuts and Bolts to secure from footplates. Over the years there has been an abundance of different theories and concepts as to how to best treat orthopedic patients and athletes.

To use basic biomechanics to increase your ability to study movement you must consider the body a complex multi-segmented system.  This segmented system consists of skeletal levers connected by a series of joints, which produce motion through muscle action and are coordinated through the mechanisms of the nervous system.
Once you are able to understand these variables it would then be necessary to assess the internal and external forces (kinetics) that are affecting the motion. The purpose of this post series is to attempt to simply describe basic biomechanics that are the foundation for orthopedics and movement analysis.
I teach Neurophysiology and am fairly good at motor control and spinal neural circuitry generating simple movements and similar stuff.
When it comes to Biomechanics I see a lot of WONDER and FRUSTRATION ine the face of students who have basically been trained in Biological fields rather than Engineering. Aaron works with individuals to help them rehab from injuries and achieve their physical goals. Aaron's life-long passion for athletics lead him to study Exercise Science and Athletic Training at the University of Tennessee before obtaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at NYU.
We feel this is the most responsible path for ourselves, our workers and the future of viticulture in Canada. We have gone to unprecedented lengths in the Canadian wine industry to demonstrate to the undecided that biodynamics can be successful in our cool climate. We, as they do, recognize the tremendous impact that biodynamic viticulture has on the creation of superior wine. Our aim is to move our vineyard towards individuality in its own right through these methods.
Restaurants across the province of Ontario joined with us to celebrate the release of Canada’s first biodynamic wine, by participating in a simultaneous release on Earth Day 2009.
I am not sure I understand it all to their roots but would sure help my mind and to sort concepts when relaying them to my students.

Our team is led by Winemaker Ann Sperling who has organized important initiatives to promote awareness among all interested wineries in the area.
To be in the company of such outstanding wineries as Maison Chapoutier, Domaine Leflaive, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Coulée de Serrant and Benziger Family Winery is worthy of celebration. Steiner’s work with doctors, educators and farmers resulted in anthroposophical medicine, Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture.
Since then, we have also released red and white wines that have been certified both organic and biodynamic.
One of the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture is an understanding that the soil is alive. Her team includes our Vineyard Manager Scott Jones, Winemaker Brian Hamilton and Assistant Winemaker Regan Kapach. Together, they have carried out additional research and study to expand our understanding of biodynamics. This solid foundation of our profession is biomechanics, the study of the mechanics of the human body. We also believe that the origins, production techniques and handling of our wines should be as transparent as possible.

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