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Where Can You Get Probiotics?Fortunately, it's easy to get lots of probiotics in your diet. Make Sure You're Getting the Real DealIn other words, there's a lot of fuzzy marketing speak on food labels out there. Help Out Your Probiotics: Eat PrebioticsOkay, what if you're already on board the probiotics train? It’s important to keep your digestive system chock-full of probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system. GET FREEUPDATESEnter your email below and click "Get Free Updates!" Email GET FREE UPDATES! This Stomach Vacuum Exercise Is The Easiest Way To Get a Thinner Waist And Flat Abs NASA-Recommended: 18 Plants To Effectively Purify The Air In Your House!
Besides acidophilus milk, other nature made foods also began to appear in accordance to market demands.
Besides the known health benefits of such foods, there is growing interest in Prebiotic Food too. Probiotics are "viable microorganisms" that can confer lots and lots of health benefits if they reach your intestine while they're alive.
They naturally exist in fermented foods like kombucha, kefir, yogurt, buttermilk, kimchee, sauerkraut, miso paste, and even some soft cheeses like Gouda (which may also boost the immune system in older people). Plus, companies really want to cash in the probiotics craze, so much so that they're adding probiotics to foods that don't make sense, like pizza crust (the high heat will kill off the microorganisms once it's cooked).Prevention has a good list that walks you through what probiotic foods to look for and how to tell they're legit. You can now take the extra step of giving the probiotics you ingest an extra boost by making sure you eat prebiotics with them. Kombucha TeaWhen black tea is fermented with any kind of sugar, it produces kombucha—a clumpy beverage rich in b-vitamins, enzymes, and of course probiotics. Dark ChocolateWhen made with 70% or more pure cocoa, dark chocolate becomes very healthy and can benefit your digestive system.
Incorporate more of them into your health by setting up shop at the kitchen table and making your own delicious snacks.
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The Best Exercises Foar Getting Rid of That Unwanted Double Chin & Neck Fat Cut a Few Lemons and Place Them On The Bedside In Your Bedroom – Here’s Why! The field has opened up to include other strains of bacteria and yeast for other food types. They say, there's no money like money in this particular industry of food manufacturing.In the market today, besides yogurt, other naturally cultured and fermented foods like soft cheese, kefir beverages, kompucha tea, sauerkraut, kimchi, chinese pickles and fermented bean curds, organic fruit or vegetable enzymes, miso soup, Indonesian tempeh, black chocolate, pure black cocoa powder and green microalgae (spirulina) are widely available for our use.
These foods, though not containing active live bacteria in them, act as starters and help healthy bacteria culture in the intestines.
You can also buy probiotics in pill form if you don't eat a lot of the foods listed above, although supplements can be pretty pricey. Prebiotics are "nondigestible carbohydrates" that probiotics use as food.Fermented dairy products naturally contain both pre- and probiotics, which make them synbiotic.

Here are 10 unconventional probiotic-rich foods to try if you want to strengthen your digestive health.1. This drink contains four different probiotics, including the famous lactobacillus found in yogurt. You won’t regret it when you’ve kicked back for the night with a jar of tasty sauerkraut in hand. What Happens When You Wash Your Face With Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Honey Wraps Gently Cures Cough And Removes Mucus In Just One Night! The industry is still a growing one and as lifestyle changes over time, we buy once usually home-made or self-prepared healthy foods from the supermarket shelves. Some examples of include artichokes, Egyptian dates, rolled oats, honey and related polysaccharides, most fruits and goat's milk.The most spectacular of all and mother of all prebiotics is none other than mother's milk. There are some bacteria that can cause damage to you, many bacteria are necessary for you to enjoy good health.Bacteria Disease Fermentation Food Health Kombucha Lactobacillus ProbioticLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Image via Janaford They're currently being touted as a miracle cure for a whole host of ailments, whether you're dealing with acne, depression, diarrhea, or even cancer.Even if you're not dealing with any of those ailments, you want to make sure your GI tract is flourishing, and pre- and probiotics are necessary to maintaining your digestion—which is, in turn, key to your general health (not to mention pooping). NYU Langone Medical Center points out that the digestive process starts in the mouth, where you chew and break down food, and is finished, so to speak, in the small intestine. Prebiotics are easy to come by from food as well: just make sure your diet includes leeks, asparagus, onions, bananas, garlic, honey, whole grains, chicory root, and Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes). SauerkrautSliced and fermented cabbage contains more probiotics than most over-the-counter supplements. Researchers have stated that kombucha possesses the properties of “detoxification, antioxidation, energizing potencies, and promotion of boosting immunity.” That sounds pretty promising!3. Researchers have stated that certain microbes in your gut allow an otherwise indigestible portion of chocolate to be transformed into anti-inflammatory compounds. Yogurt is the most basic of functional food.Yogurt is probably the most common and favourite food today due to common understanding amongst parents of its health benefits.
Image via Food Herald However, you need to use your smarts when choosing a good source of probiotics. Plus, homemade kimchee tastes terrific—you can customize how spicy and salty you want it to be. Researchers have deduced that in a 4-6 ounce serving of sauerkraut(1) there are more than 10 trillion bacteria just waiting to cleanse your digestive tract of pathogens and replenish the flora in your gut. So, you now know yogurt is a healthy beneficial food and unwittingly found at home, as common as you are unaware it exists in your refrigerator. Image via Kids Discover When the natural balance of bacteria in the small intestine is thrown for a loop, (you're ill, you've decided to fast for a few days, you're taking antibiotics, which kill off all bacteria, good and bad), then your digestive processes are impaired.
Keep in mind that homemade sauerkraut produces far more probiotics—so take some time to learn how to make it yourself.
With zero carbs, lots of protein and lots of phytonutrients, spirulina is one of the best superfoods out there. Now you do!Probiotics foods contain live bacteria by culturing lactobacillus acidophilus strains in milk.

Complementary and alternative medicine cannot still verify these claims but the records indicate most cases in treatment no chronic harm occurred from consumption of such food.And finally, this is without doubt, eating prebiotics and probiotics foods is the most effective method to promote regularity in passing bowel motion. Probiotics can help things get back on track.And if you live on a diet of highly processed food, well, it's safe to say that your poor digestive system is doing its best to get that crap out of your system—literally. Image via Ovenless Chef If you have a specific condition you'd like to see improve, then Dr. Turns out preliminary studies have shown that red wine may have some healthy prebiotic effect on the human body. These bacteria contribute to kimchi’s probiotic health benefits, which include the eradication of unhealthy pathogenic bacteria.
Yoghurt has helped people who had challenges digesting milk and enable them to tolerate milk lactose better over the centuries.
Sanders suggests you seek out products that have been tested for your particular concerns—not all strains of probiotics are created equal. PicklesHomemade pickles made using lacto-fermentation are a fun way to get in some extra probiotics.
Its fermentation process includes a starter called koji, which often contains a probiotic microorganism called Aspergillus oryzae.
Brave the unknown and try making your own—we promise they’ll be delicious and great for your microbial health.
Miso can be produced with other bacterial cultures as well, sometimes taking three years to fully ferment. The fermentation process used here will also act as a great natural preservative of your finished product.8.
Red wineWhile not a probiotic itself, red wine(4) encourages probiotic bacteria to grow and flourish in your digestive system.
As such, it is classified as a “prebiotic.” Along with foods such as beans, berries and apples, red wine promotes the growth of the healthy bacteria Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. Red wine also contains antioxidants, so its prebiotic status is simply one more reason to sip on a glass now and then.9.
This sweet drink can become alcoholic when the fermentation process is extended for weeks on end, it is easy to make a non-alcoholic version of the beverage.10. SourdoughThe lactobacillus in sourdough(5) contributes to the production of lactic acid and diminishes the presence of phytic acid in your digestive system.
Another way that sourdough aids the digestive process is through its relatively long preparation time, which results in gluten being broken down into amino acids.

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